Biden Replacement Inevitable? Tomi Lahren Predicts 12th-Hour Democratic Switch!

Tomi Lahren’s recent prediction about Joe Biden being replaced as the Democratic nominee for the 2024 election has sparked a lot of discussions. According to Lahren, the Democrats are too strategic to risk running Biden again. She argues that Biden’s current state makes him a liability, and they will likely replace him either at the convention or shortly after.

Lahren isn’t alone in her assessment. Many Democrats, including James Carville, David Axelrod, and Maureen Dowd, have expressed concerns about Biden’s ability to compete against a strong Republican candidate like Donald Trump. Biden’s performance in recent public appearances has only added fuel to the fire. His difficulty in completing sentences and his apparent lack of energy have led to questions about his fitness for another term.

Biden’s Debate Performance: A Cause for Concern

During the 2020 debates, Biden was already showing signs of decline. Now, almost four years later, his condition seems to have worsened. Lahren suggests that simply expecting Biden to complete a sentence during a debate isn’t enough. Republicans need to raise their expectations and focus on the Democratic agenda, not just the messenger.

If Biden struggles in the upcoming debates, it could be the final nail in the coffin for his candidacy. The Democrats are known for their strategic planning, and they won’t hesitate to make a last-minute switch if it means securing a win.

Who Could Replace Biden?

The big question now is who the Democrats might choose to replace Biden. Lahren speculates that it could be someone like Gavin Newsom, the governor of California. Newsom is young, charismatic, and represents a fresh face for the Democratic Party. However, Sean Hannity and Mark Penn have different views.

Hannity believes that Vice President Kamala Harris or Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer could be more likely candidates. Harris, as the current vice president, is the most obvious choice. However, her approval ratings make her the most unpopular VP of all time, and possibly the most disliked politician in history, which might make the Democrats hesitant to promote her as their candidate.

Whitmer, on the other hand, has been gaining popularity within the party. Her handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in Michigan earned her national recognition, and she could be seen as a strong candidate to take on Trump.

Michelle Obama: The Wild Card

Another name that has been floated around is former First Lady Michelle Obama. While Michelle has repeatedly stated that she has no interest in running for president, her popularity remains high. Many believe that if she were to run, she would easily defeat Trump. Her entrance into the race would undoubtedly shake things up and give the Democrats a significant advantage.

However, Mark Penn argues that the most likely scenario is that Harris will be the nominee if Biden steps down. He believes that the delegates are already in place for this ticket, making Harris the natural choice. This could be a risky move for the Democrats, given Harris’s extreme unpopularity, but it might be their best option if they want to maintain continuity and avoid a chaotic primary battle.

Final Thoughts

Tomi Lahren’s prediction about a last-minute switch in the Democratic nominee for the 2024 election is gaining traction. With Biden’s declining performance and the strategic nature of the Democratic Party, it’s becoming increasingly likely that they will make a change. Whether it’s Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, or even Michelle Obama, the Democrats have several options to consider.

As we approach the election, all eyes will be on the Democratic Party to see how they handle this delicate situation. Will they stick with Biden and risk a loss, or will they make a bold move and bring in a new candidate? Only time will tell.

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  1. Avatar photoDr.BBA Reply

    Who proofreads this crap?? It is NOT the Democratic party. It IS the Democrat party! Big difference. There is NOTHING democratic about the Marxist Left Nazi party.

    1. Avatar photorecce Reply

      Go to the DNC website .For your information. Under the Jacksonian era, the term “The Democracy” was in use by the party, but the name “Democratic Party” was eventually settled upon and became the official name in 1844. Members of the party are called “Democrats” or “Dems”. The most common mascot symbol for the party has been the donkey, or jackass.

  2. Avatar photoGrizz Mann Reply

    C’mon man! Biden’s physical and mental acumen has not diminished since he started his public life.

  3. Avatar photoSHRW // Reply

    It is not so much that a large number of people support or like Trump as they can not tolerate Biden. But none of those suggested to replace Biden would be any better. They may not senile but they have the same destructive agenda as those currently controlling Biden. We have only to look at California to see what Newsome would bring to the nation. Michelle would be nothing more than a shill for Barrack. Harris as shown us her lack of competence and ineptitude for the past three years. Whitmer is not even worth talking about. Just look at what she did in Michigan. The democrat party has become too much like marxist socialist. We need to take them all out of office.

    1. Avatar photoTimothy Reply

      we (RED states) need to separate from this evil empire, like the founders (smart, brave people) said to do 240 years ago. Jesus said the same thing 2000 years ago….

  4. Avatar photoDoug Hanlon Reply

    I am not suggesting this, but … wouldn’t it be a shame if a lot of patriots used a VPN, learned how to create a ‘virtual computer’ on their physical computer (it’s easy), and took on the faux-identity of a militant Leftist … and began posting, on forums and other internet platforms read by Democrats, angry messages saying that if Kamala Harris is NOT made the Presidential nominee, it’s proof of Democratic racism, and there will be hell to pay.

    These faux-Leftists might also demand that “California reparations” — five million dollars each — be made part of the Democratic Platform, “or else”.

    And what if other faux-not-so-Left-but-still-liberal posters got onto far Left forums and platforms (where the pro-Hamas crowd hang out), and urged everyone to vote Democratic so that arms and ammunition keep flowing to Israel — Trump being notorious for not liking overseas wars and foreign entanglements.

    That would be a very naughty thing to do. After all, the Left always plays fair, so we should as well.

  5. Avatar photogman Reply

    I believe this is why the debates are scheduled before the convention. If Biden does not perform well, he will be replaced at the convention. And he probably will not perform well uness they’ve got a good cocktail of drugs with which to fill him up. Wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary were scheming to get someone else to run and then choose her for VP…then at some point (should the dems win), whoever is president would step down and she would be the successor. OR a couple of puppets could run and (again, if they win), the VP could step down and Hillary would be named VP, then the pres would step down and Hillary would become pres. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised…she is a schemer…no doubt about that and still hasn’t gotten over losing in 2016.

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