Is Biden Being Replaced by Michelle Obama? Democrats in Panic Mode!

Today, we’re diving into a topic that’s causing quite a stir in political circles: Will the Democrats replace Joe Biden on the 2024 ticket? Based on the latest polls and internal party anxieties, I believe they just might. Let’s explore why this could happen and how Michelle Obama might be parachuted in at the last moment.

Steadfastandloyal sends our deepest sympathies to Michelle Obama for the passing of her mother Marian Robinson on May 31st, 2024


Internal Democratic Party Anxieties

There’s a growing sense of fear among top Democrats about President Joe Biden’s chances in the 2024 election. Despite outward shows of confidence, many party insiders are deeply worried. Biden’s poor polling numbers and a variety of other factors have led to increasing anxiety within the party.

Biden’s polling is stubbornly low, trailing Donald Trump in every battleground state. Trump has been raising significant funds, with a $50.5 million haul from a single event in Palm Beach, Florida, outpacing Biden’s fundraising efforts by a wide margin. This financial disadvantage, coupled with Biden’s declining popularity, is causing a palpable sense of trepidation among Democrats. Notably, after Trump’s conviction, his fundraising surged even further, highlighting his strong and resilient support base.

Private Concerns vs. Public Statements

Democratic leaders and strategists are expressing their concerns privately while maintaining a brave face in public. A Democratic operative, granted anonymity, mentioned that no one wants to be the one to publicly admit the party is in trouble. However, behind closed doors, there is a “freakout” over Biden’s reelection prospects. This operative highlighted the stark contrast between the party’s public optimism and the private worries shared among insiders.

Cognitive Decline Concerns

Adding to these worries is the growing concern over Biden’s cognitive decline. Many have noted instances where Biden appears confused or forgetful, leading to questions about his ability to handle the pressures of the presidency. These concerns are not just limited to his critics; even some within his party are worried that his cognitive issues might affect his performance in office and on the campaign trail.

The Kamala Harris Dilemma

Vice President Kamala Harris, the most unpopular VP n history, adds another layer of complexity to the Democrats’ predicament. Harris likely sees herself as the heir apparent to Biden. However, her unpopularity makes her a horrible choice for the top of the ticket. Replacing Biden with another candidate, would be a bitter pill for Harris to swallow. Behind the scenes, party operatives would need to maneuver Harris out of the way, ensuring she does not obstruct a more viable candidate’s path to the nomination.

Potential Replacements: Governors and Other Candidates

Several popular Democratic governors, like Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, and Josh Shapiro, have been suggested as potential replacements for Biden. These governors are well-liked within the party and could bring fresh energy to the campaign. However, despite their popularity, there has been no significant movement to draft them into the race, and their popularity pales in comparison to Obama.

Cenk Uygur, founder and host of The Young Turks, has been vocal about the need for a new Democratic candidate. He ran against Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination, citing Biden’s weak numbers with young people, Hispanic voters, and Black voters. Uygur believes that if the party doesn’t act soon, they risk a major defeat in 2024.

The Michelle Obama Factor

Sports commentator Stephen A. Smith recently stated on Kevin Garnett’s podcast, KG Certified, that if former First Lady Michelle Obama ran for president in 2024, she would “hands down” beat Donald Trump. Smith believes that Michelle Obama has the potential to energize the Democratic base and appeal to a wide range of voters, something Biden cannot do.

Michelle Obama has repeatedly said she is not interested in running for president. However, given the current state of the Democratic Party, I believe there is a possibility she could be brought in at the last moment. If Biden’s polling numbers continue to decline and the party becomes more desperate, Michelle Obama could be seen as the savior needed to secure a Democratic victory.

The Technicalities of Nominating Michelle Obama

For Michelle Obama to be nominated, the Democratic Party would need to follow a specific process. Here’s how it could happen:

  1. Biden Must Voluntarily Step Aside: The first and most critical step is for Joe Biden to voluntarily withdraw from the race. This move would need to be his decision, as the party cannot force him out against his will.
  2. Delegates and the Convention: The Democratic National Convention (DNC) is where the party’s presidential nominee is officially selected. Delegates from each state, chosen through primaries and caucuses, cast their votes for the nominee. If Biden were to step down, delegates could be persuaded to support a new candidate.
  3. Superdelegates: These are party leaders and elected officials who have a significant influence on the nomination process. Superdelegates are not bound by primary or caucus results and could shift their support to Michelle Obama if it becomes clear that she is the best chance for a Democratic victory.
  4. Convention Rules: The DNC has rules in place that allow for changes in the nominee under extraordinary circumstances. If Biden were to withdraw his candidacy, the party could use these rules to nominate Michelle Obama, especially if she has broad support from delegates and superdelegates.
  5. Public and Party Support: For such a move to be successful, there would need to be strong support from both the party and the public. Given Michelle Obama’s popularity, it’s likely that she would quickly gain the necessary backing to secure the nomination.

The Impact of a Michelle Obama Nomination

If Michelle Obama were to be nominated, I’m afraid it could lead to a landslide victory for the Democrats. She is a highly respected figure with broad appeal across different demographics. Her entry into the race could energize the Democratic base, attract independent voters, and potentially sway some moderate Republicans.

Why Has Barack Obama Remained in Washington?

Obama’s continued presence in Washington raises questions about his actual role in the current administration. Some speculate he is the shadow president now pulling all of the strings.  If Michelle Obama were to take the reins, it’s plausible that this would effecgtively be Barack Obama’s 5th term.

Final Thoughts

As we look ahead to the 2024 election, the Democratic Party faces a critical decision. Will they stick with Joe Biden, despite his declining popularity, cognitive concerns, and challenging poll numbers, or will they make a bold move to replace him with a candidate like Michelle Obama? The stakes are high, and the future of the party—and the country—hangs in the balance.

Based on current trends and internal party dynamics, it seems increasingly likely to me that the Democrats might opt for a last-minute switch to ensure a victory. If Michelle Obama is parachuted in at the convention, we could see a dramatic shift in the race, potentially leading to a landslide win for the Democrats and a continuation of Barack Obama’s influence in Washington.  This would be catatrophic for the future of our country.



  1. Avatar photoStan Ritchie Reply

    Joe’s pretty feisty and is not going to let go of the reins very easy especially if his family needs him to stay out of legal trouble while he’s in office which will lead to Trump winning in 2024. Hang in there Joe to help Trump win.

  2. Avatar photoCookie Bruno Reply

    Stephen A.Smith isn’t too bright. Americans know Obama is having his third term right now and we don’t need to suffer through his fourth term..People want to get out of this mess not dig in deeper.

  3. Avatar photoMichael Coker Reply

    Yes, he would win most of the die-hard Democrat support but Americans are sick of the Obama regime and are not going to vote him in.

  4. Avatar photoSue Reply

    Americans will never vote for any Obama they hate their corrupt policies.
    Michael Obama will get destroyed the truth will come out and they hate America.
    Gavin Newsom f-up California so bad nobody can stand him mr smiley face a big loser. Whiterman lost all her accountable during pandemic she’s just another corrupt dumb ass loser. PETE Boot-a-jackass can’t find his own ass without someone behind him without batteries. Corrupt Biden will die in prison as a disgraced president. Trump is the only one to save America if if you don’t like that get out of America. FJB

      1. Avatar photolinda knowles Reply

        right on Frank and to Sue you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT WE DO NOT WANT OBAMA he or she they both are traitors to our country they have said they hate AMERICA so I say you parasites you hate AMERICA then pack up and move the hell OUT OF AMERICA WE dont need OR want you here we damm sure dont want you back in our white house

    1. Avatar photofrank Reply

      My comments agreeing with you have been moderated and not shown.
      All I said was I agree 100%. I guess aol finds that disagreeable and censored it.

  5. Avatar photoBruce W Walters Reply

    I don’t know what anybody sees as Presidential experience, Big Mike sleeping with the former President, or the occasional BJ.

  6. Avatar photoSue D Reply

    I do not believe that Michael Obama is the most popular (pretend) woman in America. The Obama’s are corrupt Marxist plants who are raging racists. Gay blade Barry is the Manchurian Candidate that America foolishly elected because he was black. There is systemic racism in this country and it thrives in the DemoCrap party controlled by DemoTrash white supremacists and their black plantation talking heads who are in positions of power due to nothing more than the affirmative action enacted for decades.

  7. Avatar photoLyudmila Reply

    Big Mike for President? But this could be the 5th term of the fraudster Barack Hussein! This is the death of America!

  8. Avatar photoCleatus Whitecake, Reply

    The communist CCP run America.The 2 parties are the same.Both are not for freedom.That is why they allow all these illegals into our country.That is why our Military do,s NOTHING about it.The Voting system is rigged.The only thing we have left is our souls.We are living in the last days.

    1. Avatar photofrank Reply

      My comments agreeing with you have been moderated and not shown.
      All I said was I agree 100%. I guess aol finds that disagreeable to their moderator

      1. Avatar photoJimmy Parker Post author Reply

        Hi Frank,

        Not moderated, we just review the first time somone comments to ensure we keep out spam. Your comments should be posted now without review. However, please keep them within bounds. No violence, harsh languate or racial slurs are permitted. Thansk for reading and you commnents!!

        Also, this isn’t AOL, we are a real opinion site run by real writers and political commentators..

  9. Avatar photoSHRW // Reply

    I will never vote for Michelle Obama!! She would be as bad or even worse than Biden. Besides which, she does not have any qualifications. And neither should she be given the task to overhaul American schools. She does not have any education qualifications either. But then the federal government does not have any business overhauling American schools. No where does the Constitution delegate power, authority, nor any responsibility for public education nor public schools to the federal government. “The powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, ot to the people.”

  10. Avatar photoEl-Tejas Reply

    A vote for Michelle Obama would be the same as a vote for Barack.. If elected she would merely his puppet and mouthpiece. This would give him another opportunity to pursue his goal to fundamentally change America to a Marxist regime. Of course it would also give them a chance to go on another worldwide apology tour/luxurious family vacation at our expense. In case no one has guessed by now, I will never vote for Obama.

  11. Avatar photoJoe Hobonocker Reply

    Moochelle? He/she is too lazy and is too busy being perpetually aggrieved at the “institutionally racist” country that elected his/her fraudulent black gay husband TWICE, and has also provided her/him with the lifestyle of a billionaire for 16 years while she provided absolutely nothing in return.

  12. Avatar photoMichael Valgos Reply

    She will never accept because they do not want people digging into the background The first thing that would come up is why she registered a a male There are so many things that they can’t have out Also she has absolutely no experience Well I guess if you can call fucking up kids lunches She had the kids eating things meant for rabbits and other small animals She is a racist and a hypocrite She may be a man and her foreign experience is nothing No I could careless what KG has to say about it So it is obvious that he did it as a Black thing and I understand but you also have to be real What they are saying is when she needs help they can ask Barry That is the main problem He spent 8 years trying to get his shithouse agenda and now he has spent another 4 with Biden We are not in the situation where we can experiment and vote for someone because she is Black and stupid It is not the color of her skin it is her thought process or lack there of This is not the fucking Oprah show You can’t pull someone off the streets and because their spouse was a former HMFIC makes you a candidate Besides the people remember that during these years with Obama and now Biden were a solid down trend for both of them So this has to do with survival of all of us

  13. Avatar photoinyoface Reply

    I don’t see where “Michelle” would win by a landslide. She/he is really hated by most American’s, only the marxist’s on the left like her. Sure some of the anti Trumpers might vote for she/he. But most know the dem policies whoever is in charge is NOT WORKING and want to move on. Trump although not perfect and upsets the status quo is still better for all and the country. Trump’s gonna win and the only two way’s he won’t is his death or we have no election.

  14. Avatar photoDale Casto Reply

    Panic my A**. This was the plan all along.
    They will bring her in as someone willing to “Sacrifice” herself for the good of the nation, as the only person who can defeat the evil Trump (read MAGA types who are characterized as being WHITE). And of course, any criticism of her will be nothing that RACISM. After all, she has no record to criticize.
    If you think voter “ahem – irregularities” were significant in the 2020 choice between two Old White Guys, you isn’t seen NOTHING yet. A contest between an Old WHITE MALE and BLACK FEMALE, an OBAMA at that, will assure tens of millions of votes appearing by magic in the Black Controlled big cities.

  15. Avatar photoJoe Schmo Reply

    Just what America needs, Michael Obama the racist angry black manwoman in his muslim anti American husband’s control. Yeah that is what we need. Maybe he will take grewsome Neusome as VP. Buh bye America. 1776

  16. Avatar photoagkcrbs Reply

    Two issues remain. First, Biden’s handlers, as much as they may despise the Americans whom Trump wishes to help, may find it too difficult to relinquish power and be supplanted by resurgent Obamas. At least they still have some chance of their corpse president winning the election. Second, one wonders why Obama hasn’t made that move earlier. What leaps to mind is that she is afraid of confronting the naturally stronger Donald Trump. At the very least, her hesitation speaks against her testosterone level. If she stays on the sidelines, unsure Americans might take it as a point in support of her womanhood.

  17. Avatar photoFAAQTWO Reply

    Moochie Mike is as welcome as Hillary – send these clowns somewhere like Kenya – where BO can return to the Nation he came from. We don’t need another race baiting clown !. FOAD OBAMA’S ..

  18. Avatar photoPapa Reply

    I hope Trump picks Kamala as his VP. She’s protected Biden from the 25th amendment and she’s keeping him office until the bitter end of his presidency. She can do the same for Trump. Trump will be protected from loan gunman attempts as well as 25th amendment mandates to step down no one and I do mean no one with any power in or over American politics wants to see Kamala as president and that’s including any voters.
    Trump will be bulletproof from any further investigations or lawfare attempts to get him out of office as long as he has a VP as despised as Kamala.

  19. Avatar photoTy Reply

    Americans don’t want another Obama in the White House we’re still digging out country from his messy presence. Americans know they hate America and are as corrupt as the Biden’s are. Besides he she scandals will definitely come out this time and destroy democrats bogus fraud lies for ever. Democrats better really think about putting MICHAEL in front of the world to see how they hid their crooked corrupt fraud conspiracies. Bringing it to light is going to destroy democrats. You can’t fix stupid

  20. Avatar photoCountryBoy Reply

    And we are terrified that the Progressive Commie Marxist Democrats will finish the job of Destroying America that they have made huge strides in doing.

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