AOC Says Trump Will Imprison Her: Here’s Why She’s Delusional!

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) is at it again, stirring the pot with wild claims and baseless fears. In a recent interview with podcast host Kara Swisher, AOC expressed her concern that former President Donald Trump would imprison her if he wins the November election. She believes that Trump’s rhetoric and actions during his first campaign indicate he would go after his political opponents.

AOC’s Unfounded Fears

AOC told Swisher, “I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy threw me in jail. He’s out of his mind. I take him at his word when he says that he’s going to round up people. I take him at his word when he threatens journalists.” Her fears seem to be based on Trump’s previous “lock her up” chants aimed at Hillary Clinton during his 2016 campaign. But is there any truth to these fears, or is this just another example of Democrat projection?

Trump’s Clear Stance Against Political Persecution

Trump has repeatedly stated that political persecution must end. In a recent interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Trump addressed the accusations of seeking retribution. He said, “Number one, they’re wrong. It has to stop, because otherwise, we’re not going to have a country.” Trump emphasized that his focus is on addressing the criminal activities, not on persecuting political opponents.

The Democrat Playbook: Projection

This is a classic case of Democrat projection. The Democrats often accuse Republicans of actions they themselves are guilty of. It’s a tactic used to deflect attention and create a narrative that aligns with their agenda. By projecting their own tendencies onto their opponents, they hope to sway public opinion and garner support.

The Role of the Mainstream Media

The mainstream media plays a significant role in perpetuating these narratives. Far-left media outlets often cover for the Democrats, presenting their claims as facts without proper scrutiny. This biased coverage contributes to the spread of misinformation and shapes public perception in favor of the left.

AOC’s Claims and the Reality

AOC’s claims about being imprisoned by Trump are not only unfounded but also serve as a distraction from real issues. Trump’s focus has always been on making America great again and addressing corruption within the government. His administration’s efforts to expose and tackle criminal activities have been misrepresented by the left as political persecution.

The American People See Through the Deception

The American people are not easily fooled. They recognize these tactics for what they are—desperate attempts by the left to retain power and control. AOC’s fear-mongering will backfire, as more and more Americans see through the deception and choose to support a leader who prioritizes the country’s welfare over political games.

The Upcoming Election: A Landslide Victory for Trump

As the November election approaches, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Trump has a strong chance of winning. Despite being a convicted felon, his support base remains solid, and many Americans believe he is the right person to lead the country. AOC’s endorsement of Biden and her warnings about Trump’s potential actions are unlikely to sway voters who are tired of the left’s constant fear-mongering.

Final Thoughts

AOC’s latest claims about Trump imprisoning her are yet another example of the Democrat playbook in action. By projecting their own tendencies onto their opponents and relying on biased media coverage, the left hopes to manipulate public perception. However, the American people are not falling for it anymore. Trump’s clear stance against political persecution and his focus on addressing real issues resonate with voters who want a leader who cares about America. As the election nears, it’s evident that AOC’s fears are baseless, and Trump’s support continues to grow. Expect a landslide victory for Trump in November, reaffirming the strength of our democratic republic and the Constitution.

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    1. Avatar photoMk Abe Reply

      Not only would he not, he can’t! That is not withing his power of office. Though, I wish he could as she is one of the most incompetent liberal/leftist imbeciles in office!

  1. Avatar photoRoland Charlier Reply

    AOC aka occasional cortex has the fear of being imprisoned if a honest president is elected. This is because she knows that all of the anti American treasonous crap she has pulled will no longer have the communist traitors covering for her.

  2. Avatar photoNel Reply

    This broad is nuts I’m embarrassed to say I live in New York state and the idiots in New York City voted for the psycho nut Job

  3. Avatar photoWhitey Rash Reply

    Well, if he WOULD imprison her, it would undoubtedly be because she’s just SO smokin’ hot that he (along with all the rest of us) just can’t resist her and he’s locking her away so he won’t be tempted to scurry off with her and make sweet, sweet Trumpilicous love. Remember – she said it herself – men who disagree with her do so because they are victims of their uncontrollable lust for her. Regardless of the motivation, we should all be so lucky as to have her in the slammer for DJT’s second term.

  4. Avatar photoJohn Patrick Lockrey Reply

    He wouldn’t waste his time. She simply isn’t important enough. She is irrelevant. Why hunt a mosquito when there are snakes and rats to exterminate?

  5. Avatar photoCharlieSeattle Reply

    AOC is a paranoid Muslim Marxist traitor and should be stripped of citizenship and deported to Gaza!

  6. Avatar photogrumpyveteran Reply

    Somebody needs to lock the looney bitch up. She has done nothing of merit to benefit those idiots that elected her — only running her mouth with a bunch of stupid blabber!

  7. Avatar photoWe're fair Reply

    We will give AOC a fair trial! And the rest of them. I’m up for that. You could call it social justice.

  8. Avatar photoLyudmila Reply

    But the rogue AOС knows that she deserves prison. she will go to prison, she will definitely go to prison. She deserved it!

  9. Avatar photoYO VINNIE Reply

    Does anyone believe always overly confused, AOC, could survive the scrutiny and investigations Trump has experienced in the last 9 years?

    Maybe someone should look into AOC’s net wealth prior to being in congress to her present net worth and determine if the difference could be the result of legal actions taken with the salary of a congress representative.

  10. Avatar photojm Reply

    Although the thought of seeing her in orange jumpsuit is tempting, I would think that throwing her out of the Congress would be enough.

  11. Avatar photoAmericafirst Reply

    AOC has already had her stint at Gitmo. That’s not her. This AOC is an imposter. just like Joe Biden is.

  12. Avatar photoPop Reply

    No one would spend a nickel incarcerating this brain dead skank. Just give this jabbering zit a cardboard box, a shopping cart and a swift kick in her boney backside.

  13. Avatar photoKurt S Reply

    Trump won’t waste his time with her. She comes from an overly liberal state. President Trump will go on with the business of running the country as opposed to dealing with a minor politician after the election.

  14. Avatar photoJoAnn Reply

    AOC doesn’t believe Trump will imprison her. She is just a drama queen that can’t resist trying to create drama where these is none. First of all, she is just not that important in the scheme of things. Even if Trump was inclined to persecute his political opponents lik ethe conniving Demmunists do–which he is NOT–why would he bother with a clueless PISS ANT like AOC?

  15. Avatar photoKurt Savegnago Reply

    President Trump re-elected, will not waste his time with AOC and get on with running the country.
    There’s too many things to deal with and AOC is a media loving pimple on a bull’s arse.

  16. Avatar photoGunny Gil Reply

    Not imprison her but send her to Iran where she belongs. The muslims leaders there will do the imprisonment

  17. Avatar photoJ.A. Shepard Reply

    Airhead On Crack ( AOC ) is a nutcase and most likely belongs in jail with the rest of her corrupt cronies..her constituents are complicit with the corruption for electing psychotic inexperienced cases such as her ..she’s a bartender for heaven’s sake and suddenly a millionaire since entering office..lobbyists need to be banned..

  18. Avatar photoBruce S. Abbe Reply

    AOC wishes Trump would send her to prison so she would have the American people support her after she gets booted out of office(a place she should have NEVER ended up.). What should happen to her when she ends up in prision, is, she should be supported with the money she has in the bank from all of her fraudulent actions while in office……

  19. Avatar photoDaniel from TN Reply

    Note to Jimmy Parker.
    The word is delusional, not dilusional.
    Don’t forget to proof read before submitting an article.

    1. Avatar photoJimmy Parker Post author Reply

      Thanks Daniel you are correct – surprised my spell check missed that.. I’m actually an engineer by training, I’m lucky I can spell my name.. LOL

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