Watch Sunny Hostin’s Despicable Glee Discussing Trumps Potential Prison Sentence!

Sunny Hostin is at it again, showing her true colors as a professional mouthpiece for the “hate Trump” party. Her recent claims about Donald Trump facing time in Riker’s Island are nothing more than a desperate attempt to smear the former President. In a recent episode of “Nerk News,” Hostin gleefully discussed the possibility of Trump being sentenced to a year in the infamous New York jail. But is there any truth to her claims, or is this just another example of her despicable bias?

A Political Hack in Disguise

Sunny Hostin, co-host of “The View,” has always been vocal about her disdain for Trump. In this latest episode, she claims to have inside information from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office, suggesting Trump could face a year in prison. Hostin argues that this recommendation is not just about punishment, but also about sending a message to the community. But is this really about justice, or is it another way to attack Trump?

The host of “Nerk News” questions Hostin’s integrity, pointing out that DA Alvin Bragg ran on a platform to “get Trump.” This raises serious doubts about the fairness of the recommendation. Hostin’s glee at the prospect of Trump being jailed is not only unprofessional but also shows her true motives.

Laughable Legal Expertise

Hostin, a lawyer by profession, should know better. Her exuberance over a potential prison sentence for what is at worst a misdemeanor is laughable. The statute of limitations for the alleged crime has long since expired, making her claims even more dubious. Hostin’s comments are more about scoring political points than providing factual information.

In the video, she mentions another possible scenario: a six-month split sentence, with Trump serving six months at Riker’s and then four and a half years on probation. But this is just another attempt to make her narrative seem more credible. The host of “Nerk News” rightly points out that her inside knowledge from a political hack DA is far from impartial.

The Real Motive

This isn’t the first time Hostin has shown her bias. She has previously celebrated Trump’s legal troubles, claiming that “America won” when he was convicted of a campaign finance violation. Hostin’s constant attacks on Trump are less about justice and more about her personal vendetta.

The host of “Nerk News” argues that Hostin’s latest claims are designed to stir up controversy and keep viewers engaged. Her comments are not based on solid legal ground but on her desire to see Trump punished at any cost.

The Bigger Picture

If Trump were to serve a year in prison, it would be unprecedented. Riker’s Island is known for its harsh conditions and has housed some of the country’s most notorious criminals. For many, the idea of Trump serving time there is hard to believe. Legal experts are divided on the likelihood of this happening. Some believe that the charges against Trump are weak and unlikely to result in prison time, while others argue that the legal system must hold everyone accountable, including former Presidents.

Political Implications

A prison sentence for Trump would have major political implications. It could rally his supporters, who already believe he is the victim of a political witch hunt. It could also affect the 2024 presidential race if Trump decides to run again. On the other hand, a prison sentence could damage Trump’s reputation and weaken his political influence. It’s a complex situation with no easy answers.

The host of “Nerk News” believes that this is precisely why Hostin’s comments should be taken with a grain of salt. Her track record of bias and unprofessionalism makes her an unreliable source of information.

Final Thoughts

Sunny Hostin’s glee at the prospect of Donald Trump serving time in Riker’s Island is despicable. Her latest claims are not about justice but about her personal vendetta against Trump. As a lawyer, she should know better than to make such dubious statements. The host of “Nerk News” provides a critical perspective, questioning the validity and ethics of Hostin’s comments.

We want to hear from you. Do you think Trump will actually serve time, or is this just another political stunt? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Avatar photoS J R Reply

    You could search the World Over and I do not believe you could possibly find 4 other women as STUPID & UGLY as these women of the view. Obviously they are not religious or believers in God as there is no signs that they have any compassion. They do not even know Trump or any of his supporters that do good thru-out the country, yet they condemn and try to insult them.
    What Worthless Women they are,

  2. Avatar photoV.Demartini Reply

    These women are poison to this country. They all should serve time in jail for the dishonesty they speak. Doing harm and false statements is not freedom of speech it’s treason.

  3. Avatar photoNel Reply

    This broad is crazy she should be in a mental institution she doesn’t know what she’s talking about and by the way your ancestors owned slaves how’s that make you feel? You idiot

  4. Avatar photoPapa Marty Reply

    Article Sunny Hostin says she’s as a lawyer since when has last practiced law? Don’t lawyers have to renew their license and get certifications each time they renew their professional license in order to practice law. Just like any other professional Doctors Real estate brokers any professional occupation needs to renew their license and they need to pay a fee for the renewal along with proving they passed a course or courses on the type of law as is in her case in not sure what type of law she’s actually practicing. It’s not corporate law I don’t think or bodily injury like car wrecks or big rigs or maybe it’s medical mal practice whatever it is I wish this article clarified what type of law degree she has and does she continue to renew her license to practice law if so in what state does her license allow her to practice and if so when does she practice her law degree in what courts or she just a glorified para-legal with a big mouth that brags about once being a lawyer without actually still being able to practice law

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