Shocking Supreme Court Revelation: Ketanji Jackson’s First Amendment Blunder Exposed!

In a recent flurry of discussions surrounding the First Amendment, Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson has sparked a firestorm among conservatives, legal scholars, and the wider public. Her comments, made during the Supreme Court’s hearing of a pivotal case, have raised eyebrows and tempers alike. The case in question, involving the Biden administration’s alleged collaboration with Big Tech to censor certain viewpoints, has become a battleground not just for free speech, but for the very principles that underpin our democracy.

Justice Jackson’s remarks, suggesting that the First Amendment could be seen as a hindrance to the government’s ability to regulate speech in times of need, have sent shockwaves through the conservative community. Her assertion that the First Amendment might “hamstring the federal government in significant ways” has been met with disbelief and concern. How could a Justice of the Supreme Court, tasked with upholding the Constitution, view one of its foundational amendments as an obstacle?

This stance is particularly alarming given the context of the case at hand. The lawsuit, brought forward by Republican Attorneys General from Missouri and Louisiana, accuses the Biden administration of pressuring social media platforms to suppress speech on topics ranging from COVID-19 origins to election integrity. The implications of this case stretch far beyond the courtroom, touching on the core of American values of free speech and government overreach.

Critics, including prominent figures like Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, have been vocal in their dismay. Jordan’s characterization of Jackson’s comments as “frightening” and indicative of a “scary” trajectory for the country resonates with many who cherish the First Amendment not as a limitation, but as a liberation from government tyranny. The essence of the First Amendment is to protect the people from the government, not to empower the government to silence its citizens.

The backlash has not been limited to political figures. Social media and public forums have been ablaze with discussions on the role of the First Amendment. The consensus among conservatives is clear: the First Amendment serves as a critical check on government power, ensuring that the voice of the people remains free from undue influence or suppression.

Justice Jackson’s apparent misunderstanding of this fundamental principle is not just a misstep; it’s a glaring error that undermines the very fabric of American governance. The First Amendment was designed to safeguard freedom of speech, especially when that speech challenges the government. It is a testament to the foresight of the Founding Fathers, who recognized the inherent danger of allowing the government to control the discourse.

The case’s focus on the Biden administration’s interactions with social media platforms only adds fuel to the fire. The allegations of censorship by surrogate, where the government allegedly coerced Big Tech into silencing dissenting voices, strike at the heart of the First Amendment. If true, such actions represent a direct assault on the principles of free speech and open debate that are essential to a healthy democracy.

The implications of Justice Jackson’s comments extend beyond this single case. They call into question the commitment of some of the nation’s highest judges to the Constitution they are sworn to protect. At a time when the digital public square is the primary arena for political discourse, the need for a robust defense of free speech is more critical than ever.

Final Thoughts

As the Supreme Court deliberates on this landmark case, the conservative community watches with bated breath. The outcome will undoubtedly have far-reaching consequences for the future of free speech in America. However, the controversy surrounding Justice Jackson’s remarks has already left an indelible mark on the public consciousness.

The First Amendment is not a negotiable piece of the American Constitution; it is a cornerstone. It ensures that every citizen has the right to speak freely, especially against the government. Any suggestion to the contrary, especially from a member of the Supreme Court, is not just disappointing—it’s deeply concerning.

Justice Jackson’s perspective on the First Amendment as a potential hindrance to government action reveals a fundamental misunderstanding of the Constitution’s purpose. It is a reminder of the constant vigilance required to protect our freedoms from those who might misinterpret or undermine them, even from the highest judicial bench.

As we await the Supreme Court’s decision, let us reaffirm our commitment to the First Amendment. It is not just a legal provision; it is the embodiment of our democratic ideals. The right to free speech must be defended at all costs, for it is the bedrock upon which all other freedoms stand.



  1. Avatar photoKatie Reply

    This comment from a Justice of the SCOTUS is very disturbing. Why can’t liberals understand that this will lead to tyranny by our government? Wake up folks. It’s time to take back America. TRUMP 2024

    1. Avatar photoCharlieSeattle Reply

      The 3 treasonous SCOTUS Justices are …LEFTISTS not liberals. There is a difference.

      Left or Liberal?
      Dennis Prager
      5-Minute Videos

      prageru. com/video/left-or-liberal

  2. Avatar photoJohnny B Reply

    This woman is lacking a whole bunch of brain cells. This woman, at her investigation by the Senate, couldn’t tell you what a woman was??? For a woman to say that is inane.

  3. Avatar photoBrinda Reply

    Jackson should never had been able to become a SCOTUS if she can’t stand with the constitution. That’s what wrong with our whole country right now.

  4. Avatar photoSteveB Reply

    This statement by the OBiden installed Justice are truly and completely against the US Constitution! I am wondering what grounds she bases her outlandish opinion on. Totally ludicrous!!! She must have OBiden’s mentality. The First Amendment was of upmost importance to our Founders and without it many if not most of the other amendments have no meaning.
    STUPID WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And FJB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Avatar photoEl Paladin Reply

    The Supreme Court has been a leftist, dive since the 60’s, yet, what is most disgusting, & despicable, is when conservatives vote for clear communists, like Jackson, who now has the gall to champion Nazi policy; wherein both the government, & huge, fat-cat corporations, conspire together, to quash citizen free expression, and will, later,…use thug-force.
    Sad fact is “conservative-republicrats” do this all the time; to “get along, & move things forward”.
    No wonder the Republic is long-dead, & in ruins; aided heavily, from “friends”. El Paladin

  6. Avatar photobathhousebarryo Reply

    The left wants to suppress the other side’s speech. They think that it’ll never happen to them and they’ll be “in charge” forever. This is what happens when fools like biden chose people for important positions almost solely by race and gender rather than qualifications.

  7. Avatar photoAdonis Reply

    The same genius who can’t describe a woman. Now becomes clear she doesn’t know the Constitution, specifically 1st Amendment, and who knows how much more. Typical diversity hire to check the box for Democrats. The dumber the better. Can it get any worse?

  8. Avatar photoSHRW Reply

    The government does not have any business regulating speech under any circumstances. The freedom of speech is absolute.! If a person commits libel or slander, they can be sued in civil court. And if someone makes a comment that is factually wrong, it can be disputed wit proof to the contrary. But all views must be open to consideration and discussion.

  9. Avatar photosouperd Reply

    What do you expect from an affirmative action hire? She’s only there because she’s from the correct PC tribe of savages. She’s obviously intellectually void of logic and common sense. This thug sista is an example that validates stereotyping. She makes white supremacist’s view points look focused and precise. She makes the KKK appear rational and prophetic. None of which is good for our republic, or society in general.

  10. Avatar photoEdward J Brewster Reply

    Her comments expose who she really is….a Leftist activist inserted into the highest court in the land. She was not chosen for her legal intellect, she was chosen to do the bidding of the Communists and their agenda to destroy America from within. God help America.

  11. Avatar photogman Reply

    How could someone who doesn’t know the difference between a man and a woman hope to understand the intricacies of the First Amendment?

  12. Avatar photoDrawer 22 Reply

    If United States Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson ever had a brain, she long ago used it for toilet paper and flushed it down the crapper with the fecal matter she(?) is. While she(?) should never have been nominated, let alone confirmed, she(?) is a shining example of why we have impeachment as a Constitutional recourse for correcting errors. Failing that, the Second Amendment to our Constitution for the United States of America provides the means for doing so. We, the People, are in charge of our governance, not the other way around, a hard lesson England had to learn at considerable expense.

    De Oppresso Liber

  13. Avatar photoStanB Reply

    The people living today got to see the appointment to the highest court in the nation of an unqualified attorney whose only ability was that the president could check several boxes for his DEI list.

  14. Avatar photoJohn Bryant Reply

    I find it troubling that “free speech” is all that gets focused on when referencing the 1st Amendment. The first point made in the “First Amendment” is Congress shall make no law establishing a religion or the free exercise of any religion. By being in first place I am sure the founders placed the highest importance on that. Second point is freedom of speech and lastly the right to PEACEABLY assemble and petition the Government are in descending importance.
    That being said the whole of the first Amendment is one of the foundation corner stones that makes America the Greatest Country in the World. She has violated her oath and should be impeached and removed from the Court.

  15. Avatar photoPapa Reply

    Isn’t she the same person that can’t give you a definition of a woman? How on earth did she get to be a Supreme Court of the United States justices when she isn’t even qualified to be a traffic court judge

  16. Avatar photoVickyNC Reply

    Well, that’s what you get when you use D.E.I. criteria rather than meritocracy to appoint or hire people—unfortunately that applies to important government positions as well as those in the private sector or MSM. The results are predictable and negatively impacts others in the same D.E.I. “box” even if the person is competent.

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