JUSTICE: Ethics Panel Recommends Subpoena For Rashida Tlaib Over ‘Problematic’ Campaign Payments

AG BARR: Report On Potential FISA Abuses, Origins Of Russia Probe Is ‘Imminent’

DC Charity Is Accused Of Violating Anti-Terrorism Act By Providing Monetary Support To Hamas

Schiff Lies…Says He Doesn’t Know Who the Whistleblower Is

BACKFIRE: Democrat Impeachment Hearing Makes Case for Biden Investigation

Jim Jordan Exposes Schiff’s ‘Star’ Witness’s Stunning Lack of Knowledge

Bernie Says Ocasio-Cortez Would Play ‘Very Important Role’ In A Sanders White Housenjh897

The White House is Reportedly Exploring the Idea of Cutting Middle Income Tax Rates to 15 Percent

Inspector General Complaint: Trump Whistleblower May Be Soliciting Illicit Donations

DOJ Arrests 327 Violent Criminals Who Had Fled From Justice In New Mexico

The Supreme Court Looks Ready to Uphold Trump’s Bid to End DACA

Elijah Cummings Widow Announces Run For His Seat

Sara Carter: Horowitz Report Will Be Damning. Criminal Referrals Likely

Justice Department to Supreme Court: We Can’t Give Work Permits to DACA Migrants

BREAKING: Whistleblower Holds White House Meeting Same Day Ukraine Told to Fire Prosecutor Investigating Burisma

San Francisco Elects Radical Son of Two Cop Killing Terrorists as Their New District Attorney

Lindsey Graham Says No Impeachment if Whistleblower Refuses to Testify

NatSec Advisor Robert O’Brien Says Schiff Star Witness Alexander Vindman Will be Removed From National Security Council (VIDEO)

Mexico Is Urging The Supreme Court To Stop Trump’s Bid To End DACA

Republicans Name 8 Potential Impeachment Witnesses. Here They Are

Substitute Teacher Arrested Over Brutal Beating She Gave to Student [VIDEO]

Iran Acknowledges That FBI Agent Gone Missing Since 2007 Involved In Ongoing Court Case

Sanctuary County Ignores ICE and Releases Pedophile Who Was Molesting an 11-Year-Old Family Member

Prosecutors Accuse Epstein of Bribing Potential Witnesses to the Tune of $350,000

Another Investigation of President Trump to end Without Any Criminal Charges

Florida Voters Stun NBC News By Saying They Now Support Trump ‘More Than Ever’ (VIDEO)

Ukrainian Whistleblower Blows Up Schiff’s Lies – Says Obama Admin Pressured Ukraine All of the Time! (VIDEO)

Sanctuary County: Illegal Alien Killer Escapes Jail Time, Gets Freed into U.S.

No, Gordon Sondland Did Not Prove Ukraine ‘Quid pro Quo’

Illegal Alien Learns Detention Is Not a Luxury Hotel, Files Lawsuit

Revealed: FBI Anti-Trump Spy Stefan Halper Was Feeding Smears to Teammates in Fake News Liberal Media

Trump Warns US May Be Ready To ‘Wage WAR’ On Mexican Drug Cartels

ABC News Insider Leaks Hot Mic Video to Project Veritas – Major Jeffrey Epstein Investigation Spiked by Network – Implicated Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew (VIDEO)

Tom Arnold Back-Up Twitter Account Suspended After TGP Report on Violent Threat Against ‘Narcs’

U.S. Supreme Court Mulls Making It Easier to Deport Immigrants for Crimes

Former US Attorney General: Whistleblower Is Not Guaranteed Anonymity

Dems Panicked By Breakdown of Tupelo Trump Rally



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