Neil deGrasse Tyson Has Gone Woke! Why His Views on Gender in Sports Are So Disappointing – and Wrong!

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is a brilliant mind known for making complex scientific concepts accessible to the general public. But recently, he’s been making headlines for a different reason—one that has left many of his fans scratching their heads in disbelief. Tyson’s comments about gender in sports have sparked a heated debate, and it’s clear that even the smartest people can be completely wrong.

Tyson’s Controversial Comments

During a recent discussion, Tyson suggested that in a hundred years, society might look back and find it strange that we separated boys and girls in sports. He imagined future generations questioning our current practices, saying, “Do you know back a hundred years ago they split boys and girls and they couldn’t compete?” This futuristic view may sound progressive to some, but it overlooks a crucial fact: the biological differences between men and women that make such separation necessary and fair.

The Reality of Biological Differences

It’s not about being transphobic or discriminating against anyone. This debate is rooted in the undeniable biological differences between men and women. On average, men have greater muscle mass, bone density, and physical strength compared to women. This is why separating sports by gender ensures a level playing field where women can compete fairly and safely.

Consider the example of college wrestling. A male wrestler at his peak is typically much stronger and more powerful than a female wrestler. It’s not just about skill or training; the average woman simply cannot match the average man’s physical capabilities in such a sport. Ignoring these differences in the name of inclusivity does a disservice to female athletes who train hard and compete with dedication.

The Case of Chelsea Mitchell

To illustrate the real-world impact of this issue, let’s look at Chelsea Mitchell, a young track star from Connecticut. Chelsea was a state champion in several events until she had to compete against a transgender female athlete—biologically male—who identified as female. Suddenly, Chelsea went from winning titles to losing them, not because she wasn’t good enough, but because she was competing against someone with a significant physical advantage.

Chelsea’s case isn’t unique. Across the country, female athletes are finding themselves in similar situations, losing opportunities and scholarships to transgender athletes. This isn’t fair to the women who have worked tirelessly to reach the top of their sport. The scientific community and sports authorities need to acknowledge this issue rather than dismiss it.

The Role of Adults in Protecting Fair Play

It’s disappointing that figures like Neil deGrasse Tyson are pushing these views without considering the long-term implications for women’s sports. We need the adults in the room—coaches, administrators, and parents—to stand up and protect the integrity of female athletics. It shouldn’t be up to young athletes to fight this battle alone. They need support from those in positions of authority to ensure fair competition.

We’ve seen some positive steps in this direction. In various parts of the country, female athletes have started refusing to compete in events they believe are unfair. This is a brave stance, but it should not be their burden alone. The adults who manage and oversee these sports need to take decisive action.

The Influence of “Woke” Ideology

The shift in Tyson’s stance can be attributed to the growing influence of “woke” ideology, which prioritizes inclusivity often at the expense of fairness. This trend has seen many influential figures and institutions bending the knee to avoid backlash, even when the facts clearly support a different stance.

Intelligent people like Tyson should be leading the charge in standing up for science and reason. Instead, by promoting these views, they contribute to a narrative that ignores the real, biological differences between men and women. This isn’t progress—it’s a step backward for women’s sports and for science-based decision-making.

Final Thoughts

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s recent comments on gender in sports are not just disappointing—they’re a betrayal of the very scientific principles he’s spent his career advocating. By ignoring the biological realities that necessitate the separation of male and female athletes, he’s promoting an ideology that’s unfair and harmful to women in sports.

This isn’t about being against anyone. It’s about ensuring fair competition and preserving the integrity of women’s sports. We need to listen to the voices of female athletes like Chelsea Mitchell and take their concerns seriously. Let’s encourage our leaders and influencers to stand up for what’s right, even when it’s not the popular thing to do.

What do you think about Neil deGrasse Tyson’s comments? Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments below!



  1. Avatar photoNorthpaw Reply

    In a hundred years if the current trend continues society might look back at the insane statistic that all college and professional sports are dominated by men and boys with the inclusion of the odd amazonian woman that proves the rule; that is the rule of separate venues for male and female sports that Tyson disparages so ineptly.

  2. Avatar photoFrank Reply

    Since astrophysicists study things that they cannot possibly affect, and probably can’t really understand either, it’s not surprising that they’re kind of dumb about the realities of planet earth.

  3. Avatar photoLaura R Wagner Reply

    The problems of transpeople are many and varied. The easiest explanation of gender is fairly simple. Asking questions regarding the unnecessary surgery and hormone blockers should start with something like, “If your mother had aggressive breast cancer and needed to have radical breast removal surgery, would that change her sex or gender?” The obvious answer is no. Shift that to, “If your father has prostate cancer needing his genitals removed, would that change who he is?” Again, no. Finally, if both of those answers are no, then “Why do you think that undergoing such a drastic surgery will change you? Will it make you happy?” The reasonable answer is of course not. That is why the current medical “professional” who wants the money from these surgeries won’t have the confused child see a psychiatrist. They might lose money. It is just plain ugly greed on their part.

  4. Avatar photojim Reply

    I cannot imagine my granddaughter going into the ring against someone who looks like Neal DeGrasse Tyson. I also cannot imagine if my grandson brought home a girl who has a body like Tyson. Those 2 ladies on the TV are what I think a woman should look like.

  5. Avatar photoJesse Tomblin Reply

    This proves that those who are supposed to be Scientists are just as IGNORANT as the Politicians pandering for votes. Democraps care NOTHING for anyone until time to vote. Democraps talk a great game but after the Election is over they NEVER follow through. The FACT is Democraps and GREEDY QUACKS claiming to be doctors support the LIES that are Transgender life are only after what they can get from these MENTALLY ILL People. Democraps want votes to keep their power and the GREEDY QUACKS want a steady paycheck. I for one will NEVER accept the LIES that are spewed by these groups. A man cannot become a woman or a woman a man. Gender is the exact same thing as sex and is set in DNA. Man cannot alter DNA so they cannot turn a woman into a man or a man into a woman. Those who claim to be trans are in one of three groups if it is a man claiming to be a woman. Group 1 want access to women in places the woman is most Vulnerable namely bathrooms and locker rooms to rape women or little girls. Group 2 are males who can’t win in sports so they want to compete against real females. This allows them to set records as the best instead of being the WORST in their chosen sport. Group 3 are men who have a problem with accepting REALITY. Letting these people live their DELUSION is the WORST thing they can have happen. We get people like those who attacked a Church and a Religious school. By allowing them to live one DELUSION they believe they can live then all.

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