George Conway’s Trump Derangement Syndrome: He Says Trump Voters Need to be Deprogrammed After Biden Wins!

If there’s one person who exemplifies Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), it’s George Conway. Conway, the ex-husband of Kellyanne Conway, can’t seem to get over his obsession with Donald Trump. His recent appearance on The Daily Show was a masterclass in delusion and detachment from reality. It’s no wonder Kellyanne divorced him. Let’s dive into why Conway is so out of touch with conservative Americans and how his TDS makes him completely pathetic.

Predicting Civil Disorder: Conway’s Wild Fantasies

George Conway made some wild predictions about what would happen if Trump is re-elected. He warned of civil disorder like we’ve never seen before, claiming that Trump would try to violate every law, leading people to protest en masse. Conway believes this would cause significant economic turmoil, with human and financial capital fleeing the United States.

These predictions are nothing short of hysterical. Conway’s inability to grasp the reality of American resilience and the strength of our institutions shows just how detached he is. His doom-and-gloom scenarios ignore the fact that Americans are capable of handling political changes without descending into chaos.

Deprogramming Trump Supporters: A Laughable Idea

One of Conway’s most outrageous statements was his suggestion that Trump supporters need to be “deprogrammed” after Biden wins the election. This idea is not only absurd but also insulting to millions of Americans who support Trump. Conway’s arrogance in thinking he knows better than these voters is a prime example of his elitist mindset.

Conway seems to believe that anyone who supports Trump must be brainwashed or misguided. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Trump supporters are informed, passionate, and have legitimate reasons for backing their candidate. Suggesting that they need deprogramming is not only wrong but also deeply disrespectful.

Mocking Trump: Conway’s Desperate Tactics

During his appearance, Conway advised liberals to mock Trump rather than get angry. He argued that calling Trump crazy and highlighting his supposed narcissistic and sociopathic traits would drive him nuts. Conway’s obsession with trying to get under Trump’s skin is pathetic and reeks of desperation.

Conway’s tactics reveal his own insecurities and need for validation. Instead of offering constructive criticism or meaningful dialogue, he resorts to petty insults and mockery. This behavior is unbecoming of someone who claims to be a serious political commentator.

Out of Touch with Conservative Americans

George Conway’s biggest flaw is his complete lack of understanding of conservative Americans. He thinks he knows what’s best for the country, but his views are completely out of sync with the millions of people who support Trump. Conway’s elitist attitude and disdain for Trump supporters show just how disconnected he is from reality.

Conservative Americans are tired of being talked down to by people like Conway. They want leaders who respect their values and understand their concerns. Conway’s condescending remarks and outlandish predictions only serve to further alienate him from the very people he claims to want to help.

Kellyanne’s Divorce: No Surprise

Given George Conway’s behavior, it’s no surprise that Kellyanne divorced him. Kellyanne Conway, who served as a senior advisor to President Trump, had to deal with her husband’s constant attacks on her boss. This must have created immense strain on their marriage.

Kellyanne’s decision to divorce George is understandable. She deserves better than someone who is so consumed by his hatred for Trump that he can’t see the damage he’s doing to his own family. George Conway’s obsession with Trump has not only ruined his credibility but also his personal life.

Final Thoughts

George Conway is a textbook case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. His delusional predictions, elitist attitudes, and desperate tactics reveal just how out of touch he is with conservative Americans. It’s no wonder Kellyanne divorced him. Conway’s behavior is pathetic and only serves to highlight his own insecurities and lack of understanding.

What do you think about George Conway’s latest antics? Do you agree that he suffers from TDS? Let us know in the comments below!



  1. Avatar photoDaniel Quigley Reply

    Conway is just more proof of how Mentally Unstable the Looney Liberals with TDS really are. Something in their mind snaps because they are incapable of understanding how Trump became so Politically Smart and how he gained the support of Half the Country. Liberals think only a Sworn Swamp Dweller should be allowed to run for office and only a Card Carrying Democrat is allowed to ever be elected. What is also doesn’t understand is MAGA Americans are not only super smart we can see the game the Liberal Democrat’s are playing and that upsets them. We’ve learned that if a Liberal says Trump or the Republicans are going to do this or that the Liberal Democrat’s are already doing it. MAGA Americans are also sick and tired of this Biden Open Border Policy that places every American and Tourist to America in Danger. Many Countries have emptied out their Jails and Prisons as long as that convict agrees to head to and enter America. MAGA Americans are also sick and tired of this Double Standard within the Justice Department especially within the Crooked FBI and CIA. Funny how only Trump gets charged with paying Hush Money yet Ole Crooked Bill Clinton did the same exact thing no less than 5 times. They changed laws in NY to go after Trump for a crime that never even happened and they changed the Statue of Limitations so some Flusey who couldn’t remember the date or time or even where it happened was able to get a huge payday from something that probably never even happened. I say that because a Real Victim will remember the exact time,exactly what they were wearing and the exact place to within inches of where it happened. She couldn’t even remember which store it supposedly happened in. These are thousands of more reasons the Looney Liberal Democrat’s with TDS need to be laughed at for but I don’t want to type several Million more words

      1. Avatar photoJesse Tomblin Reply

        He is not good enough to be called a part of any part of something as noble as a horse. As for being an A** well he is more what comes from that area.

    1. Avatar photoJesse Tomblin Reply

      Can’t reprogram something lacking a brain. There is no brain tissue in any Democrap. In FACT you can’t scrape up even the smallest Measurable part of Brain material from the entire party. If you gave every Democrap an AI system the only brain would be that of the AI.

  2. Avatar photoTom ROBERTS Reply

    If you want to shut these idiots up just ask them one simple question, using facts why would you make such a stupid statement?

  3. Avatar photoSHRW Reply

    Deprograming? How, when, and where did this alleged programing take place. And how does he propose this alleged programing be undone? This guy is some kind of nut case!

  4. Avatar photoAmericafirst Reply

    I wish someone would arrest Conway for slander if nothing else and give him a good talking to with proof of what and who Trump really is instead of him opting for hate and evil instead of the good that we all hope for. I wish someone would tell Conway how we really think of him, too. He needs to be put away for life!

  5. Avatar photoZelda Schwartz Reply

    Dear George:

    National Mental Health Hotline
    Free & Confidential 24/7 Assistance
    Call now…………………….866-903-3787

  6. Avatar photoJesse Tomblin Reply

    Conway proves just how IGNORANT Democraps are. They call President Trump.a DICTATOR but it is Pedo Joe who is stealing peoples rights. Pedo Joe paid Social media sites with Our Taxdollars to stifle free speech. He paid to have anything he did not like blocked. Pedo Joe is VIOLATING his Oath of Office by allowing INVADERS to pour across the Southern border. Pedo Joe is VIOLATING both the CONSTITUTION and a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that he can’t cancel Student loans just to buy Votes for his reelection. President Trump NEVER did anything to stop those who SPEWEX LIES about him despite that Democraps using LIES twice in an attempt to first boot him from office and second to keep him from that office forever. Democraps are trying to use the Law to keep President Trump from running for Reelection and Pedo Joe well those pulling his strings are over their heads deep in this ILLEGAL UNCONSTITUTIONAL POWER GRAB. The Democraps are even saying they won’t leave if President Trump wins as he will unless Democraps can come up with a new way to CHEAT Pedo Joe in again. Well that is if SENILE Pedo Joe eve. Makes it to be the Nominee of the Democraps.

  7. Avatar photoRoland Charlier Reply

    The one constant that the Democrats have is that they all are mentally afflicted. They all share the same brain. Which does not give each individual.much time with it. And with rational thought being a unknown thing to them the brain doesn’t get much actual use!

  8. Avatar photoTerry Story Reply

    Methinks that poor George has had a catastrophic brain disfunction, a surprise I think because he was married to an extraordinarily astute and competent woman that could have helped him through his cognitive decline if he had the intelligence to take advantage of it. Of course he didn’t and now, though he managed to destroy his daughter as well, he is free to be as large an imbecile as he wishes, it is just too bad that there are people that are still listening to him.

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