Steve Forbes Predicts Biden’s Downfall: Why He Won’t Be the 2024 Nominee

Steve Forbes has once again shown his sharp political insights. In his recent commentary, he detailed why President Joe Biden is unlikely to be the Democratic nominee in the upcoming election. Forbes’s analysis is clear: Biden’s declining mental state is a growing concern among Democrats, and this concern is becoming impossible to ignore.

Biden’s State of the Union: A Temporary Fix

Biden’s powerful State of the Union Address earlier this year managed to temporarily silence critics within his own party. The speech was filled with vigor and confidence, momentarily boosting his image. However, as Forbes points out, this boost was short-lived. Behind closed doors, many Democrats remain deeply worried about Biden’s capacity to handle another term.

Mental Decline: An Unavoidable Issue

Forbes doesn’t mince words about Biden’s mental decline. The president’s unscripted remarks are often confused and garbled. His ability to communicate clearly without a teleprompter is waning. This is not just a minor issue; it’s a critical one that affects public perception and, ultimately, voter confidence.

The Upcoming Debate: A Make-or-Break Moment

A crucial moment is on the horizon: the June 27 debate against Donald Trump. This debate is expected to be intense and unforgiving. Biden won’t have the luxury of teleprompters or prepared scripts. His team, including key figures like the First Lady, are hoping that with extensive rehearsals and perhaps some strategic tricks, Biden can hold his own. But Forbes is skeptical. A poor performance could be the final nail in the coffin, leading to a humiliating withdrawal from the race.

Behind the Scenes: Democratic Anxieties

According to Forbes, off-the-record conversations with several Democrats reveal a deep-seated anxiety about Biden’s fitness for office. These whispers are growing louder and more frequent, signaling a party in distress. Few believe that Biden can handle the rigors of a second term. This widespread doubt is eroding the foundation of his support within the party.

Voter Misgivings: A Real Threat

The implications of Biden’s decline are significant. Voters are increasingly worried that a vote for Biden is essentially a vote for Vice President Kamala Harris, who would likely take over if Biden steps down. This scenario is unsettling for many, adding another layer of complexity to the upcoming election.

Who Could Replace Biden?

Forbes explores the potential replacements for Biden. If Biden withdraws from the campaign but remains in office, the Democratic Party will need to quickly rally behind a new candidate. Gavin Newsom, the Governor of California, is a likely frontrunner. He’s ambitious and has never hidden his desire for the presidency. However, his controversial record could make him a risky choice.

Other Potential Candidates

If Newsom is deemed too vulnerable, the Democrats might opt for a candidate with a cleaner slate. Forbes mentions governors like Josh Shapiro of Pennsylvania, Wes Moore of Maryland, or Jared Polis of Colorado as possible alternatives. These candidates might bring fresh energy and fewer political liabilities to the table.

The Wild Card: An International Crisis

Another factor that could force Biden out is an international or military crisis. Forbes draws a parallel to the Cuban Missile Crisis, suggesting that Biden lacks the mental agility to handle such high-stakes situations effectively. Should such a crisis arise, the pressure on Biden to step down would likely become overwhelming.

The Future of the Democratic Ticket

Forbes is confident that Joe Biden will not be leading the Democratic ticket this November. The combination of his mental decline, voter misgivings, and the potential for a disastrous debate performance makes his candidacy increasingly untenable. The Democrats will have to navigate these turbulent waters carefully to find a viable replacement.

Final Thoughts

Steve Forbes has laid out a compelling case for why Joe Biden will not be the Democratic nominee. His mental decline, the upcoming debate challenges, and the deepening anxieties within the Democratic Party all point to an inevitable conclusion: Biden’s time is running out. As we approach the election, it’s crucial to stay informed and engaged. What do you think? Will Biden step down, or will he defy the odds and push through? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay tuned for more insights and updates. We’re here to keep you informed and ahead of the curve in these unpredictable times.



  1. Avatar photodon Reply

    If Trump does NOT stick to his demand for drug tests, he is a fool and could lose to a drugged up zombie. Biden cannot function w/o drugs. He is mentally defective.

  2. Avatar photodavid spandikow Reply

    Anything is possible. But Joe was never in charge. He was not fairly elected. Kamela Harris is a joke. United States of America no longer exists. Washington is nothing but an Illuminati principality. We are united under a flag that more and more people do not respect. I barely recognize the Republic for which it stands. I love my country but I hate it’s democracy. The next election won’t change a thing.

  3. Avatar photoAnanomous Reply

    I can’t imagine why ANY normal American would want to live in a tent under an overpass or defecate on a city sidewalk. From cutting power to those who bravely defied the lockdowns, to dining out mask-less at one of the most expensive restaurants in the country while the rest of California’s residents basically remained under house arrest, there’s no doubt Gavin Newsom will screw up the rest of the United States.

    God help our country if Newsom gets in the White House.

  4. Avatar photoJesse Tomblin Reply

    Pedo Joe nor the Ho will be Nominees for Democraps. The people Democraps want to put forward as his replacement are just as Bad as Pedo Joe because they will be more of the same just as Hitlery would have been. I am speaking of being more Obozo IGNORANCE and NO ONE wants that. Democraps CHEATED Pedo Joe in power and they CAN’T do that without a MASSIVE Disaster.

  5. Avatar photoYO VINNIE Reply

    The dem/commies have nobody of credibility and character to replace biden. All of their choices are just twisted, demented, corrupt commie losers, dwelling in the deep state cesspool with the downfall and destruction of the USA as their only goal.

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