Watch! Biden’s Divisive Juneteenth Speech: Slurs, Anger, and False Accusations

President Joe Biden’s Juneteenth address at the White House seemed to do the exact opposite of uniting a nation. Slurring his words and displaying noticeable anger, Biden used the opportunity to launch unfounded accusations against the GOP, accusing them of making it harder for Black Americans to vote and opposing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts.

A Speech Full of Slurs and Anger

The President’s demeanor during the speech was anything but presidential. Throughout his address, Biden slurred his words and seemed out of touch. His tone was angry, which overshadowed the significance of the event meant to celebrate freedom and unity.

False Accusations Against the GOP

Biden accused the GOP of trying to take away freedoms and making it harder for Black people to vote. He also claimed Republicans were closing doors of opportunity and attacking DEI values. These accusations are not only false but also divisive. By painting the GOP as the enemy, Biden is driving a wedge deeper into the heart of America.

DEI as a Cudgel

Biden used DEI as a weapon against Republicans, accusing them of not supporting equity. However, DEI, which stands for diversity, equity, and inclusion, is often seen by conservatives as a tool for enforcing political correctness rather than genuinely promoting equality. A more fitting acronym might be “Didn’t Earn It,” as DEI efforts sometimes lower standards to achieve predetermined outcomes rather than ensuring equal opportunities for all.

Biden’s Leadership Under Scrutiny

Biden spoke about the state of America under his leadership, but the reality is starkly different from his words. He talked about protecting freedoms and promoting unity, but his actions and the current state of the country tell another story. Under Biden’s administration, inflation is high, crime rates are up, and the nation feels more divided than ever.

A Look Back at Juneteenth

Juneteenth should be a day of celebration and reflection on the progress made since the end of slavery. It should unite us in our common history and shared future. Unfortunately, Biden’s speech did not reflect this spirit. Instead, it served as a platform for political attacks and divisive rhetoric.

Final Thoughts

President Biden’s Juneteenth speech was an opportunity to bring the nation together, but he missed the mark. His slurred words, angry tone, and false accusations against the GOP only served to deepen the divisions in our country. We should be striving for equality of opportunity, not lowering standards to achieve predetermined outcomes. America deserves leadership that promotes unity, not division.

What are your thoughts on Biden’s Juneteenth speech? Do you think it was unifying or divisive? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.



  1. Avatar photoJesse Tomblin Reply

    Pedo Joe speaking about anything related to race relations well any Democrap for that matter is a JOKE but of the MASSIVELY BAD kind. Democraps are the source of all HATE in America past and Present. They created the KKK,wrote Jim Crow Laws, enforced those laws via LYNCHING never bothering to ensure the law was broken or they had the guilty one. They opposed Civil Rights till LBJ was FORCED to sign the 64 Bill. Then they created Welfare and all its programs to keep Minorities under their thumb. Pedo Joe has made many racist remarks throughout his career. Democraps have even turned Minorities on their selves. Just look at how Democrap Minorities treat those who do not support Democraps. The HATE they spew is so VILE anybody seeing it would think they were back in time to just after the Civil War.Democraps LIE and say Republicans are RACIST but the Facts rove otherwise. Look at what President Trump did for Minorities but Obozo did nothing for Minorities nor has any Democrap ever. Pedo Joe messed that up with his IGNORANCE so it has all bee. Undone.

  2. Avatar photoPapa Reply

    Biden still making speeches like he did when he was first in office almost 50 years ago when his speeches didn’t get any further listening audience than the local radio or Television station so he knew what lies he told one day in one town he need not worry about because he could always tell a different lie the next day in a different town in different state where no body would ever check up on what he said the day or week before. Now he’s getting fact checked every minute of every day all day long and he hasn’t caught on yet that his base has him pegged as a congenital liar and to not belief a word he says it’s just the blathering of a old white man that belongs in a nursing home which nursing home? It doesn’t matter anyone will do as long as he’s no longer able to get press conferences with any news organization

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