The Truth Behind Hunter Biden’s Sham Conviction – Don’t Be Fooled!

For the first time in history, the child of a sitting president has been convicted of federal charges. Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, was found guilty of three counts of illegally possessing a gun while under the influence of drugs. But don’t let this conviction fool you. There’s a bigger scheme at play here.

The Real Crimes Are Being Covered Up

Hunter’s conviction might seem like a big deal, but it’s actually a distraction from much more serious issues. During the trial, it came out that Hunter was using drugs and even introduced his then-girlfriend, his brother’s widow, to crack. Jurors claimed that Hunter being the President’s son didn’t influence their decision. President Biden has said he’ll accept the outcome and won’t pardon his son, but this so-called nobility is just a smokescreen.

A Clever Distraction

Political commentator Vivek Ramaswamy and podcaster Charlie Kirk believe this trial was set up to make the justice system look balanced right after the Trump conviction. They argue that it’s a sham designed to distract from Hunter’s more serious crimes, like corruption and influence-peddling when his father was Vice President. They want us to believe in their honesty, but it’s all part of the plan.

Influence-Peddling and Corruption

Hunter Biden had no business serving on the board of a Ukrainian energy company while his father was involved in U.S. dealings with Ukraine. This is where the true crimes lie. Instead of focusing on these serious charges, the prosecutors went after a gun possession charge. This conviction keeps the focus away from deeper corruption that could implicate “The Big Guy” Joe Biden himself.

Media’s Role in the Cover-Up

Outlets like CNN describe Hunter’s conviction as part of a family tragedy. Meanwhile, critics like Fox News host Jesse Watters and Sky News host James Morrow argue that the trial was orchestrated to avoid more serious charges that could expose the Biden family’s corruption. By focusing on the gun charge, the prosecutors sidestepped issues that could truly damage Joe Biden’s presidency.

Hunter Biden’s Legal Loophole

Despite the conviction, it’s expected that Hunter Biden won’t serve jail time. Instead, he’ll likely face a fine or other minor penalties. This makes President Biden’s refusal to pardon his son a hollow gesture. If Hunter isn’t going to jail anyway, there’s no need for a pardon. This is all part of the plan to deflect from the real issues.

Upcoming Tax Charges

Hunter Biden also faces pending tax charges in California. These charges involve millions of dollars he didn’t declare from his lobbying and influence-peddling activities. If convicted, these charges could have more severe consequences. However, this won’t come up until September, giving the Biden administration time to spin the narrative.

Political Implications

The political implications of Hunter’s conviction are significant. The Biden administration is using the conviction to show they accept legal outcomes, contrasting themselves with former President Trump. However, critics argue that this is just a strategic move to avoid addressing more severe allegations. The real test will be how the upcoming tax charges play out and if they can be spun in the same way.

Final Thoughts

Hunter Biden’s conviction for gun possession is a cleverly orchestrated distraction. It’s meant to make the justice system look balanced while avoiding more serious charges that could implicate “The Big Guy” Joe Biden. This conviction is a smoke screen, a way to keep the focus off the real crimes of the Biden family. It’s unlikely that Hunter will see any real jail time, which makes President Biden’s refusal to pardon him seem meaningless.

What do you think about Hunter Biden’s conviction? Is it a real attempt at justice, or just a cover-up for more serious crimes? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!



  1. Avatar photojay jones Reply

    Right, the smoke screen is in play!!!! In the worse case should his kid not get off and Biden
    loses the election he can pardon his kid before leaving office ( Ace in the hole ) The play
    out here is exactly what is discribed here in article. They think they are so clever to fool
    the American people!!!!!! In contrast to what there are taughting about Trump!! They
    never stop with thier garbage……

  2. Avatar photoMiss Kaci Reply

    In Real America, there is no such thing as being brought up on charges because you own a gun.
    In Real America, there is no such thing as 3 day waiting, background checks, or any other hoops Big Brother forces you to jump thru.Hunt should not be going thru this trial.

  3. Avatar photoDave Reply

    the guy is a drug riddled spoiled brat, he got what he deserved be it a very long time comming. no one had to change a law , impeach without a crime or even bait & create a riot. this guy is simply guilty!
    enough demodope bull

    1. Avatar photoTimothy Reply

      remember, Andrew Cuomo lost his job, NOT because he helped kill thousands of old people with covid, but from improperly touching women folk. Amerika is the evil empire today

  4. Avatar photoGrayfox Reply

    I might call Hunter’s conviction an effort to legitimize the DOJ and detract from more serious crimes of Joe and his family. But sham (illegitimate) conviction it is NOT. Businesses have been shuttered and the owners imprisoned for lessor federal felonies. Hunter’s conviction may be used by the deep state in Washington, but Hunter’s conviction was legitimate and a precursor to more significantly legitimate convictions once the Whitehouse and DOJ have been thoroughly sanitized.

  5. Avatar photoMk Abe Reply

    Oh Lord, who would like to live a life so convoluted and steeped in lies. How can these people sleep at night. I guess Satan is powerful and gives protection temporally to his worshipers, but he is the master of lies and he won’t be defending the Biden’s on judgement day.

    1. Avatar photoTim Reply

      and to think (& know) there are millions of other families, just as screwed up as this….. they (control freaks) make decisions for working taxpayers every day. How stupid is that?

  6. Avatar photoAnn Reply

    I don’t put anything past the democrats, they don’t care how crooked they will do it to win an election, they want the power to run all our lives. I just hope the American people wake up to the Biden crime family and the destruction they and the rest of the democrats have put on this country.

  7. Avatar photoNelson kita Reply

    Sleepy joe says he’s not gonna pardon his kid So that means the judge is gonna off the hook give him no jail time I guarantee I bet I $1,000,000 that’s what’s gonna happen The judge is gonna lie him off the The judge is gonna lie him off the hook

  8. Avatar photoBret Reply

    The democrats will use this conviction of Hunter to show that the Trump conviction was supposedly not a witch hunt by the democrats. “See, democrats are convicted also”. Due to the laws of not being able to purchase a weapon if on drugs, which is very debatable due to the 2nd, this was a slam dunk for prosecuters and the democrats knew it. To show that justice is NOT one sided, expect Trump and Biden both to receive very little actual punishment. The democrats are finally seeing the martyr that they have created in Trump Hunter has so many “outs” that his conviction is

  9. Avatar photoBret Reply

    The tax evasion case in CA on the millions of dollars “earned “ by Hunter for his influence peddling is the one to watch. It’s in CA so a conviction is less likely and this case should lead prosecutors to Joes involvement and the same tax evasions. And Biden never did anything without consent and participation by Obama. Why do you think ex presidents are so wealthy????. .

    1. Avatar photoTimothy Reply

      IF Amerika was still a republic of We the People, Delaware would have been nuked 50 years ago. Amerika is full of cowards, with a 2nd amendment. A gun is useless to a coward.

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