DEI Madness: How It’s Endangering Your Next Flight

Our beloved airline industry is under attack, and it’s not from foreign enemies or market competition. No, the threat is coming from within, from a dangerous obsession with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). It’s time we face the truth: DEI is destroying the airline industry, compromising safety, and prioritizing political correctness over passenger lives.

Boeing vs. Airbus: A Tale of Two Companies

When you think of commercial airplanes, two names come to mind: Boeing and Airbus. Together, they control the skies. But if you compare their track records over the past decade, one company clearly stands out – and not in a good way.

Boeing has been plagued by disaster after disaster. Their planes have literally fallen from the sky due to faulty automated safety features. Just last year, a door flew off a Boeing 737 mid-flight over Portland, a wheel came off a Boeing 757 while preparing for takeoff in Atlanta, and a tire flew off a Boeing 777 over San Francisco, damaging several cars in a nearby parking lot. Pieces are falling off Boeing planes left and right!

Airbus, on the other hand, has had its share of problems, but nothing like Boeing’s. Their most notable crash, Air France Flight 447, was caused by pilot error, not a manufacturing flaw. It’s no wonder that Boeing’s stock has plummeted over 50% in the last five years while Airbus’s stock has risen nearly 15%.

Executive Compensation: Rewarding Failure

One would think that with such a terrible track record, Boeing’s executives would be held accountable. Think again. The CEO of Airbus makes around $4 million a year. In contrast, Boeing’s former CEO walked away with a $60 million golden parachute after the Boeing Max crashes, and the current CEO, Dave Calhoun, is raking in $32.8 million a year. That’s a 45% increase from last year! How is it that these executives are being rewarded for failure?

Safety Concerns Ignored

The safety issues at Boeing are not just about bad luck. They are systemic and deeply troubling. Subcontractors were found using dish soap and wet cheesecloths to clean airplane door seals and checking them with hotel room key cards. Yes, you read that right. Whistleblowers have come forward, alleging that Boeing is cutting every possible corner on quality and safety, even eliminating safety inspections and retaliating against those who raise concerns.

Near Catastrophes

In just the past three months, there have been two near-collisions at Reagan Airport in Washington, D.C. One plane was cleared to taxi across a runway while another was taking off. In another incident, one plane was cleared for takeoff while another was landing on an intersecting runway. These are not isolated incidents. A near-catastrophe at JFK Airport happened a couple of months ago, where multiple planes crossed a runway while a jetliner was preparing to take off. Only the quick thinking of a pilot prevented disaster.

The Real Threat: DEI Over Safety

Given the dire state of aviation safety, one would hope that the industry would be laser-focused on addressing these issues. Instead, the Airline Pilots Association, the largest pilots union in the world, is busy pushing a DEI agenda. They’ve published a guide instructing pilots to avoid using “gendered language” like “cockpit,” “airmen,” and “manpower.” They even warn against using “mother” and “father” to avoid offending anyone.

This is where their priorities lie? While planes are nearly crashing into each other and parts are falling off mid-flight, the union is more concerned with making sure no one gets their feelings hurt by words. This is madness!

DEI Gone Wild

The CEO of United Airlines, Scott Kirby, proudly announced that 50% of their new pilots will be women or people of color. Today, only 19% of their pilots fit this description, which is already the highest percentage of any airline in the country. Yet, instead of focusing on hiring the best-qualified pilots, regardless of their race or gender, United is more concerned with meeting diversity quotas.

Kirby, a white man himself, continues to lead the company while preaching about the importance of diversity. The irony is lost on him. This DEI obsession is not just a waste of time; it’s dangerous. We’re hurtling towards a major airline catastrophe, and the people who are supposed to prevent it are busy playing word games and meeting diversity targets.

Final Thoughts

The airline industry is in crisis, and DEI is making it worse. We need leaders who prioritize safety over political correctness, executives who are held accountable for their failures, and a workforce chosen for their skills and experience, not their race or gender. The lives of passengers depend on it.

What do you think about the DEI madness in the airline industry? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Remember, the safety of our skies should come first. Always.



  1. Avatar photoGeof Savage Reply

    DEI is a danger to America and Americans. We see the results of DEI inclusion standards over common sense and safety issues daily, and the cases are increasing.
    We did JUST FINE BEFORE ‘DEI’, so we should eliminate this ill-conceived concept that is itself NOT helping improve anything, but to the contrary.
    Our great nation has always sought better ways of doing and handling business and personal issues. Let’s get back to our foundations, and continuing building WITHOUT a government ‘mandate’ to control our lives – and safety.

  2. Avatar photoTarheel Reply

    Whatever happened to the best and brightest? Especially within the medical as well as the airline industry, this should be first and foremost in any hiring situation. Awaiting the day when some DEI Pilot kills 200 people because they are not the quality of Sully Sullenburger.

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