Watch! “Enabler in Chief: Jill Biden’s Disturbing Role in Joe’s Cognitive Decline”

The recent debate showcased a disturbing moment that cannot be ignored. A silent video captured by Forbes reveals a frail and unsteady Joe Biden being helped down five simple steps by none other than Jill Biden. This clip, barely 45 seconds long, speaks volumes about the dire state of our current president. It’s not just sad and scary—it’s maddening. How did we get to a point where the leader of the free world needs assistance to navigate a few steps? And more importantly, how much of this power hold is due to Jill Biden’s refusal to let go of her coveted position as First Lady?

A Disturbing Sight: Jill Biden Helps Joe Down the Steps

The debate had just ended, and the candidates were ready to leave the stage. Trump, spry and confident, quickly made his way off the platform. Meanwhile, Joe Biden, frail and unsteady, needed Jill’s help to navigate just five steps. Yes, five steps. This wasn’t just a moment of spousal support; it was a glaring display of Joe’s cognitive and physical decline. Jill had to guide him down each step to ensure he didn’t fall. This is the man who is supposed to be leading our nation? It’s terrifying.

Jill Biden: The “Enabler in Chief”

What’s even more infuriating is Jill Biden’s role in all of this. Instead of acknowledging Joe’s obvious decline, she continues to prop him up, acting as his enabler in chief. At a post-debate watch party, she was seen whooping it up, chanting “four more years” as if Joe’s performance was something to celebrate. Then, she had the audacity to turn to Joe and condescendingly say, “You answered all the questions,” like he was a five-year-old who just managed to tie his shoes. This isn’t just patronizing; it’s sickening.

A Power Hold at All Costs

Jill Biden’s behavior begs the question: How much of this is about love and support, and how much is about clinging to power? It seems increasingly clear that Jill is more concerned with maintaining her position as First Lady than with Joe’s well-being or the country’s future. By propping Joe up, she’s enabling a dangerous situation where a cognitively impaired man is in charge of critical decisions that affect us all.

The World is Watching

This isn’t just a domestic issue. The entire world is witnessing this debacle. Our allies and enemies alike see a leader who can barely make it down a few steps without assistance. This weakens our global standing and makes us a target for those who wish to exploit our vulnerability. The fact that this debate disaster was broadcast for all to see is not just embarrassing—it’s dangerous.

The Real Puppet Master?

How much say does Jill Biden really have in Joe’s daily decisions? Given her apparent influence, it’s fair to ask if she’s the one pulling the strings behind the scenes. Her insistence on keeping Joe in the spotlight, despite his obvious struggles, suggests she’s more involved in the day-to-day operations of the presidency than we might think. This raises serious concerns about who is actually running the country.

Joe’s Decline: A National Concern

Joe Biden’s cognitive decline is no longer just a topic of speculation; it’s a visible and pressing issue. His inability to handle basic tasks without Jill’s help is a clear sign that he is not fit to serve as president. This isn’t just a personal tragedy for Joe and his family—it’s a national concern. We deserve a leader who is mentally and physically capable of performing the duties of the office.

Jill’s Role: Beyond First Lady Duties

Jill Biden’s role has clearly extended beyond that of a supportive spouse. She has taken on the role of caretaker, enabler, and possibly even decision-maker. This overreach is not only inappropriate but also dangerous. The First Lady should not be the one holding up the president, both literally and figuratively. This situation is unprecedented and unacceptable.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to face the truth: Joe Biden’s cognitive decline is a serious issue that cannot be ignored. Jill Biden’s role as his enabler in chief is equally concerning. Her refusal to acknowledge Joe’s struggles and her insistence on keeping him in office at all costs is not only damaging to Joe’s health but also to the country’s well-being. We need to demand better from our leaders and their families. This isn’t about politics—it’s about the future of our nation.

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  1. Avatar photoEl-Tejas Reply

    Biden appeared lucky to keep standing through the entire debate. I bet he is furious today to find that most people have declared that he lost the debate. This includes almost one out of three democrats. It is obvious to most viewers that Biden’s physical condition is deteriorating as well as his cognitive abilities. His presentation was entirely uninspiring. Nor did it provide any hope for the future.

  2. Avatar photoJeannine Mullin Reply

    Jill’s influence and Joe’s disability have
    been quite obvious for a long time.
    Surely there should be no surprise here!!!!

  3. Avatar photoTomsgram Reply

    It’s not just Jill Biden it’s the DNC who trots this mentally incompetent old man impersonating a President. I was embarrassed to watch the debate last night. He was a stumbling bumbling fool for the whole debate. Democrats should be embarrassed that they even let him do the debate. As they say you can take a dead horse to the water but you cannot make it drink.

  4. Avatar photoTarheel Reply

    Joe’s mental decline has been so completely obvious to not just Americans, but the world community as well. The big lie that Democrats have been pushing has now been fully exposed and should give us pause as to what else they have told us that is untrue.

  5. Avatar photoKathleen Reply


  6. Avatar photoSHRW // Reply

    Joe Biden’s physical, mental, and emotional deterioration was on display for all to see. Biden was given every possible advantage for the debate. It was is to lose. And lose it he did without any help from Trump.

  7. Avatar photoJeanne Dalaba Reply

    I spent over 20 years working with people experiencing various challenges. Wounded warrior, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Deafness, Blindness, Autism, Dementia, and many others. Additionally, I spent some time with the Biden over the years. Serving meals at Walter Reed on Thanksgiving and Christmas for wounded warriors and their families. I do not share this lightly. Joe is experiencing dementia, no question about it. I find this to be a very sad situation and absolute elder abuse. My heart is heavy

  8. Avatar photoM Grmly Reply

    In fairness, you are wrong on one fact in this article. There was only one step, not 5 steps. Watch closely. The other stripes are shall we say “painted on a flat floor”.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am a Trump supporter.

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