WATCH! Maxine Waters’ Latest Attack on Trump—You Won’t Believe This!

On a recent episode of MSNBC’s The Saturday Show, host Jonathan Capehart spoke with California Democratic Representative Maxine Waters. They discussed threats she received from a Texas man. The conversation quickly devolved into a fearmongering session about the dangers of a potential second term for President Trump. Capehart began by mentioning a Capitol police report detailing 8,000 threats against members of Congress from both parties. Waters recounted her experience at the trial of the Texas man who threatened her and claimed he had associates in Los Angeles planning to harm her.


Hypocrisy in Full View

What Capehart conveniently ignored was Waters’ infamous 2018 statement urging harassment of Trump officials in public spaces. This kind of rhetoric from Waters has incited more violence and division than anything coming from Trump’s supporters. Yet, Capehart showed no sympathy for the real victims of such incitement and instead used the interview to stoke fear. He asked Waters how concerned she was about her safety if Trump were reelected, feeding into a narrative of fear and paranoia.

Baseless Claims and Dangerous Comparisons

Waters responded with her usual rhetoric, claiming Trump appeals to racists and puts people of color at risk. She accused Trump of motivating racists to act on their threats, even before the election. This is a baseless claim with no evidence to support it. Capehart then escalated the conversation further by making an outrageous comparison to the three civil rights activists murdered by the Ku Klux Klan. This prompted Waters to say, “we could be in for more killings like that,” perpetuating unfounded fear about Trump’s potential presidency.

The Real Inciters of Violence

This interview is a prime example of the biased and fearmongering tactics used by Democrats and the media to paint Trump and his supporters as violent and dangerous. In reality, it is the Democrats, like Waters, who have incited violence and division with their hateful rhetoric and calls for harassment. It’s time to hold these individuals accountable for their actions and their words.

Trump’s Record on Safety and Security

Under Trump’s administration, significant progress has been made in improving the safety and security of Americans, especially in minority communities. Crime rates have decreased significantly, and Trump’s commitment to protecting all Americans, regardless of their race or political beliefs, is evident. These accomplishments should be acknowledged and appreciated, rather than overshadowed by baseless fearmongering.

The Need for Real Solutions

The constant fearmongering and vilification of the President and his supporters only further divide our country. It is time for Democrats to stop using these tactics and focus on real issues that affect the American people. We need leaders who will work towards unity and progress, not division and fear. The American people deserve better than this.

Final Thoughts

The conversation between Capehart and Waters was nothing more than a platform for baseless attacks on President Trump and his supporters. The biased media and the Democrats need to stop perpetuating unfounded fears and start working towards unity and progress for our nation. Americans deserve leaders who will address real issues, not incite fear and division.

Let us know what you think in the comment section below. Do you think the Democrats’ fearmongering tactics are harmful to our country? How do you feel about Maxine Waters’ comments and Capehart’s biased interviewing? We want to hear your thoughts!



  1. Avatar photoGary Reply

    The world’s BIGGEST LYING, RACE BAITER. Take something for your TDS, Maxine. Nothing can be done for your LOW IQ!!!

  2. Avatar photoCliff Reply

    Time has come for “law enforcement” to enforce demonrats own, so-called red flag laws they are so FOND of pushing on US, against these corrupt democommunists that openly call for violence against “political opponents:” , and the American people that refuse to go along with their communist agenda of this republic’s destruction. Apparently the PANIC has set in and they are TERRIFIED, when TRUMP regains his rightful place in our oval office the “cleanup” will begin, the arrests will start, SCUMBAGS will be removed, and all their stolen power, and control will be taken away from them.

  3. Avatar photoJim M Reply

    Why doesn’t anyone raise the question of “what happened to Trump that makes you think he wants revenge”? We’ve seen over 4 years of incessant lawfare which has been proven to be mostly fake and exaggerated. I think it’s more likely that THEY would seek revenge if they were Trump.

  4. Avatar photoThe thinker Reply

    Dumocrps are always talking about “hate speech”. Waters is a prime example. Why isn’t she being sintered as far back as 2019? Is she a “sweet old lady with a big mouth?” to paraphrase Hur’s comments about Xiden.

  5. Avatar photoAnn Reply

    Maxine Waters has always been a troublemaker, she has tried to instigate problems when people were just eating dinner etc. she has some nerve accusing Trump supporters. Typical democrat cause trouble and blame it on republicans. Hopefully Trump can get in and clean up the mess that Biden and his cronies have created.

  6. Avatar photoSHRW // Reply

    Mad Maxine is the queen of vitriol! I do not believe anything she says. But I believe that she is capable of saying almost anything. She does not belong in Congress.

  7. Avatar photoBrunswick Reply

    Maxine is nothing but an old racist, out of touch nothing. Whoever listens to her, probably needs a frontal lobotomy.

  8. Avatar photoRobert Bean Reply

    Common sense people in America- the world know that’s all demorats do! Blame Republicans for the discourse that they cause/stir up!

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