Panic Mode: Democrats Scramble After Biden’s Debate Meltdown!

It’s a complete meltdown on the left! President Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance has sent shockwaves through the Democratic Party. His stumbling and fumbling have ignited panic among his supporters, who now fear he’s too weak to lead them to victory in November. But here’s the kicker: replacing Biden isn’t just difficult – it’s nearly impossible.

Biden’s Trainwreck Performance

Let’s get straight to the point. Biden’s performance in the debate was a trainwreck. His halting, incoherent answers have left even his staunchest supporters questioning his ability to carry the Democratic ticket to the finish line. The President’s cognitive decline is no longer a whispered rumor but a glaring reality.

Despite this, Biden remains defiant. He told his supporters in Atlanta, “Let’s keep going,” right after the debate, and his spokesperson Lauren Hitt was even more adamant: “Of course he’s not dropping out.” This stubbornness could spell disaster for the Democrats, who are now stuck with a candidate many believe is unfit for office.

The Impossible Task of Replacing Biden

Replacing Biden would be a Herculean task. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) can’t just swap him out like a faulty light bulb. Every state has already held its presidential primary, and the delegates Biden won are bound by party rules to support him at the upcoming convention. Unless Biden voluntarily steps down, those delegates have no choice but to back him.

And let’s be honest, Biden stepping down is about as likely as him delivering a flawless debate performance. Even if by some miracle he decides to bow out, the DNC would have to change the rules to replace him – a move that would likely face fierce resistance and potential legal challenges.

The Kamala Harris Dilemma

Here’s where things get even messier. If Biden were to step aside, you might think Vice President Kamala Harris would be the obvious choice to take his place. Think again. Harris is deeply unpopular within her own party. Her approval ratings are abysmal, and many Democrats cringe at the thought of her leading the ticket.

Just watch Harris’s interview with Anderson Cooper that I’ve posted into this article. It’s like watching someone try to thread a needle while riding a rollercoaster. She’s trying to stay viable while not openly undermining Biden, and it’s painfully obvious. Harris won’t step aside voluntarily either, leading to a potential showdown at the convention that could tear the party apart.

A Democratic Free-for-All

If Biden does step down, it won’t be a simple matter of plugging in Harris. Other top Democrats would likely jump into the fray, creating a chaotic free-for-all. Governors like Gavin Newsom of California, Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, Josh Shapiro of Pennsylvania, J.B. Pritzker of Illinois, and Representative Ro Khanna would all be vying for the nomination.

And let’s not forget the old guard. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, and Pete Buttigieg – all of whom Biden bested in the 2020 primary – could see this as their second chance. The result? A convention full of backroom deals, lobbying, and potential infighting that would make House of Cards look like a children’s show.

Legal Hurdles and Republican Resistance

Should Biden step down and the Democrats manage to rally behind a new candidate, they still face potential legal challenges. Conservative groups have already signaled they’ll file lawsuits questioning the legality of the replacement candidate’s name on the ballot.

Elaine Kamarck from the Brookings Institution, an expert on the presidential nominating process, noted that courts usually stay out of party primaries unless there’s a constitutional issue at stake. But we all know the legal system can be unpredictable, and any court battles could further complicate an already chaotic situation.

Biden’s Policy and Leadership: A Thin Silver Lining?

Some argue that Biden’s policies and leadership, particularly in foreign affairs and domestic infrastructure, have been strong points. His supporters highlight achievements like bipartisan deals and significant investments in infrastructure.

But let’s get real. These so-called achievements are overshadowed by his glaring weaknesses. Biden’s inability to communicate effectively, his cognitive decline, and his poor public performance are what people remember. No amount of policy success can mask a President who appears to be losing his grip.

The Abortion Rights Debate

Another hot topic is Biden’s stance on Roe v. Wade. During the debate, he tried to position himself as a defender of abortion rights, contrasting with the Republican stance. But his responses were ambiguous and lacked the conviction needed to reassure his base.

This issue isn’t going away, and it’s clear that Biden’s mishandling of it only adds to the perception that he’s out of touch and incapable of leading on critical issues.

Final Thoughts

The Democratic Party is in disarray. Biden’s disastrous debate performance has left his supporters scrambling, but replacing him is no easy feat. With the primary delegates bound to him and the unpopularity of Kamala Harris, the Democrats are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Even if Biden steps down, the ensuing scramble for the nomination could further divide the party. And with potential legal challenges on the horizon, the path to finding a viable replacement looks bleak.

This chaos almost guarantees that we’ll see Trump back in the Oval Office. The Democrats are a mess, and their inability to rally behind a strong candidate only strengthens Trump’s position. So, buckle up, folks. The road to 2024 is going to be a wild ride.

What do you think? Can the Democrats pull it together, or is Trump’s victory inevitable? Let us know in the comments below!



  1. Avatar photoSHRW // Reply

    I disagree on one specific area. Biden’s policies and leadership do not constitute a silver lining!! His policies are atrocious and not in the best interest of the nation or the American people. .They have contributed with much of the problems we are currently facing, especially inflation and border security. And he has not shown any leadership at all. At every turn he appears to be taking orders from someone behind the scenes. In point of fact, his policies are the principle reason that I oppose him..

    1. Avatar photoJimmy Parker Post author Reply

      I agree with you. I worded it as “some argue that Biden’s Policies….” I also called them “so-called achievements” I agree his policies ae a disaster! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Avatar photoRobert Bean Reply

    He is just a puppet for someone or group of people behind the scenes directing his every move & talking point.
    America needs a REAL leader.

  3. Avatar photoEl-Tejas Reply

    I have to agree with the above comments. The Biden/democrat agenda and policies are doing more harm than good. The entire Biden administration must be turned out of office.

  4. Avatar photoCharlieSeattle Reply

    As if anyone really believes Biden is in charge.

    Even as drooling vegetable in a soiled diaper hanging semi-concious on a coat rack, Obama and the Deep State cabal can continue the puppet act another four years.

    BTW, the DNC election fraud apparatus is still intact.

    Thx to the complicity of the DOJ/FBI/FEC and the Feral courts Quid Pro Joe O’Biden will win again.

  5. Avatar photoJimbosidecar Reply

    Well, lets hope the Republicans once again do not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory as they so often do.

  6. Avatar photoRRRoger Reply

    Joe does China’s Biden actually did much better than I expected.

    I thought the debate was handled very well. A really good surprise considering it was CNN,
    The dead mic was a benefit for Trump as it keep him from interrupting and thus sound more credible.

    Trump did not look to good physically, perhaps all the law fare is getting to him, but he made good sense and believable in all he said. I have no doubt that he will win a majority of Legal votes by US Citizens, I just hope he becomes the next President so he can get us out of the mess this Country is in.

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