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By now, you have realized how unethical Robert Mueller and his crew are, But did you know that between Mueller, his henchmen and Rod Rosenstein, they have committed at least 10 illegal acts? It’s true.In this article, you will find very well thought out and compelling arguments why at this point, the Mueller investigation is …

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I guess public service can be very rewarding, especially if your “best friend” is handing out the money.

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How do you keep the players straight without a program?

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They’re quickly learning that young and exciting is no good when the candidate is this extreme.

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Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenberg set up President Trump trying to make the summit between Trump and Putin a failure. Instead, Putin turned the tables and totally humiliated Robert Mueller. Just a couple of days before the summit, Rosenstein and Mueller announced indictments against 12 Russians. They thought that was a safe thing to do …

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