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Liberals keep lying about children being locked in cages under President Trump when those pictures were actually from the Obama error. And we still hear that today, even though inspections show that the kids all have beds, toiletries, and other necessities. But, what you don’t hear about is the detention center run by noted liberal, …

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Joel Pollak of Breitbart News says that Ilhan Omar sees Muslims as the real victims of 911 rather than the three thousand who died in that attack. It has been said that hate crimes against Muslims are on the rise, but it’s really hard to say after so many alleged attacks were found to be …

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By now, you have realized how unethical Robert Mueller and his crew are, But did you know that between Mueller, his henchmen and Rod Rosenstein, they have committed at least 10 illegal acts? It’s true.In this article, you will find very well thought out and compelling arguments why at this point, the Mueller investigation is …

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I guess public service can be very rewarding, especially if your “best friend” is handing out the money.

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How do you keep the players straight without a program?

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