Gavin Newsom’s $20 Minimum Wage Disaster: Thousands of Jobs Vanish Overnight!

California Governor Gavin Newsom has once again demonstrated a profound lack of foresight and understanding of basic economics. By championing the new $20 minimum wage law, set to take effect in the Golden State, Newsom has ostensibly aimed to pander to his far-left base, seemingly oblivious to the real-world repercussions of such a policy. The fallout? A wave of layoffs that has already begun to ripple through the fast-food industry, a sector that employs thousands of Californians.

Fast Food Workers: The First Casualties

The narrative spun by Newsom and his supporters painted a rosy picture of increased wages leading to improved living standards for workers. However, the reality on the ground tells a starkly different story. Fast food workers, many of whom are young people entering the workforce for the first time or individuals struggling to make ends meet, are now facing job losses in masse. Major chains like Pizza Hut and Round Table Pizza have announced significant layoffs, with over 1,200 delivery jobs slashed as these companies scramble to adjust to the impending wage hike.

The Domino Effect

The consequences of Newsom’s ill-advised policy extend far beyond the immediate job losses. Restaurants, already operating on razor-thin margins, are being forced to cut back hours, freeze hiring, and, in some cases, increase prices to cope with the increased labor costs. This not only jeopardizes the livelihoods of workers but also threatens to drive up costs for consumers, hitting hardest those the law purported to help.

A Misguided Approach to Economic Policy

At the heart of this debacle is a fundamental misunderstanding of how the economy works. By mandating a one-size-fits-all wage increase, Newsom has ignored the diverse needs and capabilities of businesses across the state. The notion that a dramatic hike in the minimum wage would lead to a win-win situation for workers and employers alike is not just naive; it’s dangerously misguided. The reality is that businesses facing increased labor costs have few options but to reduce their workforce, automate services, or shut down entirely.

The Irony of “Progressive” Policies

What’s particularly ironic about Newsom’s approach is that it undermines the very goals it claims to champion. Instead of empowering workers, the $20 minimum wage law is leading to job losses, reduced hours, and greater uncertainty for thousands of Californians. It’s a classic example of a “progressive” policy that, in practice, regresses the economic opportunities available to the very people it was meant to support.

The Silence of the Left

Amidst this unfolding crisis, the silence from Newsom’s supporters is deafening. Where are the champions of the working class now, as fast food workers lose their jobs and businesses struggle to adapt? The truth is, this policy was never about helping workers; it was about scoring political points and pandering to a far-left base that values ideological purity over practical outcomes.

Final Thoughts

As California grapples with the fallout of the $20 minimum wage law, it’s clear that the policy is nothing short of a fiasco. Gavin Newsom, in his quest to appease his far-left supporters, has shown a remarkable disregard for the well-being of the state’s workers and businesses. The layoffs sweeping through the fast-food industry are a testament to the shortsightedness of this policy. It’s a stark reminder that good intentions do not always translate to good policy. As we witness the unintended consequences of this wage hike, one thing becomes painfully clear: economic reality cannot be legislated away, and the people of California are paying the price for their governor’s folly.



  1. Avatar photononstopca Reply

    Lower wages or NO JOB .. (and NO place to buy a hamburger anyone can afford)…voters choice….. vote red.

  2. Avatar photoMs. Hellman Reply

    What else would any reasonable person expect? And there are morons who have suggested that Newsom replace Biden? Things are bad enough with Biden. Why would we want to bring the California disaster to the rest of the nation?

  3. Avatar photoH G Euritt Reply

    Newscum is a Dictator and ought to be removed from Office, investigated and prosecuted for his crimes against all Californians. One day he will have to answer for his crimes on Judgment Day.and he won’t be able to lie his way out of his actions.

  4. Avatar photoRon C Reply

    Newsome doesn’t care about your jobs or you, as long as he gets his bribes and kickbacks, and the word is he will be taking over for corrupt Joe in the 2024 election at the DNC convention! Stand by for the whole nation to be destroyed like California has!

  5. Avatar photoRichmond Nunn Reply

    Gov Nutsome strikes again! Sounds like an edict that A Hitler or President Xi would have done. Foresight? NAH…What, me Worry??

  6. Avatar photobaggo bagnell Reply

    We the People of California are so close to getting rid of Newscum. It is not that the people are far left. Our voting system is so bad.

  7. Avatar photoLinda pfister Reply

    what good are the cameras if they catch them and the idiot newsome has them released back on the streets and between newsome and his baby killing auntie pelosi have turned the beautiful state into a illegal alien sewer where they care more about all the illegal aliens than the citizens of California i dont remember the idiots name that made the statement that we can no longer call them illegal well were supposed to call them new comers well screw that they are illegal aliens thats what they are they DO NOT belong in our country unless they do it the legal way I will NEVER NEVER call them new comers they are criminals criminals just like the obiden administration

  8. Avatar photoMichael Valgos Reply

    There is not doubt in my mind that Gavin Newsom is a communist He has worked just as hard as Biden has to f-up our country as Newsom as worked to f-up California His idea is so stupid that people are going to go for this These jobs were never intended to be career jobs They were meant for high school and college students to make a little money while they were attending school There are only a few people that stay on fast food as a manager So the rest move on to career jobs So now Newsom is going not only put people out of a job but also put the fast food industry in a untenable position There is no sense in having a business where you don’t make any money

  9. Avatar photoStephen Russell Reply

    Less choices
    Closed outlets
    Rebrand remarket Fast food industry
    Merge brands?
    Higher prices

  10. Avatar photoSR Huds Reply

    Let’s look at the bright side! Newsom’s chances of a WH victory may be painfully impacted by this latest example of his particularly fervent stink’in think’in. Just my opinion, of course, but even the major media outlets won’t be able to sweet spin this line of poo.

  11. Avatar photoPatriotRWB Reply

    Let’s do the math on this one so even the Liberal Leftists can understand it:

    40 Hours X $15 per hour = $600.00 / Week or $2,400.00 / Month or $28,800.00 / Year

    0 Hours X $20 per hour = $0.00 / Week or $0.00 / Month or $0.00 / Year

    Get it yet? Is the math too complicated for you and your genius Governor?

  12. Avatar photoG. Wood Reply

    Economics 101 should be required for anyone entering public office. Newsome will destroy hundreds of entry jobs with his naive move, while he is directly contributing to inflation. Are you ready for the $38 burger? The problem is that these hare-brained policies are not easily reversed. We will be stuck with unwelcome inflation moving forward. Newsome was never brilliant as mayor of San Francisco either. I’d like to see his high school report card.

  13. Avatar photosteve crawford Reply

    What idiot think that workers flipping Hamberger’s in the fast food industry should be paid to support a family of four. The fast food industry was to give youngsters their first job and senior citizens to earn a little extra beyond what the social security pays. Now many businesses will close and many will be unemployed. Gov Newsom and ALL the state representatives that supported the $20/hr should be voted out of office. California economy and living conditions will slowly decade. Ca., need to start enacting common sense laws to put Ca. as one of the best states to live, and not the worst.

    1. Avatar photoRSM Reply

      What idiot? Well, start with Obama. He constantly harped businesses should pay a “living wage” to enable workers to support a family. Yep. That 20 year career fry cook should be able to buy a house, get a new car every year, send the kids through college, etc. The fry cook has never lifted a finger to improve his skills or education, but progressives believe that is an unfair expectation. Same goes for workers at the counter who cannot think beyond tapping icons on the screen.
      But they will not be satisfied with $20. A few years ago, during the famous “fight for $15” the MSM ignored activists ranting that they really deserve $25 an hour.

      Another famous idiot is Liz Warren. She hates capitalism. Liz, and others of her ilk, believe it is oppressive system, driven by greed and it steals “community resources.” Of course they, they ignore that businesses pay local taxes for infrastructure and provide jobs which benefit workers and the local economy. Warren has given many speeches over the years, which can be summed up as,”You owe the collective, comrade.”
      And AOC. When her old workplace in NYC closed, she implied that the owner should have stopped taking a salary, and kept it open for the workers.

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