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Rep Louie Gohmert Writes 48 Page Report on Robert Mueller And WOW!

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No conservative cried when he announced his retirement.

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The summit has now ended and for Donald Trump, it was a successful one. He was able to get Kim Jong-un to sign an agreement calling for total denuclearization. It’s way too early to consider it a done deal but without that agreement future meetings could prove fruitless. The two leaders seemed to have found …

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It appears we have barely scraped the surface of McCabe’s corruption.

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California Democrats lost their super majority in the legislature last night when freshman Democrat Josh Newman in Tuesady’s California primary over his vote for Governor Jerry Brown’s 12-cent-per-gallon gas tax hike. He was replaced with Republican Ling Ling Chang. Newman was facing a recall over his vote to increase gas taxes by 12 cents a gallon …

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