Corrections Policy

Corrections and clarifications

Welcome to our corrections and clarifications policy. Here we will outline our intentions.

Steadfast and Loyal strives to bring you our (admittedly biased) opinion of other news pieces. Our writers are not the creators of the original news stories posted, cited and sourced from. We make a best effort to ensure that stories that we base on opinion on are accurate but when a correction or clarification is needed we will: Attempt to get to it in a timely manner. Place the correction or clarification at the top of the piece.

When we correct significant errors of fact or substance, we will note those corrections on this page and in a note within the corrected article. We admit, however, that this can be a lot for a VERY SMALL team to process and we encourage you to contact us if you happen to catch an error in our editorial-based reporting. If you wish to assist us in this manner, use the previously provided contact link and provide the following:

1. The URL (Web address) of the article on which you wish to have us correct.
2. Your name and e-mail address. This information will never be shared with any third party, or used in any way except to verify your information, and to contact you for further details.
3. The error. If appropriate, let us know how we can verify that we erred.

No payment or other consideration has been received from any company, product or person mentioned for placement on our editorial pages unless otherwise noted in the article itself.

We will correct minor errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar on the website without notice.