Biden Catches Flak Over Recent Press Conference About Russia

This past Tuesday, Old Uncle Joe found himself in hot water due to comments that he made as part of a press conference about Russia’s invasion into Ukraine and his overall refusal to take questions from the media.

These criticisms of Biden crop up as many critics issue blame at him for the entire situation that is taking place in Ukraine due to the horrendously failed pullout from Afghanistan that was carried out by the administration, which highlighted a weakness in leadership, and the current administration’s choice to remove sanctions from the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in Russia.

There was a series of notable critics speaking up about the performance shown during Biden’s press conference, including:

  • Kayleigh McEnany, former WH press secretary: “Biden turns his back to the American People, taking no questions after warning about the “COSTS” Americans should be prepared to pay because of the Russia invasion he paved the way for!”
  • Benny Johnson, political commentator: “Biden waddles away from reporters like it’s an Olympic sport as they yell questions on his Ukraine calamity.”
  • Jake Schneider, RNC: “Once again, Biden turns his back on the press and shuffles away in what has become the defining image of his failed presidency.”
  • House Judiciary GOP: “Per usual, Joe Biden takes no questions. Weak.”
  • Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR): “President Biden’s weak sanctions aren’t even half measures—they’re quarter measures.”
  • Marshall Billingslea, former Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing at the Treasury Department: “Today @POTUS announced sanctions on just 2 banks, one of which — VEB — has been under select restrictions since 2014. In terms of sovereign debt, the US already has certain prohibitions in place since 2019, & expanded in 2021. No oligarchs or Russian officials targeted today. For those who are interested, here is the 2014 action on VEB and the Biden Admin’s own expanded sanctions on sovereign debt, already in place since April 2021. Not much bark today, and very little bite. This will not deter Putin.”
  • Ronna McDaniel, RNC Chairwoman: “Biden claims he predicted every single thing Putin has done. If he saw it coming… then he failed to stop it.”
  • Mark Meadows, former WH COS: “Putin is walking all over America and our allies because he sees weakness at the top. Period. We are a country in need of strong leadership. And right now, the sad truth is we don’t have it.”
  • Stephen L. Miller, political commentator: “Biden walks away without taking questions.” He added,  “Journalists are willing props for this president and nothing else.”
  • Rita Panahi, political commentator: “Familiar scene. But thank god there’ll be no mean tweets today.”
  • Monica Crowley, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury: “Watching Biden speak is like watching a little old lady cross an icy street.”
  • Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL): “Joe Biden’s address about Ukraine was disgraceful. The sanctions that he announced might have been good 2 months ago, but not now. America, let’s be very clear… Putin is happy Joe Biden is @POTUS ! This is so sad for our nation and our allies.”


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