AOC’s Infuriating Misstep: A Display of Ignorance and Dishonesty in the Biden Impeachment Inquiry

In a recent spectacle that has drawn widespread attention and criticism, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) found herself at the center of controversy during a heated exchange in the Biden impeachment probe hearing. The focus of the debacle? AOC’s assertion that the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) is not a crime but merely a “category” of crimes. This statement, made during an exchange with Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, has sparked a flurry of reactions, highlighting a concerning lack of understanding from the congresswoman.

A Misguided Assertion

During the hearing, AOC pressed Bobulinski to specify the crimes he witnessed President Joe Biden commit, a tactic aimed at undermining GOP narratives surrounding the Biden family. Bobulinski’s mention of RICO among other statutes was met with AOC’s now-infamous interjection, “RICO is not a crime. It is a category.” This moment, captured and disseminated across various media outlets, has become emblematic of AOC’s misunderstanding of legal principles, particularly the nature and seriousness of RICO charges.

RICO, established to target organized crime and corrupt business practices, indeed encompasses a range of crimes, including bribery, fraud, and money laundering. However, to dismiss RICO as merely a “category” rather than recognizing it as a serious federal offense demonstrates a glaring gap in AOC’s legal knowledge. This gap is not just a minor oversight; it undermines the gravity of allegations and investigations that involve RICO statutes, including those directed at high-profile figures and organizations.

Overstepping and Over Talking

The exchange between AOC and Bobulinski was not just marked by the congresswoman’s questionable legal interpretations but also by her demeanor. Witnesses and viewers alike noted AOC’s tendency to overtalk Bobulinski, cutting him off and asserting her time in a manner that many found to be dismissive and disrespectful. This behavior not only detracted from the substance of the hearing but also painted a picture of AOC as someone more interested in grandstanding than in engaging with the testimonies and evidence presented.

The Reaction

The fallout from AOC’s comments was swift and severe, with critics from across the political spectrum taking to social media and other platforms to express their disbelief and disappointment. Figures within the conservative community, in particular, have lambasted the congresswoman for what they see as a profound embarrassment, not only to herself but to the legislative body she represents. The incident has fueled ongoing debates about the qualifications and competencies of elected officials, raising questions about the standards to which they are held, especially in matters of legal and national importance.

Final Thoughts

As the dust settles on this latest controversy, it’s clear that AOC’s remarks regarding RICO have struck a nerve. Her assertion that “RICO is not a crime” has become a focal point of criticism, highlighting a concerning lack of understanding that could have serious implications for her credibility and the broader perceptions of the Democratic Party’s grasp on legal and criminal matters. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of accuracy, respect, and humility in public discourse, especially within the high stakes environment of a congressional hearing.

In the realm of politics and governance, where the complexities of law and order play a critical role, the need for informed and respectful dialogue has never been more apparent. As we move forward, one can only hope that this episode will encourage a more thoughtful and knowledgeable approach to such discussions, with a focus on substance over spectacle.





  1. Avatar photoRoland Charlier Reply

    AOC has less brains than a clam. Why would anybody be surprised by the stupid shit that comes out of her mouth. The only thing more pathetic than her are the morons that voted for her. What a sick bunch of brainless morons. Those are the ones responsible for the stupid shit that she says and does.

  2. Avatar photoCJ Reply

    This woman is dumber than a bag of hammers! Every time she opens her mouth, she proves just how stupid she really is. She is supposed to be a college graduate, but you couldn’t prove that by all the insane crap she spews!!!!

  3. Avatar photoFred Wilde Reply

    Emblematic of the entire democrat…..not democratic….democrat cult.
    All emotion; no comprehension,….a total echo chamber of empty headed reprobate freaks……right is wrong….facts are fluid… word salad diet.

  4. Avatar photogman Reply

    “…a profound embarrassment, not only to herself but to the legislative body she represents.” – You would think it would be an embarrassment to the voters in New York’s 14th Congressional District…after all, they’ve elected this little instagram drama queen 3 times!

  5. Avatar photoSteven Reply

    Claiming RICO is a category is actually LESS accurate than that it is a specific act. The act is less about WHAT crimes are committed than about a PATTERN of committing crimes.

  6. Avatar photoLeftshot Reply

    First of all, murder could be characterized as a category, since there are several specific crimes listed under that umbrella. So what? Murder is still a crime!

    My take is a little different on what happened having watched the entire exchange.

    This appeared to me to be a pre-planned speech by AOC. When she asked the question, she immediately began talking over Bobolinski as he began to answer and started going down a list of crimes. It appeared to me that not only was AOC not interested in his answer, but she didn’t want anyone else to hear it either. The comment on RICO being a category, not a crime seemed to be a braindead spur-of-the-moment response designed to get Bobolinski to stop. He did not. She then continued to talk over him reading from what she had obviously predetermined that she was going to say. The gist of it being a whole lot of lies that were countered by the day’s testimony. The same tired and false statements from some Democrats that there was no evidence that President Biden had done anything wrong and that this was all a waste of time.

    BTW, the fundamental crime is bribery, which is one of two NAMED CRIMES in the Constitution that REQUIRES impeachment and removal from office.

  7. Avatar photoRich Bach Reply

    Maybe AOC should go back to her previous occupation as a bartender. It appears she was better at bartending then as a member of Congress. Forrest Gump said it well. Stupid is as stupid does. That appears to be exactly what AOC is. STUPID.

  8. Avatar photoRand Reply

    Wonder just how good of a bartender she was? She is an actress who tried out for her position. NYC’ers , YOU voted for this cretin, are you sorry ? You can’t count yourself intelligent.
    She is lacking in all phases of Economics, Law, The Constitution , The Bill of Rights. However , you have mastered STUPID quite proficiently.

  9. Avatar photoJohn M Reply

    AOC’s parents , I’m sure have realized that they wasted their money on her supposed college education. Her educational expertise in any given area is null and void of any knowledge in any area of government! She doesn’t seem to comprehend that the RICO Act is a crime that entails many different categories and levels of organized crime. Like the ones FJB and the democrat party
    has been commiting for decades. Anytime her piehole opens, you can guarantee that some uneducated nonsense diatribe will come out with her acting like she is something special and powerful, when in reality she is nothing but a half assed barfly bartender

  10. Avatar photoClaudio Cifoni Reply

    ” OH JUDGEMENT THOU ART LED TO BRUTISH BEASTS AND MAN (indicating humanity) HAS LOST ITS REASON AND I MUST PAUSE TILL IT COME BACK TO ME ” . Ferrous words of a couple of millennia or so ago voiced by Marc’ Anthony a then member of the then Roman Senate and quite an orator. This mannequin by name of ( A O C ) has by virtue of her magnanimous followers or maybe “USERS” caused the uproar of human excrement . It is not her voice but the self conviction of righteousness which tends to alter the well known embezzlement of our current leaders who would sanctify her bleats so as to find cause and justification of well known Aesop’s fables. The land of the brave and the home of the free . We might be day dreaming if not reminded of the logical conclusion of the current charade that we have and are currently experiencing . History speaks for itself : ” WHEN EXCESSIVE FREEDOM DESTROYS ORDER – IT WILL BE THE PASSION FOR ORDER TO DESTROY FREEDOM ” !!!!!!!!

  11. Avatar photoernst Reply

    AOC has as much understanding of law as she has of brain surgery or nuclear physics. None. As a member of the US Congress, she is responsible for making the laws Americans live under. What a grotesque parody1

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