Wow! Biden Forgets Mayorkas’s Name When Introducing Him! – Embarrassing & Sad, Cognitive Decline Worsening, Rapidly!

It’s getting really hard to watch. President Joe Biden had yet another awkward moment recently that left many of us shaking our heads in disbelief. This time, it happened during an event at the White House. Biden, in his usual bumbling manner, forgot the name of his own Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas. Instead of a confident introduction, he stumbled and fumbled, leaving everyone in the room—and those of us watching at home—feeling uncomfortable.

A Pattern of Decline

This isn’t an isolated incident. We’ve seen this kind of behavior from Biden repeatedly, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that his cognitive abilities are rapidly declining. Joe Concha, a Fox News contributor, pointed out the obvious: Biden is not just having the occasional senior moment. His mental faculties are deteriorating before our very eyes, and it’s accelerating at an alarming rate.

Concha didn’t hold back, comparing Biden unfavorably to former President Jimmy Carter. He noted that Carter, even at his advanced age, seems more “with it” than Biden does now. For many of us who have watched Biden closely, this comparison hits home. We all know relatives who have experienced cognitive decline, and unfortunately, it doesn’t get better—it only gets worse.

The Media’s Spin

What’s even more frustrating is the way the mainstream media tries to cover up these gaffes. They dismiss Biden’s brain freezes as “fake” or “misinformation,” claiming that videos showing his confusion are edited or deep fakes. But anyone with eyes and ears can see the truth. We are literally watching these moments in real-time. It’s not edited footage; it’s our President struggling to remember names, losing his train of thought, and appearing more and more out of touch.

Concha rightly called out the media for their dishonesty. The same media that told us Hunter Biden’s laptop was fake, that the border is closed, or that the COVID vaccine prevents transmission—these are the people trying to convince us that Biden is mentally sharp. It’s no wonder we can’t trust them.

The Public’s Perception

The American people aren’t buying it either. Poll after poll shows that a significant majority of the country, including not just Republicans but also Independents and Democrats, do not want Biden to run for a second term. They see what we see: a President who is clearly not up to the job anymore. If Biden were to win a second term, he would start it at 82 years old and finish it at 86. The thought alone is disturbing, given his current state.

The Importance of the Upcoming Debate

Biden’s upcoming debate on June 27th in Atlanta is crucial. Without a teleprompter and scripted remarks, he will need to demonstrate that he still has the mental acuity to do the job. Concha emphasized that the bar is already set very low, yet there’s still doubt about his ability to perform. If he fails to make a compelling argument and defend his record, it could be a turning point. This debate is everything for Biden, and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

A Desperate Proposal

In a desperate attempt to address concerns over Biden’s age, an opinion piece in The Washington Post suggested that he should replace Vice President Kamala Harris with Hillary Clinton. The idea of Hillary Clinton as the savior of this administration is laughable. It’s a clear sign of how dire the situation has become when such outlandish solutions are being floated seriously.

Final Thoughts

As we watch President Biden’s public appearances with increasing concern, it’s evident that his cognitive decline is not just a minor issue—it’s a significant problem that affects his ability to lead. This recent moment with Alejandro Mayorkas’s name is just one more data point in a growing list of concerning behaviors. The American people deserve better, and it’s time for the media to stop covering up the truth. We need a leader who is mentally sharp and capable of handling the immense responsibilities of the presidency. Let’s see how Biden fares in the upcoming debate, but based on what we’ve seen so far, the outlook isn’t promising.

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  1. Avatar photoCrotte Reply

    While the importance at this time that the USA needs a leader, we have a demented old fool as the world laughs at the people electing him into office. Plus if the numbers are right 37% of the morons will still vote for him. What adds another problem is the VP that has less brain power than Biden. We are no longer a world leader!!!!!!

  2. Avatar photogrumpyveteran Reply

    The headline was him forgetting his evil minion’s name. That isn’t all he forgets. He forgets who he is, where he is, and constantly tries to shake hands and talk with The Invisible Man! That serial liar is mentally incompetent — to do anything! And his stories, while amusing (like the one about his uncle being eaten by cannibals), tell us that we MUST remove him from office! That chump said he was unfit, but that does not excuse all his TREASONOUS acts. While we all KNOW that he is braindead, he was not braindead when he signed all those EO’s on day one. Regardless, he signed the EO’s, and claiming incompetence is a weak excuse. He is STILL guilty of aiding and abetting our enemies — by opening our border to criminals!!!

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