Unbelievable! DOJ Indicts Doctor for Exposing Gender-Affirming Care on Minors! [Must Read!]

Dr. Eithan Haim, a brave surgeon, is now facing a fierce attack from the Department of Justice (DOJ). Dr. Haim blew the whistle on Texas Children’s Hospital for secretly continuing gender-affirming care on minors, a practice that should have been stopped by state law. Instead of being praised, the far-left DOJ is targeting him with an indictment that reeks of political persecution.

Dr. Haim, who completed his residency at Texas Children’s Hospital, found that the hospital continued its child gender clinic operations despite publicly claiming to have stopped. He leaked these shocking details to journalist Christopher Rufo in May 2023. His heroic act of exposing the truth has now put him in the DOJ’s crosshairs.

DOJ’s Baseless Charges

The DOJ’s indictment accuses Dr. Haim of violating HIPAA laws. They claim he tried to reactivate his login credentials under false pretenses and obtained unauthorized health information, which he then leaked. These charges, unsealed recently, include four felony counts. If convicted, Dr. Haim could face up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

But Dr. Haim is fighting back. He pleaded not guilty, insisting he has done nothing wrong. “I have maintained from day one that I have done nothing wrong. We’re going to fight this tooth and nail, stand up for whistleblowers everywhere,” Dr. Haim said.

Exposing the Hospital’s Lies

Dr. Haim’s leaked documents revealed that Texas Children’s Hospital continued its child gender clinic after publicly claiming it had shut down. This came after Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton declared in February 2022 that gender-affirming care for minors could be considered child abuse under state law. Following this, the hospital had announced it would stop all treatments and surgeries related to transgenderism for children.

However, Dr. Haim found that the hospital did not keep this promise. Instead, it continued these procedures, including implanting a hormone device in an 11-year-old girl just days after their public announcement. Dr. Haim’s brave decision to reveal this truth has now made him a target for a far-left DOJ that seems intent on silencing him.

Allegations in the Indictment

The indictment by U.S. Attorney Alamdar S. Hamdani alleges that Dr. Haim “obtained unauthorized individually identifiable health HIPAA protected information on pediatric patients” and “caused malicious harm to Texas Children’s Hospital, pediatric patients at TCH and its physicians by contacting a media contact.” The DOJ claims Dr. Haim’s actions resulted in financial loss for the hospital, medical delays for patients, and threats to both patients and physicians.

But Dr. Haim’s attorney, Marcella Burke, is not standing down. She insists that the charges are baseless and that Dr. Haim was simply doing his duty as a mandatory reporter of child abuse. “Our client is a mandatory reporter of child abuse who reported as a whistleblower to the State of Texas what he had seen in his hospital… this is the government going out of its way to prosecute a whistleblower,” Burke said.

A Family Under Siege

This indictment has had a devastating impact on Dr. Haim and his family. His pregnant wife, Andrea Haim, is terrified her husband will miss the birth of their child due to these charges. “My husband is a whistleblower and a hero, who is being targeted in a baseless political prosecution for telling the truth when Texas Children’s Hospital was hiding its transgender procedures on children,” she told Fox News Digital. The family has used up their life savings on legal fees and has started a fundraiser to cover their defense costs.

Final Thoughts

The indictment against Dr. Eithan Haim is nothing but political persecution. It’s a blatant attempt by a far-left DOJ to silence a whistleblower who dared to expose the truth about gender-affirming care on minors. Dr. Haim’s courage and determination to stand up for what’s right should be commended, not punished.

As we watch this case unfold, it’s clear that the government’s overreach is a dangerous precedent. If they can target Dr. Haim for speaking the truth, who’s next? It’s time to rally behind this brave doctor and ensure that justice prevails.

What do you think about this case? Do you believe Dr. Haim is being politically persecuted? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Avatar photoChip V Barton Reply

    Who’s next? is the big question and to that I add, what’s next from the left? Let the Democrats, radicals, left wing win the upcoming presidential elections and I add this – you haven’t seen anything yet!!! We conservatives and the right wing will need to retire to the basement or find an island to move to. In other words, we have had it.

  2. Avatar photoKurt S. Reply

    Once a kid reaches age 18 to 21, the age of consent and they want to pay for such a radical transformation, by all means they can let themselves be mutilated by their own volition.
    Kids need to wait until then in my opinion.
    Only exception is babies born with malformed, ambiguous external genitalia. It’s very rare but I’ve seen an XY baby converted to an XX (female) phenotype as there wasn’t any way to reconstruct the malformed genitalia to a functional male.

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