WOW! Federal Judge Rules on Removing Trump Appointed Judge in Classified Docs Case!

It seems that the left will stop at nothing to bring down former President Donald Trump, even if it means undermining the Constitution. In New York, we witnessed a heavily biased judge and district attorney prosecute Trump over alleged hush money payments. This all took place in a venue with a 90% Democratic voter base, making it clear that fairness was not the priority. Now, we’re seeing similar tactics being deployed in Florida, where a concerted effort is underway to remove a Trump-appointed judge from his classified documents case.

The Orchestrated Attack on Judge Cannon

Judge Aileen Cannon, who is presiding over Trump’s classified documents case, has become the latest target of the left. Over 1,000 complaints flooded in against her within a single week, driven largely by former prosecutor Glenn Kirschner. Kirschner, a known left-leaning figure, even posted a YouTube video instructing people on how to file complaints against Judge Cannon. This orchestrated campaign led to Chief Judge William Pryor of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals dismissing four of these complaints, citing a lack of evidence and calling the effort “merits-related.”

The Absence of Evidence

Chief Judge Pryor’s dismissal of the complaints highlights the baseless nature of the accusations. He pointed out that many complaints lacked sufficient evidence and were speculative. These complaints accused Judge Cannon of delaying the case intentionally, an allegation that Judge Pryor found to be unsupported. Pryor also emphasized that judicial complaints are not the proper channel for contesting Judge Cannon’s rulings, which are subject to normal appellate review.

The Deep State’s Hand

It’s hard not to see the fingerprints of deep state players, possibly funded by figures like George Soros, in this campaign against Judge Cannon. The left has a history of using any means necessary to attack Trump, and this is just the latest example. The same forces that allowed a biased judge and district attorney to prosecute Trump in New York are now trying to remove a fair and impartial judge in Florida. The aim is clear: to derail Trump’s chances in the upcoming election by any means necessary.

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s Role

Adding to the complexity, Special Counsel Jack Smith has been pushing hard against Trump. Smith filed a request for a gag order to prevent Trump from commenting on the law enforcement officers who searched his Mar-a-Lago home. This request came after Trump made statements about the FBI agents involved in the search. Judge Cannon rejected Smith’s initial request, citing a lack of professionalism from the prosecutors. Smith’s persistence in this matter underscores the coordinated efforts to stifle Trump and his legal defenses.

Judge Cannon’s Delayed Trial

Judge Cannon had previously delayed Trump’s trial on 40 criminal charges related to mishandling classified documents. This delay has been used by critics to accuse her of bias, but Judge Pryor’s dismissal of the complaints clarifies that these accusations are unfounded. The left’s narrative that Judge Cannon is intentionally stalling the case falls apart under scrutiny.

The Broader Implications

The attempt to remove Judge Cannon is not just about Trump; it’s about the broader implications for our judicial system. If the left can orchestrate campaigns to remove judges who don’t align with their political agenda, it sets a dangerous precedent. Our judiciary must remain impartial and free from political manipulation. The attacks on Judge Cannon are a direct assault on this principle.

Final Thoughts

The relentless efforts to dismantle Trump at any cost are evident in the coordinated attacks on Judge Cannon. The left’s willingness to undermine our judicial system to achieve their goals is alarming. As conservatives, we must stay vigilant and support the integrity of our courts. The constitution must remain our guiding light, not political expediency.

What do you think about these efforts to remove Judge Cannon? Do you believe the left is overstepping in their pursuit of Trump? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



  1. Avatar photoJ.A. Shepard Reply

    The demonrats are inching closer to an all out war , one they can’t possibly win..I would suggest they find holes to hide in if the lid blows off..the American people are fed up with their corruption..

    1. Avatar photoFred Brown Reply

      They won’t be able to find or dig a hole deep enough to hide in! When We, The People, start digging, we won’t quit ’til ALL of them are lined up against the wall, awaiting their just desserts!

    2. Avatar photodon Reply

      I think the Supreme Court needs a serious look at whether Jack Smith is even a legitimate prosecutor. It would save a lot of court time and money and make it look like the US is actually a law abiding country.

    1. Avatar photoFred Brown Reply

      No, they’re just too arrogant to think it’ll ever happen to them. Boy, are they gonna have a rude awakening! LOL!

    1. Avatar photoHarriett Clothier Reply

      Are the democrats lowlife trouble makers before they are elected or after they are exposed to the low lives already in office?

  2. Avatar photoJohn D Galileo Reply

    Slowly but surely Ordinary Americans are seeing firsthand the bias on the left only hope it’s not to late

  3. Avatar photojay jones Reply

    Not over stepping but over stomping!!!!!!!!!!! This crap is getting out of hand!!!!
    Wise up America……BINGO…the lap top now in federal court….showing and exposing the
    dirty democrats for what the did !!!!! He must be convicted, AND Trump vindicated NOW!!

  4. Avatar photoFred Brown Reply

    The same thing is happening against the Supreme Court justices who rule against the Leftists wishes! Their ruling not conforming to your wishes? Start campaigning to overrule the highest court of the land, or demand restrictions be placed on the justices to only vote YOUR way, regardless of what the Constitution says! “Lawfare” in its highest form! The Left will use any method available, legal or not, to keep hold of power! And, when found not legal, they’ll whine, bitch and moan about the “injustice” being inflicted on them!

  5. Avatar photomilton dacus Reply

    Everyone here’s comments are right and the tables will turn on the liberals because they have opened pandora’s box . they tote that box of evil everywhere they go .

  6. Avatar photoJim Reply

    This is the face of Communism. I hope that the people who normally vote Democrat finally see what has happened to the Democrat Party. Your Party has been taken over by Communists. These are not the old ‘Liberal’ Democrats — these people are full-blown Bolshevik Communists. They are ruthless, immoral and cunning. Power by any means necessary. As we have seen, they will do ANYTHING to obtain and keep power. They don’t care about the Constitution, laws or your well-being. Don’t be fooled by these people — they are not your friends. They will eventually turn on you also.

  7. Avatar photoJerome F Roth Reply

    The Left’s efforts to destroy Donald Trump went far beyond “overstepping” years ago. It’s not Donald Trump, the Left want to destroy all of us, we’re their ultimate target.

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