Election Stunt! Biden’s Border Shutdown Order Fails to Secure America

As the 2024 election looms, President Biden has issued an executive order to temporarily close the US-Mexico border to asylum seekers crossing outside lawful ports of entry. This order, effective immediately, aims to curb the flow of migrants when daily crossings surpass 2,500. But don’t be fooled—this sudden move reeks of political desperation, designed to mask the chaos Biden himself created by dismantling Trump’s effective border policies.

Biden’s Border Catastrophe: A National Security Nightmare

Since taking office, Biden has rolled back nearly every policy President Trump put in place to secure our southern border. The result? Almost 10 million illegal immigrants have poured into the country, creating a national security crisis. Many of these individuals have criminal backgrounds, with some even appearing on terror watch lists. And let’s not forget the countless “gotaways” who slip through undetected, bringing with them a surge of illegal drugs like fentanyl, devastating communities across America.

Dangerous Consequences: A Surge of Illegal Drugs and Crime

By opening the floodgates, Biden has facilitated an influx of dangerous substances into our neighborhoods. Fentanyl, a deadly synthetic opioid, has been flooding across the border in unprecedented quantities. This drug alone has claimed countless lives and continues to ravage our communities. The president’s policies have not only enabled this crisis but have statistically altered the population of many states, changing the very fabric of our nation.

Political Calculations: Shaping the Electorate

The influx of illegal immigrants isn’t just about changing demographics; it’s about changing the political landscape. These new arrivals, counted in the census, could shift electoral college votes and apportionment, potentially creating more Democratic strongholds. Biden’s actions seem to be a calculated effort to secure a permanent grip on power, manipulating the system at the expense of national security and the safety of American citizens.

The Flawed Executive Order: A Quota on Border Security

Now, with the election approaching, Biden’s new executive order claims to “shut down the border” when daily crossings exceed 2,500. But this is nothing more than window dressing. The policy still allows a high number of illegal immigrants into the country every day. Why is there even a quota if the goal is to secure the border? This half-hearted measure does little to address the real issues and serves only to placate critics as Biden scrambles to repair his image.

Criminal Negligence or Treason?

This entire border catastrophe appears to be a deliberate effort by the Biden administration to undermine national security for political gain. By reversing effective Trump-era policies, Biden has allowed dangerous individuals and deadly drugs to flood into the country, wreaking havoc on our communities. If this isn’t an impeachable offense, or even treason, what is?

Final Thoughts

Biden’s recent executive order is too little, too late. It’s a transparent attempt to salvage his reputation as the 2024 election nears. By allowing millions of illegal immigrants into the country, he’s not only jeopardized our national security but also manipulated the political system for future gains. This order is just a Band-Aid on a wound Biden himself inflicted. Our nation deserves better than this political theater.

What do you think about Biden’s latest move? Is it enough to secure our borders, or is it just another political stunt? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



  1. Avatar photoJerryDV Reply

    What’s the old saying “The horse is out of the barn”. This partial action is too little, too late and oh so useless.

    1. Avatar photoSteven Reply

      This is actually WORSE than “too little, too late”. It is movement in the WRONG direction. Biden actually ordered allowing 2,500 illegals to enter every day before even pretending to stop anyone.

  2. Avatar photoCharlene Boyer Reply

    The Dems, especially that pos, are such liars.. It is only to get elected. They only want them here for votes. We need the border CLOSED to all illegal aliens. And, ALL the illegal aliens here must be deported. Nothing else is acceptable.

  3. Avatar photoAndy McManus Reply

    The P.O.S. in the oval office screwed the American people so bad, it’ll never be the same again. These illegals are here to stay, thanks to Obama and Obiden. He’s done nothing FOR the American people whatsoever. Just like Obama. He makes us pay to fly people in from Venezuela, no idea who they are. People are strapped for cash as he has the gall to tell Erin Burnett Americans have the money to spend. IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH

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