Race-Baiting Educator Says The Flag is a Symbol of Hate: The Dark Side of DEI Training –

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) has become a hot topic in schools across the country. The idea behind it sounds good: promoting fairness and inclusion. But, the way it’s being implemented by some, like Dr. Nancy Dome of Epoch Education, is causing major concerns. Instead of bringing people together, DEI is dividing us more than ever and setting race relations back by decades.

DEI’s Radical Roots

Dr. Nancy Dome, the CEO of Epoch Education, is a key figure pushing critical race theory (CRT) in public education. She believes that concepts like “White privilege” are undeniable truths and that anyone who disagrees should be fired. Dome argues that those who resist DEI concepts are a “poison to culture and climate.” This extreme stance has sparked outrage among many who see it as divisive and harmful.

Forced Acceptance or Face Firing

In her 2022 book, “Let’s Talk About Race,” Dome talks about dealing with “resistant” employees. She suggests engaging in “compassionate dialogue” at first. But if they still don’t agree, she says they should be removed from their jobs. Dome writes, “If someone continues to resist that culture or climate after multiple interruptions, then you know they do not belong.” This hardline approach is alarming to many who value free speech and differing opinions.

Indoctrination in Schools

Epoch Education works with several large public school districts and even the U.S. Department of Education. They introduce CRT principles through their DEI training programs. Their YouTube channel is filled with videos promoting CRT and criticizing colorblindness. In one video, Dome even claims that the American flag has become a symbol of “hate” and “extremism.” This shocking statement highlights just how much we’ve regressed in our national dialogue.

The “Color Line” Exercise

One of the controversial practices used in Dome’s DEI training is the “color line” exercise. In this activity, employees are given scores based on their race, with 0 being the most oppressed and 125 being the most privileged. Participants answer prompts related to their race, and these scores are used to create a visual representation of privilege and oppression in the room. Dome claims this exercise helps people “heal through perspective and understanding,” but many see it as a divisive tactic that reinforces racial stereotypes.

Challenging Traditional Values

Isaac Newman, a teacher in the Elk Grove Unified School District, went through Epoch’s DEI training and was shocked by what he encountered. He found the messaging to be “insane” and was frustrated that he couldn’t opt out without facing consequences. Newman pointed out that the training criticized colorblindness and meritocracy, two principles that many believe are key to fairness and equality.

Equity Over Equality

Dome’s approach doesn’t aim for equality, where everyone is treated the same. Instead, she pushes for equity, where people get different advantages based on their group. She argues that equity ensures everyone gets what they need to thrive, even if it means some get more than others. Dome believes that without equity, people will turn to theft to survive, and that everyone’s success is interconnected. This perspective has raised concerns about fairness and the potential for resentment.

Scanning for Oppression

In addition to promoting equity, Dome encourages people to constantly scan their environments for signs of oppression. She calls this building “equity intelligence.” According to Dome, everyone is always checking to see if they are safe and if they belong. She believes that recognizing these reactions helps people do specific anti-bias work.

Final Thoughts

DEI, as promoted by Dr. Nancy Dome and Epoch Education, is a twisted ideology that divides rather than unites. By pushing radical CRT concepts and punishing those who disagree, DEI training is regressing race relations by 50 years. These race-baiting ideologues are the problem, not the solution. Our schools should focus on bringing people together, not tearing them apart.

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  1. Avatar photoMichael Valgos Reply

    This person has no business being in her position She says things that she knows is a fucking lie but she doesn’t care She hates white people I guess she hasn’t counted the amount of white people in severe poverty If there have been wrong doings I can’t help that I know a little bit about it I was married to the very best woman in the world for 35 years until she died from breast cancer and she was Black The truth of the matter is that there are assholes on both sides I must say this person is an asshole If she thinks the flag is so fucking evil why does she receive money with the flag on it If you have this much hate You have 2 options You can get help with your problem or you can leave the country Has this person ever served our country or has she been a user all of her life and screaming I am getting fucked every inch of the way Please if she had anything but hate in her mind she would know that tells Black children that they can’t progress It is already happening The kids are getting out of school and the can only do basic math and reading level or a third grade level It is a communist plot to fight amongst themselves This woman needs to get some help fast

  2. Avatar photoJeanie Lochner Reply

    This woman is delusional! I am so proud of our American flag and think they should bring back reciting the pledge in ALL Elementary schools across our country. And by the way, lady, ALL lives matter!

  3. Avatar photoDaniel Quigley Reply

    Talk about Blatant Racism here’s your definition. She needs to be Reprogrammed or something but she definitely should not be anywhere that teaching happens. It’s sad when 1 person thinks her ideas and hers alone are the only ideas that should be taught and talked about. Whoever Brainwashed her did a complete and thorough job because she is Driving the Short Bus. DEI is a Racist Ideal where only those who agree with DEI can become a perfect citizen. Meanwhile they play Wack-a-white with their crazy ideas. This Country is about Freedom not forcing 1 idea making everyone fit into the square hole. It’s time this woman and those like her are either Reprogrammed or Removed from Society for the good of everyone. Personally I’m beyond sick and tired that less than 1% is deciding what 99% of this country is and isn’t allowed to do. Think I’m joking watch a Reporter interview someone in sports. No longer will you hear a passionate reply. Nope everyone uses the exact same words because they have been told and warned you either speak the same or find someplace else to work,that is if they aren’t blacklisted from ever working again. Suddenly everyone is talking to interviewers and using ” yeah” instead of just talking like a human. The New World Order is behind this type nonsense and we have to put both feet down right now to end it. Companies are having fun using ‘Merica instead of using America and the reason should make everyone take note. The Southern Border being left wide open was not a mistake its part of the NWO plan. Right now we have 3 America’s with North,Central and South America. Under NWO those 3 cease to exist and the new country called you guessed it,’Merica takes over . CRT is part of the NWO plan as is all those Mass Migrations happening Worldwide. As long as Racism exists they not us have the control over the population and they know it. Ask yourself in this day and age why a reporter has to be the same color as the incident they are reporting about. The Media needs Racism to survive. Hopefully this Looney Tune Liberal Teacher can get the Mental Health Care she so desperately needs

  4. Avatar photoMAllen Reply

    I hope parents wake up to what is being taught in our schools and teach their children the truth about being free and respecting our Flag and our Constitution before it is too late. Our ONLY hope for this Nation is: If my people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked (rejection of God’s Word) ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal your land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

  5. Avatar photoMichael Paul Reply

    America has a racist past. Of that there is no question, but since the early 1960’s we have been doing our best to end the evils of the past. For the most part, it has been working and race relations have improved dramatically over the last 60 years. Along comes people like this woman who want to change things to bring back racism. This is the only way people like her get power and use that power to increase racism. If Martin Luther King could hear her words which are the antithesis of what he fought to accomplish, he would be turning over in his grave. Even Malcolm X came to realize that this approach to fairness and equality was wrong. Then people like Louis Farrakhan came along to reverse the thoughts of Malcolm X and people like him have led to people like this woman who in reality would love to see a race war. Fortunately, over the last 60 years, most people of any race want to see people getting along.

  6. Avatar photoSHRW // Reply

    She must be speaking of her own hate! For most people our flag his a symbol of liberty and freedom. Hate has no place in it. It represents the ability to walk free and speak freely. The freedom to make our own choices and accept the consequences of those choices.

  7. Avatar photoGrumpyVeteran Reply

    That racist negress has no business in the classroom. She is evil to the core, and she needs to be removed permanently from the classroom and put out to pasture! And since that babbling female gorilla hates our flag, deporting would be a good option!

  8. Avatar photoJack Peck Reply

    NEWS FLASH: Humans Discriminate! They have been doing that since the beginning of the human race. The Bible is full of examples. Racial discrimination is one of the most egregious forms, but only one of many. I can guarantee that if this nation were made up of people like Nancy Dome, the discrimination factor would be far worse.

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