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How much do you want to bet that CNN takes no action against their contributor, Marc Lamont Hill for calling for the destruction of Israel and defending the violence from the Palestinian terrorists? They won’t because they probably agree with him. CNN is the news station for extremists, which explains why they are getting killed …

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A Syrian fighter jet flew a mile into Israeli airspace. Therefore Israelis launched two Patriot Missiles. Thus knocking the jet out of the sky. Syrian sources say the jet flew over Syrian territory at the time it was shot down. It is suspected that it was set off by an earlier rescue. Israel mounted to …

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Iran constantly makes threats against Israel but after seeing the results of their attack on Israel, they have not been very successful in their endeavors.

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It’s hard to tell what will come out of this as neither side has made any direct quotes on the matter.

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It seems like every week the liberals and the media (That was rather redundant don’t you think?) find some other way that President Trump is about to destroy America. But considering the liberal’s history, Trump could never be more than a rank amateur compared to them. The latest scare was that the world was about …

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