Why Gen Z Rejects Traditional Morals – Must Read!

Recently, conservative commentator Charlie Kirk visited a college campus to give a speech and engage in a debate. During this event, a young student confidently argued that morality can exist without religion. This interaction highlights a troubling trend among today’s youth: they are so certain of their woke ideologies that they reject traditional values and wisdom. This arrogance, coupled with their reliance on social media for information, along with educational indocrination prevents them from listening to life experiencedes from adults.

The Debate

During the debate, the student questioned the need for religion to define morality. He claimed he could determine what is good and bad without referencing religious texts like the Bible. Kirk responded by challenging this viewpoint, asking how the student could make moral judgments without an absolute standard.

The student argued that moral beliefs are subjective and based on personal and cultural experiences. He even went so far as to say that actions like murder or the Holocaust couldn’t be objectively labeled as wrong without a universal moral truth. Kirk countered by using extreme examples to illustrate the danger of this perspective. He asked if leaving a newborn baby to die or the atrocities of the Holocaust could be seen as morally acceptable in any context.

The Arrogance of Youth

This debate exemplifies the arrogance of many young people today. They are confident in their beliefs, often shaped by social media and ideology, and they dismiss the value of traditional wisdom and religious teachings. This arrogance is problematic because it blinds them to the lessons learned by previous generations and the moral frameworks that have guided societies for centuries.

The Role of Religion

For centuries, religion has provided a moral framework for societies. Although religion has been hijacked over the centuries many times by radical sects, the Bible, for instance, offers clear guidelines on how to live a righteous life. These teachings have helped shape laws, cultural norms, and personal behaviors, promoting a sense of order and morality. Without such a foundation, morality becomes a matter of opinion, leading to a relativistic view where anything can be justified.

The Dangers of Moral Relativism

The student’s argument reflects a dangerous trend towards moral relativism. When young people believe that morality is subjective, they open the door to justifying any behavior based on personal preference or cultural norms. This can lead to societal chaos, as there is no common ground for determining right from wrong.

Kirk pointed out that without an objective moral standard, societies could justify heinous acts, such as genocide or infanticide. This is not just a theoretical concern; history has shown that when societies abandon absolute moral truths, atrocities can and do occur.

The Influence of Social Media

Another factor contributing to this issue is the influence of social media. Platforms like Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram are where many young people get their information and form their beliefs. These platforms often promote quick, surface-level understanding of complex issues, leading to a shallow grasp of morality and ethics.

Social media also encourages echo chambers, where individuals are only exposed to viewpoints that reinforce their existing beliefs. This can make young people more resistant to considering alternative perspectives or listening to the wisdom of older generations.

The Need for Humility and Wisdom

What today’s youth need is a dose of humility. They need to recognize that they don’t have all the answers and that there is value in listening to the experiences and teachings of those who came before them. Religious texts like the Bible offer timeless wisdom and moral guidance that have stood the test of time.

Final Thoughts

The debate between Charlie Kirk and the college student is a clear example of the challenges we face with today’s youth. Their confidence in their woke ideologies, fueled by social media, leads them to reject traditional values and moral frameworks. This arrogance not only blinds them to the lessons of the past but also opens the door to dangerous moral relativism. As a society, we must encourage young people to seek wisdom, embrace humility, and recognize the importance of objective moral standards. Only then can we hope to foster a generation that understands the true meaning of right and wrong.



  1. Avatar photoTimothy Reply

    this is the reason my Beretta 9MM now identifies as a “wireless hole puncher” today. IT is still black, but in no way offensive. Totally harmless

  2. Avatar photoDale Casto Reply

    I would like Kirk’s point of view on the “rightness or wrongness” of this statement.

    10 “When you go to attack a city, you must first offer peace to the people there. 11 If they accept your offer and open their gates, all the people in that city will become your slaves and be forced to work for you. 12 But if the city refuses to make peace with you and fights against you, you should surround the city. 13 And when the Lord your God lets you take the city, you must kill all the men in it. 14 But you may take for yourselves the women, the children, the cattle, and everything else in the city. http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Deuteronomy+20&version=ERV

    How is that different from the National Socialists eliminating the Anti-Christians from their society?

    From a Christian perspective, consider this. If they were allowed to continue living they would undoubtably have children who most likely will adopt the Anti-Christian views of their parents and thus spend eternity in the Lake of Fire, so in the long run they were preventing needless eternal suffering.

  3. Avatar photoDaniel Quigley Reply

    The biggest difference is we went to school to learn. Now they go to be Indoctrinated and Brainwashed by the Looney Liberal School Boards and Teachers

  4. Avatar photoJesse Tomblin Reply

    Since Gen Z as it is being called did not have any REAL MORAL teaching they have no idea what MORALS are. They claim they can be good but what standard are they using to tell what good is???

  5. Avatar photoBret Reply

    I can see him as the next mass shooter. You know because good is relative. When there is no instruction on what is good or bad, then there is no good nor bad and all is allowed. Hitler is the standard for evil, and He literally said Hitler was ok. Soon all democrats will be saying the same out loud. That is the only conclusion This is what they are taught in the US education system.

  6. Avatar photoStanB Reply

    The Bible lays out 10 Commandments from God. Anyone Christian or not would have to agree that the laws are extremely reasonable. If followed, mankind wouldn’t need the tens of thousands of “commandments” mankind has laid upon their fellow man.

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