Bill Maher Slams the Radical Left: “Your Ideas Are Stupid!”

Bill Maher, the sharp-tongued comedian and host of “Real Time” on HBO, recently sat down for an interview with Fareed Zakaria on CNN. During the interview, Maher discussed his new book, “What This Comedian Said Will Shock You,” and shared his thoughts on various current issues. Maher’s insights reveal that while he remains the same liberal he always was, the left has moved far left. Let’s dive into some key points from the interview to understand his perspective better.

The Misconception of Change

Maher addressed the perception that he has changed over the years. In his book, he writes, “Some people think I’ve changed. I assure you I have not. I’m still the same unmarried, childless, pot-smoking libertine I always was.” Maher emphasizes that he hasn’t matured into a different person. Instead, he points out that the younger generation tends to think that new ideas are automatically better. Maher challenges this notion by stating, “New is not synonymous with better.”

Criticism from the Left

Maher acknowledges that he has been criticized for sounding conservative. However, he argues that the younger generation’s radical ideas don’t necessarily equate to progress. He recalls how students today are more aggressive in their protests, even threatening other students, unlike the Vietnam War protests where the opposition was towards the war, not fellow Americans. Maher makes a clear distinction between then and now, emphasizing that supporting a terrorist group like Hamas is not the same as opposing an unjust war.

The Left’s Evolution

Maher admits that he now makes fun of the left more often because “the left has changed.” He points out that while the right has also changed, and from his prespective for the worse with their support for Donald Trump, the left’s shift cannot be ignored. Maher highlights absurd ideas like “you can be healthy at any weight” and “gender is always a social construct.” He criticizes the left for pushing concepts like giving communism another try, getting rid of capitalism, and tearing down statues of historical figures like Lincoln. According to Maher, it’s not that he’s gotten old; it’s that the new ideas from the left are, in his words, “stupid.”

The Decline of Male Communication Skills

Another significant issue Maher discusses is how young men have lost their ability to communicate and date effectively. He blames technology, particularly dating apps like Tinder, for this decline. Maher explains that these apps have made it too easy for men to avoid real conversations and interactions. He humorously notes, “Most women on [Tinder] say they will swipe left on anyone who’s not six feet tall.” Maher fears this trend will lead to a generation of frustrated, angry young men, potentially turning into Trump voters or members of the “incel” community.

The Right’s Radical Shift

While Maher criticizes the left, he is equally harsh on the right, particularly their embrace of Donald Trump. He describes Trump as a “sociopath” who believes elections only count when he wins. However, Maher’s hyperbolic statement that the right doesn’t believe in democracy anymore is ridiculous. Conservatives value democratic principles and believe in the importance of fair elections. He points out the dangerous rhetoric coming from both sides, but makes a point that some on the left are supporting groups like Hamas.

The Threat of Civil War

Maher expresses deep concern about the growing division in America, noting that both sides see the other as an existential threat. He recalls how, in the past, political leaders like Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill could have a drink together despite their differences. Today, such camaraderie is unimaginable. Maher warns that this hatred and division could lead to a civil war, a topic he explores in the last chapter of his book.

The Importance of Common Sense

Throughout the interview, Maher returns to the theme of common sense. He argues that regardless of where one stands on the political spectrum, common sense should prevail. Maher believes that many of the new ideas from the left lack this fundamental quality. He remains committed to calling out nonsense wherever he sees it, whether from the left or the right.

Final Thoughts

Bill Maher’s interview with Fareed Zakaria provides a fascinating insight into his views on the current political climate. While he remains the same liberal he has always been, he believes the left has moved too far to the extreme. Maher continues to challenge absurd ideas with his signature wit and common sense, proving that while times may change, his core principles do not.



  1. Avatar photoThomas Paine Reply

    It seems to me that he does have common sense, but he also seems to point out most of the rediculous things that the Left is doing, but when it comes to Conservatives, he only points to one person, DJT. More likely he has a strong dislike for Pres. Trump then he does against Conservatism. I think he has changed, and he doesn’t even know it.

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