Watch! Robert Hur Testify That Biden Criminally Mishandled Classified Docs – But Chose Not To Charge Him!

In a recent House Judiciary Committee hearing, Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) engaged in a pointed exchange with Robert Hur, shedding light on a controversy that has stirred the nation. The subject at hand? President Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents. This dialogue, rich in detail and implication, serves as a critical lens through which we can examine the apparent double standards permeating our justice system.

At the core of this issue are the classified documents found in eight unsecured locations, some brimming with national security information, and shockingly, some even taken from a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) during Biden’s tenure as vice president. Biden’s cavalier approach to handling these documents, including discussions with a ghostwriter with no security clearance and actually reading from them, starkly contrasts with the legal scrutiny faced by others under similar circumstances.

The disparity in treatment between President Biden and former President Donald Trump is glaring. Trump, protected by the Presidential Records Act, which allows a sitting president to declassify documents, faced charges for actions arguably within his legal purview. Meanwhile, Biden, with classified documents scattered across unsecured locations, remains uncharged. This discrepancy raises profound questions about the impartiality of our justice system.

Robert Hur’s reasoning for not bringing charges against Biden hinges on an assertion that borders on the absurd: Biden wasn’t competent enough to stand trial. Yet, this same individual is deemed competent to hold the highest office in the land. This logic not only undermines the seriousness with which classified information should be handled but also insults the intelligence of the American public.

The case of Hillary Clinton further illustrates this double standard. Despite destroying devices and using software to delete classified emails, she faced no charges. The reasoning at the time, as per FBI Director James Comey, was that no prosecutor would take the case. This rationale, thinly veiled, suggests a disturbing truth: there’s a different set of rules for Democrats under this dual system of justice.

During the hearing, Buck’s probing questions highlighted the inconsistencies in the application of the law. The evidence against Biden, including his own admission to possessing classified documents in an unsecured location, seems to meet the threshold for willful mishandling. Yet, Hur’s explanations, focusing on potential defense arguments and Biden’s purported memory gaps, fail to convincingly justify the decision not to prosecute.

This situation is not merely about the mishandling of classified documents; it’s a litmus test for our nation’s commitment to justice and equality before the law. The arguments presented by Hur, while attempting to navigate the complexities of legal standards, inadvertently underscore the perception of bias that undermines public trust in our legal system.

Final Thoughts

The dialogue between Rep. Ken Buck and Robert Hur at the House Judiciary Committee hearing has laid bare the inconsistencies and perceived biases in our justice system. The handling of the Biden classified documents case, when viewed against the backdrop of similar cases, reveals a troubling double standard. This discrepancy not only challenges the integrity of our legal framework but also calls into question the foundational principle that justice is blind. As this saga unfolds, it serves as a stark reminder of the imperative for impartiality and fairness, principles that should guide not only our legal system but also the court of public opinion.


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  1. Avatar photoStephen Russell Reply

    Yet Trump had a SKIF in Mara Lago & documents under Lock & Key Note photos
    Vs BIdens scattered who knows where BUT they charge Trump
    ALL politics

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