Watch! FBI Director Exposes How Biden’s Border Blunders Invite Terrorists and Gangs into Your Backyard!

In a series of alarming revelations, FBI Director Christopher Wray has shed light on the grave national security threats emanating from the southern border of the United States. His testimony before the Senate, underscores a dire situation that has unfolded as a direct consequence of President Joe Biden’s immigration policies. The focus keyword, “dangerous threats at the border,” has never been more relevant or concerning.

Upon taking office, President Biden swiftly dismantled several key immigration policies of his predecessor, Donald Trump. Among these were the “Remain in Mexico”,  “Zero Tolerance”, as well as stopping construction of the border wall.   All of which were designed to curb illegal immigration and enhance border security. These actions have led to a situation that can only be described as an open-border policy, creating a magnet for illegal immigration and, as Director Wray testifies, a wide array of very dangerous threats.

The Unraveling of Border Security

The FBI Director’s warnings are not to be taken lightly. He has pointed out that the southern border has become a conduit for “dangerous individuals” entering the United States. This is not just about undocumented migration; it’s about the infiltration of individuals with ties to violent gangs and even terrorist organizations such as ISIS. The smuggling networks, emboldened and facilitated by lax border policies, have now become a significant national security concern.

One of the most chilling aspects of Wray’s testimony is the mention of the smuggling network’s ties to ISIS. This revelation, as detailed in the Fox News report, highlights the complexity and danger of the current situation. It’s not merely a matter of immigration; it’s a matter of national security. The FBI’s seizure of enough fentanyl to kill 270 million people, as mentioned in the ABC News article, further illustrates the multifaceted threats at the border, from drug trafficking to potential terrorism.

The Impact of Policy Changes

The shift from Trump’s stringent border policies to Biden’s more lenient approach has had tangible, detrimental effects. The “Remain in Mexico” policy, for instance, was instrumental in ensuring that asylum seekers waited in Mexico for their court proceedings in the U.S. Its elimination has led to a surge in border crossings and a backlog of cases that the current infrastructure cannot handle. Similarly, the end of the “Zero Tolerance” policy, which prosecuted illegal border crossers, has removed a significant deterrent for illegal immigration.

These policy reversals have not only encouraged illegal entry into the United States but have also strained the resources of border enforcement and local communities. The influx of migrants has overwhelmed facilities, leading to the release of many into the country, where tracking and enforcement become significantly more challenging.

The Political Backdrop

The Biden administration’s border policies have become a focal point of political debate. Critics argue that the president’s decisions have effectively opened the borders, inviting a host of security risks. Proponents of stricter immigration controls view the current situation as a validation of their long-held concerns over national security and the rule of law. The administration, however, contends that it is seeking a more humane approach to immigration, one that requires comprehensive reform passed by Congress.

Yet, as the situation at the border worsens, the call for immediate action grows louder. The testimony of FBI Director Wray, as covered by conservative media outlets, serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of policy decisions made at the highest levels of government. It underscores the need for policies that balance humanitarian concerns with the imperative of national security.

Final Thoughts

The testimony of FBI Director Christopher Wray paints a troubling picture of the current state of the U.S. southern border. The direct link between President Biden’s dismantling of Trump-era policies and the escalation of dangerous threats at the border is undeniable. As the nation grapples with the ramifications of these policy changes, the focus keyword, “dangerous threats at the border,” encapsulates the urgent need for a change in administration.



  1. Avatar photodon Reply

    All Democrats are supporting Biden’s anti-American actions in order to remain in power. NO EXCUSES> They have backed the border insanity from the beginning. I wouldn’t vote for a Democrat to collect dog shit. They are collectively destroying America and are beneath my disgust.

  2. Avatar photoSHRW Reply

    Who are these people illegally invading our nation? They are internationally diverse. Forty -five percent come from 17o different countries other than Mexico or Central America. Many are unaccompanied minors, 448,ooo to date. More than 330 are on the FNI’s terrorist watch list. Many are murders, rapists, kidnappers, and violent criminals. More than a million have been lawfully ordered deported by judges in the U.S. but remain in our country regardless, The dismissal by the executive ranch of our government of hundreds of thousands of cases of immigration law violations is unprecedented. And this does not count for all those who slipped across the border undetected.

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