Watch! Biden’s Disgusting Apology For Using The Term “Illegal”

In a recent MSNBC interview following the State of the Union address, President Joe Biden’s words have sparked a significant controversy, revealing a troubling aspect of his presidency. During the conversation, Biden expressed regret for using the term “illegal” to describe the individual responsible for the tragic murder of Laken Riley, opting instead for “undocumented person.” This moment of concession is not merely a matter of semantics but a glaring example of the President’s willingness to bend to the whims of his party, even at the cost of distorting reality and disrespecting the victims of heinous crimes.

The interview, intended to shed light on Biden’s perspectives and policies, instead unveiled a disconcerting willingness to apologize for acknowledging the illegal status of a murderer. This act of contrition from the President is emblematic of a broader issue within his administration: a hypocritical adherence to political correctness that undermines the safety and values of the American people.

Biden’s assertion that he “should not have said illegal” when referring to the perpetrator of such a vile act is not just a linguistic choice; it’s a political statement. It signals a disturbing trend in the current administration’s approach to immigration and crime, where the fear of offending outweighs the commitment to justice and truth. By retracting his use of “illegal,” Biden has effectively placed the sensitivities of the politically correct above the grievous reality faced by the victims of crimes committed by undocumented individuals.

Moreover, Biden’s rationale that “undocumented people” have built the country and are the reason the economy is growing is a gross oversimplification that ignores the complex realities of immigration and its impact on society. While many immigrants have indeed contributed significantly to the United States, to dismiss the legality of their entry and presence undermines the rule of law and the legitimate concerns many Americans have about border security and public safety.

This incident is a stark reminder of the President’s propensity to flip-flop on critical issues, demonstrating a lack of steadfastness that is essential for effective leadership. Biden’s readiness to backtrack on his statements under pressure from his party or public opinion is a testament to his role as a pawn in the political game, rather than a principled leader who stands by his convictions.

The implications of Biden’s apology extend beyond the immediate backlash. It sets a dangerous precedent for how crimes committed by undocumented individuals are discussed and addressed in the public sphere. By prioritizing political correctness over the stark realities of illegal immigration and its potential for harm, Biden’s administration is sending a message that the feelings of the few outweigh the safety and well-being of the many.

This incident also raises questions about the integrity of the President’s stance on immigration and crime. If Biden is willing to cave under pressure on this issue, what other compromises is he willing to make? How can the American people trust a leader who oscillates between positions based on the prevailing political winds?

Final Thoughts

President Joe Biden’s apology for accurately labeling a murderer as “illegal” is more than a mere slip of the tongue; it is a revealing glimpse into the priorities and pressures that shape his presidency. This act of capitulation to the demands of political correctness at the expense of truth and justice is a disservice to the victims of crimes committed by undocumented individuals. It underscores a disturbing willingness to distort reality for political expediency, betraying the trust of the American people and the principles upon which the nation was founded – and Frankly, disgusting!.




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  1. Reginald P Zenkewich Reply

    What a dung heap this Biden administration is and WE the PEOPLE must bring out the VOTE to remove Biden from being president and charge him with the crimes he is committing by dishonoring his OATH of OFFICE and charge him with the crime of sedition and or treason as well as dereliction of duties as commander in chief over the Afghan tragedies where 13 Americans were killed.

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