Avalanche of Ignorance: Skier’s Climate Testimony Buried Under Lack of Facts! [Video!]

In a recent spectacle that has left many scratching their heads in disbelief, Gus Schumacher, a cross-country skier with a passion for the outdoors, was presented as an expert witness on climate change. His testimony, however, quickly unraveled into a bewildering display of ignorance on the very subject he was supposed to enlighten Congress about. This event has sparked a wave of criticism and has many asking: Why would the left champion a “know-nothing” on climate change to testify about such a critical issue?

Schumacher’s appearance was under the auspices of Protect Our Winters, a group representing outdoor enthusiasts. When pressed on whether he was there on behalf of Democrats or Republicans, Schumacher’s response was vague, indicating he was there for outdoor enthusiasts across America. This ambiguity was the first red flag, raising questions about the seriousness with which the left treats expert testimony on climate change.

The questioning soon delved into the basics of climate science, where Schumacher’s lack of knowledge became glaringly apparent. When asked to define carbon dioxide, a fundamental component of the climate change debate, Schumacher could only muster that it was “a gas.” His inability to articulate the role of carbon dioxide in climate change, or even acknowledge its minor presence in the atmosphere, was startling. It begs the question: How can someone who lacks a basic understanding of climate science be the voice for action against climate change?

Schumacher’s testimony continued to crumble under further scrutiny. His calls for the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and the abolition of fossil fuels were based on nothing more than a vague desire to see changes in energy consumption. When pressed for specifics on the timeline for these changes, the cost of achieving carbon neutrality, or the impact on global temperatures, Schumacher’s responses were a series of “I don’t know.”

This lack of preparedness and knowledge was not just embarrassing for Schumacher but also for those who invited him to testify. It highlights a troubling trend on the left: the elevation of voices that echo their sentiments on climate change, regardless of their expertise or understanding of the subject. This approach undermines the seriousness of the climate debate and insults the intelligence of those genuinely seeking solutions.

Schumacher’s foray into political commentary, as revealed through his social media activity, further detracts from his credibility as a witness on climate change. His tweets on systemic racism and the abolition of the police, while important topics in their own right, were irrelevant to the discussion at hand and served only to distract from the issue of climate change.

Final Thoughts

The decision to put Gus Schumacher up as an expert witness on climate change is a stark illustration of the left’s misguided approach to addressing this critical issue. By prioritizing ideological alignment over genuine expertise, they not only embarrass themselves but also detract from the urgent need for informed action on climate change. This incident should serve as a wake-up call for those serious about tackling climate change: Expertise must come first in the conversation, not political convenience or ideological purity.



  1. Avatar photoPhil Simpson Reply

    To Gus… I’m over 70 y/o, live in western NY state. I can remember winters with almost zero snow and other winters that never seemed to end. SO what??? You might better keep your mouth shut so you don’t prove your idiocy.

  2. Avatar photoCharlieSeattle Reply

    Most experts agree that 1,500 ppm is the maximum CO2 level for maximum plant growth, although any CO2 level between 1,000ppm and 1,500ppm will produce greatly improved results. Greenhouse CO2 levels are jacked up to enhance plant growth.


    The average CO2ppm level the last thousand up till 1841 years averaged approximately 280ppm. Since 1841 CO2 levels have increased to 422ppm in Jan. 2024. That helps plant growth.
    Anything below 200ppm starves plant growth! Carbon dioxide is essential to the process of photosynthesis. Most plants grown indoors require a minimum CO2 concentration of 330 ppm to enable them to photosynthesise efficiently and produce energy in the form of carbohydrates. These concentrations of CO2 are enough for plants to grow and develop normally.

    Millions of years ago CO2ppm levels and temperature was much higher. Plants trived! Concentrations of CO 2 in the atmosphere were as high as 4,000 ppm during the Cambrian period about 500 million years ago, and as low as 180 ppm during the Quaternary glaciation of the last two million years. Ice core data does not lie!

    Look it up! I just did. Greta Thunberg, Al Gore and Bill Gates are lying leftist frauds!
    Industrial CO2 emissions since 1841 likely staved off an Ice Age!

  3. Avatar photoYO VINNIE Reply

    The idea that climate can be controlled by paying extra taxes and fees and by removing the freedoms of people is ludicrous.

    You are a lunatic if you believe you are saving the planet by driving a Tesla.

  4. Avatar photoBabsan Reply

    Poor Gus,uninformed and uneducated to an extent and pushing Climate Change.I suggest go read up on the Earth’s many “Climate Changes” thru the millenium

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