Hunter Biden Trial Starts Today – What You Need to Know!

Hunter Biden is in hot water, facing three serious federal gun charges. This trial could have a big impact on his father, President Joe Biden, as he seeks re-election in 2024. Let’s dive into the details and explore what this means for both Hunter and his father’s political future.

The Federal Gun Charges

Hunter Biden, the president’s son, is going on trial in Wilmington, Delaware. The trial starts with jury selection and is expected to last between three and six days. The charges are straightforward but severe: buying a gun while addicted to crack cocaine, lying on a federal form about his drug use, and making a false statement to a federally licensed gun dealer.

In 2018, Hunter bought a Colt Cobra .38 Special revolver from a gun store in Wilmington. During the purchase, he allegedly lied about his drug use. At the time, he was struggling with addiction to crack cocaine. This lie is what got him into trouble.

A Long History of Troubles

Hunter’s troubles didn’t start with this gun charge. He has been under investigation for years. His business dealings in Ukraine, China, and Romania have been under scrutiny. Republicans and former President Donald Trump have accused him of corruption and influence-peddling.

In 2020, Hunter admitted his tax affairs were under investigation. By June 2023, his lawyers reached a plea deal to settle these issues. Hunter would plead guilty to tax violations and enter a diversion program for the gun charge. This deal would help him avoid prison. But Judge Maryellen Noreika questioned the deal, sending both sides back to the negotiating table. When the deal fell apart, Hunter was charged with three federal gun crimes.

Evidence Against Hunter

Prosecutors have a lot of evidence against Hunter. They will use his memoir, Beautiful Things, where he admitted to using drugs in 2018. They also have text messages and emails from his laptop, which he allegedly left at a computer repair shop. Hunter and his allies claim some content from the laptop might be altered, but prosecutors have verified many of the texts and emails.

Three of Hunter’s exes are expected to testify against him. Kathleen Buhle, Hallie Biden, and Zoe Kasten will likely confirm his drug use around the time of the gun purchase. Hallie Biden is also expected to testify about finding the gun and throwing it away because she feared he might harm himself.

The Defense’s Arguments

Hunter’s defense team argues the charges are unconstitutional and that he is being selectively prosecuted. Thats rich considering what just happend to Trump!  They claim the gun law he allegedly broke violates the Second Amendment. However, these arguments were rejected by the judge. Hunter’s lawyers also suggest that he might not have filled out the entire gun form himself, raising questions about the process.

Hunter might testify in his own defense, a risky move that could backfire. His lawyers also plan to call expert witnesses on addiction and forensic psychiatry.

The Political Impact

Hunter Biden’s trial could have serious political consequences for President Joe Biden. As his father campaigns for re-election, this trial will be a major distraction. The sight of Hunter walking into court, passing a photo of his father, is a vivid reminder of the president’s challenges.

Republicans have long targeted Hunter as a weak spot for the president. They argue that Hunter has received special treatment because of his father’s position. If convicted, Hunter could face up to 25 years in prison. This would be a huge blow to President Biden’s re-election campaign.

Special Treatment?

Many believe Hunter Biden has received special treatment up to this point. His plea deal last year was seen by many as a “sweetheart deal” that allowed him to avoid prison. Republicans argue that the Justice Department has gone easy on him because he is the president’s son.

Prosecutors insist that the charges are based on Hunter’s actions, not politics. They argue that the case is straightforward and not influenced by external pressure. However, the perception of special treatment remains strong among many Americans.

Final Thoughts

Hunter Biden’s trial is a major event with far-reaching consequences. It shines a light on his personal struggles and raises questions about the president’s leadership. As the trial unfolds, we will see how it impacts the Biden family and the 2024 election.

What do you think? Will Hunter Biden’s trial hurt his father’s re-election chances? Will Hunter face any jail time?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.



  1. Avatar photoRandy J Filling Reply

    Make sure the jurors wear MAGA hats and the judge has donated to Trump and his daughter raises money for Trump, and they don’t have to come to a unanimous verdict. Isn’t that the new justice system?

  2. Avatar photoRaymond M.Myrick Reply

    Any red-blooded American already knows what the verdict will be in Hunter Biden’s case. Not Guilty. JJoe Biden would never let his screwed up, drug addict and lying and selling out his Country for money and drugs. To be found guilty of anything criminal will NEVER HAPPEN to this sick piece of crap. The Biden’s are scammers, criminals and liars from the top to the bottom through and through.
    His handlers should write another book of How to become a multimillionaire without working for ONE SOLITARY DAY. All the Biden’s need is a little lead poisoning to overcome. FJB. FHB FJB. Our once Beautiful Country is now in the toilet. Thanks Joe. It’s ALL ON YOU BUD.

  3. Avatar photoSue Reply

    Make sure all jurors are republicans and hate old Joe. Make sure the prosecutor tell the jury he was kicked out of the military. That he’s a crack whore and doesn’t may child support to his young daughter. Make sure they know he’s a international treasonous spy

  4. Avatar photoDennis Reply

    The form that he signed states its a felony if you lie on the form, so why are we wasting tax payers hard earned dollars to convict a felon that is already guilty. He’s a drug addict that signed the form, so he’s GUILTY. no questions asked, Lock him up and throw the key away.

  5. Avatar photoJames Reply

    Biden is stealing tax dollars and so is Zelensky they are sending millions to their off shore accounts

  6. Avatar photoJoe Shmo Reply

    If Soros hasn’t touched the judge and jurors he should be convicted. Hopefully he will get huuuge jail time. Put him in with Big Bubba. Big Bubba will straighten him out, do him in his jackass or just hopefully shank him to oblivion.

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