James Comer Destroys Dr. Fauci’s Credibility: Explosive Hearing Details!

In a congressional hearing today June 3rd, 2024, Rep. James Comer from Kentucky grilled Dr. Anthony Fauci, exposing what many see as the former NIH chief’s willingness to sacrifice his advisors to save his own skin. The hearing revealed troubling details about Fauci’s inner circle, leaving many questioning his integrity and actions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Should Fauci be charged with crimes against humanity? This article dives into the details and discusses why this might be the case.

Fauci’s Senior Advisor Distancing

In his opening statement, Dr. Fauci attempted to distance himself from his previous senior advisor, Dr. David Morens. Fauci claimed that Morens’ title was fabricated and that he wasn’t actually an advisor to him. Furthermore, Fauci stated that Morens’ office was in a different building. However, when pressed by Comer, Fauci admitted he wasn’t sure of Morens’ official reporting line, suggesting Morens might have reported through someone lower, like a deputy. This vague response raises questions about Fauci’s leadership and transparency.

Contradicting Testimonies

Dr. Fauci’s credibility took another hit when Comer pointed out that Dr. Deborah Birx testified she could walk into Fauci’s office anytime she wanted. Fauci quickly denied this, claiming it wasn’t true. This contradiction between Fauci and Birx’s testimonies adds to the growing list of inconsistencies in Fauci’s statements.

Emails and Official Records

Comer further questioned Fauci about the use of personal email for official business. Fauci firmly stated that he had never conducted official business via his private email. However, Comer highlighted a troubling pattern within Fauci’s inner circle, particularly involving Dr. Morens and Fauci’s Chief of Staff, Mr. Greg Folkers.

When asked if using personal email for official business violated NIH policy, Fauci confirmed it did. This revelation suggests that Fauci’s inner circle might have breached NIH policies multiple times. Moreover, Comer revealed that Dr. Morens edited an EcoHealth Alliance press release regarding a grant termination, which Fauci admitted was inappropriate and a conflict of interest. This is just one example of policy violations under Fauci’s watch.

Pattern of Inappropriate Behavior

Comer continued to unveil a series of actions by Dr. Morens that violated NIH policies. On multiple occasions, Dr. Morens edited communications for EcoHealth Alliance, provided advice on misleading the NIH, and even attempted to influence EcoHealth’s board of directors. Each of these actions, as confirmed by Fauci, was inappropriate and violated NIH policies.

Fauci’s response to these revelations was to distance himself further from Dr. Morens, claiming he did not engage in these interactions. Yet, the fact that these actions took place under Fauci’s leadership raises serious concerns about his oversight and accountability.

Protecting Allies

One of the most damning revelations came when Comer highlighted an email from Dr. Morens to Dr. Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance. Morens wrote, “Peter, from Tony’s numerous recent comments to me, they are trying to protect you.” When asked if he ever talked to Dr. Morens about Dr. Daszak or EcoHealth, Fauci denied any intention of protection, claiming that Morens must have made it up. This statement, combined with Fauci’s previous denials, further erodes his credibility.

Knowledge of Compliance Issues

By the time these emails were written, Fauci should have been aware of several compliance issues involving Dr. Daszak and EcoHealth Alliance. These issues included late progress reports, conducting experiments that resulted in novel viruses, failing to report these experiments, protecting the Wuhan lab, and not disclosing conflicts of interest. Despite these serious concerns, Fauci maintained that he was not trying to protect Dr. Daszak and was unaware of these compliance issues until much later.

Communication with the Intelligence Community

Another critical point came when Comer asked Fauci about his communication with the intelligence community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fauci initially seemed to deny having any communication, but quickly clarified that he had been briefed multiple times by the intelligence community. This back-and-forth raised further questions about Fauci’s transparency and the accuracy of his statements.

Final Thoughts

Rep. James Comer’s questioning of Dr. Anthony Fauci has shed light on a troubling pattern of behavior within Fauci’s inner circle. From using personal email for official business to engaging in inappropriate communications and attempting to influence grant decisions, these actions suggest a lack of integrity and accountability. Fauci’s attempts to distance himself from these actions only further damage his credibility.

Given the serious nature of these revelations, it’s worth considering whether Dr. Fauci should be held accountable. His willingness to throw advisors under the bus to save himself is deeply concerning and calls into question his leadership during one of the most critical periods in recent history.

We want to hear from you. What are your thoughts on Fauci’s actions and Comer’s revelations? Should Fauci be charged with crimes against humanity? Share your comments below.



  1. Avatar photoSherlock Reply

    At this point even our pet dogs know that Gates,Fauci,Bourla,Schwab and the global cabalists at WEF pushing this NWO genocide on God’s innocent are 100% GUILTY! Why do they STILL skate for their heinous crimes against humanity?

    1. Avatar photocharles Reply

      They planned this and unleashed it on the world, then came the forced vaccinations, on the the sheep. This and others should be tried for treason, i have loads of questions, why was pelosi in Wuhan in October of 2019. why did fauci make a statement in 2017, theat Trump would have a pandemic during his term in office, even radio hosts was screaming before pandemic that we needed a down turn in economy to get Trump out of office, the democratic party along with the rich elites done us in.

  2. Avatar photoGrumpyVeteran Reply

    When that SCAMDEMIC was going strong, we could not turn on the tv without seeing that arrogant little prick’s face, and without hearing him act like a sawed-off dictator. It was HIS insistence that we “follow the science,” but HE was “the science.” People lost their businesses over that little SOB’s dictates. Our children suffered. People were so fearful of EVERYTHING because of his dictates. HELL, YES, he needs to be made to pay for this. Those that lost a business due to his dictatorial mandates needs to reimbursed for their losses FULLY, and HE needs to reimburse them for all they lost. And then he needs to be stripped of his ill-gotten wealth. And the bleeding-heart liberals need to shut up on this, as he made MILLIONS off the SCAMDEMIC. Lastly, he needs to spend the rest of his life in prison!

  3. Avatar photoKenneth Leavitt Hall Reply

    He was not alone in his escapades. The Democrat Party and many of its leaders backed him up and swore to his lies.

  4. Avatar photogman Reply

    Fauci is guilty as sin…and will never be held accountable in any meaningful way…pretty much status quo these days

  5. Avatar photoJeanine DellaRocco Reply

    These comments are pathetic! When you get your degrees in infectious disease, then you can give an opinion

  6. Avatar photoEdwin M. Eaton Reply

    I believe that (Dr) ??? Fauci is as phony as the so-called “pandemic”.

    He is a blatant liar who knew about the origins of the disease, the inappropriateness of much of his “advice”, and financially profited from the scare tactics he orchestrated.

    At the least, Fauci should have his medical credentials removed and
    have to pay for damages in Civil Court.

    For his possible criminal actions, he should face penalties of confinement and be ordered to pay restitution like any other swindler.

  7. Avatar photoCharlieSeattle Reply

    ….yawn, 4 years of MEANINGLESS harsh language is not an arrest for crimes against humanity!

    All Comer is doing is pimping for donations from MAGA rubes that still think BS is action!

    I expect his fund rasing letter in 5 days………as usual!

  8. Avatar photoFlorian Konashefski Reply

    would you believe Spanish flu was a bio weapon created by US military? And you believe masks saved lives. I have a bridge for sale in New York cheap. I know of plenty of good Doctors I trust more than Fauci and Birx.

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