Breaking News! Biden to Remain in Presidential Race at Camp David!

Biden Family Encourages Joe to Stay in Presidential Race

Despite the recent pressure for Joe Biden to withdraw from the presidential race, his family has been a pillar of support, encouraging him to stay. According to The New York Times, Hunter Biden, his son, has been the most vocal supporter.

Joe Biden’s Struggles and Family Support

Joe Biden’s recent performance in Thursday night’s debate left him feeling humiliated and devoid of confidence, as reported by NBC News. Amidst this challenging time, it was revealed that he would be discussing the future of his campaign with his family at Camp David on Sunday. There were also calls for him to step down from the 2024 race.

The president seemed visibly affected during his visit to New Jersey for a fundraiser. He appeared slack-jawed and shuffled across the tarmac in New York in the Hamptons, where Nurse Jill assisted him.

Later on Saturday, Biden and his family traveled to Camp David in Maryland. While this trip was already on his public schedule, NBC News reported that it would serve as a platform for discussing his campaign’s future with his family.

Hunter Biden: A Pillar of Support

The New York Times reported on Sunday evening that Hunter Biden was the strongest voice encouraging his father to stay in the race. “One of the strongest voices imploring Mr. Biden to resist pressure to drop out was his son Hunter Biden, whom the president has long leaned on for advice,” stated The New York Times.

Hunter wants Americans to see a different side of his father – scrappy and in command of facts rather than the stumbling, aging president they saw on Thursday night.

Public Reaction and Commentary

The public reaction to this development has been mixed. Scott Jennings, a CNN pundit and former adviser to George W. Bush, had strong words for Hunter and Joe Biden after The New York Times published its report on Sunday night.

Final Thoughts

The pressure on Joe Biden to withdraw from the presidential race is mounting, but his family’s support remains steadfast. Despite the public perception and media commentary, the final decision rests with Biden himself. As we continue to monitor this story, let’s remember that at the end of the day, it’s about more than just politics – it’s about a man and his family facing a difficult decision.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Do you think Joe Biden should stay in the race or step down? We invite you to share your views in the comment section below.



  1. Avatar photoSHRW // Reply

    It is doubtful that Joe Biden needed much encouraging. He is determined to stay the course. As for the family, Jill obviously loves being First Lady. She likes the prestige it brings. And Hunter enjoys the influence it provides him in his international business dealings.

  2. Avatar photoEl-Tejas Reply

    Of course his family wants him to remain in office. They enjoy all the perks that go with it. Hunter in particular has a vested interest in his father remaining in a position of influence.

  3. Avatar photoGrizz Mann Reply

    C’mon man! Joe Biden is still the best the Democrats have to offer. Don’t give up on Joe, when he needs you most.

  4. Avatar photoShawn Davlin Reply

    It is no surprise that Hunter wants his dad to stay the course, so he can pardon him later for all of his crimes.

  5. Avatar photoCharlieSeattle Reply

    Typical Trump bravado.
    Tump forgot he still may be sentenced to prison. …and yet?
    Trump forgot the DNC election fraud apparatus is still intact. …and yet?
    Trump forgot he is not re elected. …and yet?
    The DOD Top BrASS has not been arrested and executed for treason. …and yet?
    Trump calls for military Tribunal before the fact of their reform. …and yet?
    The Deep State CIA/FBI Arkancide squad hardly needs an excuse to act. …and yet?
    Trump still lets his mouth over rule his brain. …and yet?
    Trump better learn when to STFU while he is vulerable! …and yet?

  6. Avatar photoCharlieSeattle Reply

    Yaa! , stay in Joe! As if anyone really believed Biden was in charge anyway.

    Even as a drooling screaming vegetable in a soiled diaper hanging semi-concious on a coat rack, Obama and the Deep State cabal can continue the puppet act for another four years.

    BTW, the DNC election fraud apparatus is still intact.

    Thx to the complicity of the DOJ/FBI/FEC and the Feral courts Quid Pro Joe O’Biden will win again. No Problem!

  7. Avatar photoRRRoger Reply

    So, Joe does China’s Biden is returning to his cellar.
    I hope the “fix is not in” like last time because the corrupt globalist Establishment Elite cannot win without cheating.

  8. Avatar photoMarlopi Reply

    Hunter is looking out for himself — he wants Papa to pardon his crimes. Second point. If he can’t campaign and needs to hunker down at Camp David in luxury, he shouldn’t be allowed to run for president. He didn’t campaign in 2020 either. He spent that in his basement. He is not physically or mentally fit for the job. In fact he should return 3/4 of his salary for this term in office. He has done nothing for the American people and has been out of the White House at his home or on the beach. He’s had more vacations than Obama did and that was a lot. P

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