Unmissable Highlights! Trump’s Hilarious and Savage Takedown of Biden in Debate!

Trump Criticizes Biden on Border Control

In the latest debate, Donald Trump did not mince words when discussing Joe Biden’s handling of the border crisis. He accused Biden of allowing dangerous criminals to infiltrate our nation. “We have a border that’s the most dangerous place anywhere in the world,” Trump declared, highlighting tragic tales of young women being killed by illegal immigrants. This paints a bleak image of Biden’s lax border policies.

Trump’s candid, direct approach sent a clear message: under Biden, America’s safety is at risk. His message was loud and clear, while Biden’s response was bafflingly incoherent.

Biden’s Confusing Abortion Stance

When the topic of abortion came up, Trump pointed out that it is now up to individual states to decide. “The states are voting…bringing it back to the vote of the people, which is what everybody wanted, including the founders,” Trump stated clearly and logically.

Biden, however, struggled to form a coherent sentence. His comments about women being assaulted by in-laws and crossing state lines were confusing and off-topic. It seemed like a desperate attempt to distract from the real issue and it failed miserably. The contrast between Trump’s clarity and Biden’s confusion was stark.

The Split Screen Disaster

Throughout the entire debate, every split screen moment seemed like a test of Biden’s competence. Roger Ailes, formerly of Fox News, had a method for evaluating TV performances: he would turn down the sound. If one were to do that during this debate, Biden would lose instantly. Despite years of cosmetic surgery and stimulants, Biden appeared confused and disconnected. Trump, however, was in command.

Biden’s Incoherent Response

When Biden attempted to counter Trump’s points, it was a catastrophe. His rambling about young women being assaulted by in-laws and crossing state lines was nonsensical. Even the commentator found humor in the absurdity. Instead of addressing the issue at hand, Biden seemed to be making noise for the sake of it. It was a disappointing display from someone who is supposed to be a world leader.

Trump’s Zingers: Biden’s Golf Handicap and More

One of the most amusing moments came when Trump questioned Biden’s claim of having a six handicap in golf. “Ain’t no way that dude has an eight handicap or a six handicap,” Trump said, his disbelief palpable. According to Trump, Biden’s swing looked like it belonged to his “dead grandmother.” This was Trump at his finest, combining humor with brutal honesty.

Biden tried to brag about his golfing abilities, but Trump wasn’t buying it. He challenged Biden to a driving contest, scoffing at the notion that Biden could even carry his own golf bag. The audience couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of Biden’s claims and Trump’s quick wit.

The Moment of Truth

The most revealing moment of the debate was when Biden discussed family separations at the border. He accused Trump of putting children in cages, a narrative favored by the left. However, Biden’s explanation was so convoluted that it lost all impact. “I’ve changed the law…now you’re in a situation where there are 40% fewer people coming across the border legally,” Biden claimed. His statement was confusing, and he appeared puzzled by his own words.

Meanwhile, Trump underscored the failures of Biden’s policies. “We’re a failing nation because of him. His policies are so bad…his military policies are insane,” Trump asserted. He warned that Biden is leading us towards World War III, with leaders like Kim Jong-un and Xi Jinping showing no respect or fear for Biden.

Final Thoughts

This debate highlighted the stark contrast between Trump and Biden. Trump was sharp, clear, and in control. Biden, on the other hand, was a mess, unable to form coherent arguments and often rambling aimlessly. The split screens, Biden’s baffling statements, and Trump’s quick-witted responses made one thing clear: Trump dominated the debate.

This debate wasn’t just about policies; it was about who is fit to lead. Trump demonstrated his continued competence, while Biden appeared more out of touch than ever. America needs strong leadership, and this debate underscored just how much Biden is struggling in that role.

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  1. Avatar photoJames brewer Reply

    Joe Biden is a flunky/stooge for a few billionaires who also control the press. The naive believe what he feeds them.
    I am afraid he will lead us to WW3 and ultimately revolution. I am too much a patriot
    to want to see it happen.

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