New Analysis Shows Trump Crushing Biden in 2024 Election – See the Full Breakdown!

Trump Leads in Landslide Prediction: A Look at the 2024 Election Map

As the 2024 election approaches, former President Donald Trump is showing a strong lead in the race against President Joe Biden. The popular YouTube channel Election Time recently released a incredibly detailed analysis, predicting a significant victory for Trump. This prediction is based on the latest polling data and trends across various states. Here’s a closer look at their analysis and what it means for the upcoming election.

Solid States: The Foundation of Each Campaign

Election Time starts by identifying the solid states for both candidates. These are states expected to vote for either Biden or Trump by margins of 12 percentage points or more.

For Biden, the West Coast states like California, Washington, and Oregon are considered solid, although the margins are expected to be smaller than in 2020. Other solid states for Biden include Hawaii, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Illinois. Together, these states give Biden a starting total of 139 electoral votes.

On the other hand, Trump is expected to win almost every state in the center of the country, including solid Republican states in the Deep South. States like Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana are firmly in Trump’s camp. Additionally, Trump is favored in Alaska and the second district of Maine. This initial count gives Trump 126 electoral votes. When adding Iowa and Ohio, both considered solidly red now, Trump’s total increases to 149 electoral votes.

Likely States: Where Margins Matter

Next, Election Time identifies the likely states, where the winning margin is expected to be between 5 and 12 percentage points.

For Biden, Colorado is a key likely state. Although he won it by 14 points in 2020, the margin has decreased, with recent polls showing Biden ahead by 6.5 points. Other likely states for Biden include New York and New Jersey. Both states have seen significant Democratic challenges recently, such as Andrew Cuomo’s scandal in New York and Bob Menendez’s bribery charges in New Jersey. These issues have weakened Democratic support, making these states less secure for Biden.

For Trump, Texas and Florida are crucial likely states. Texas, with 40 electoral votes, has seen a steady Republican lead, with Trump expected to win by around 9 points. Florida, with 30 electoral votes, is also leaning heavily towards Trump, with polls showing a nearly 10-point lead. Both states significantly bolster Trump’s electoral count, bringing him to 219 electoral votes.

Lean States: Competitive but Favorable

Lean states are more competitive, with expected winning margins between one and five percentage points. These states are critical battlegrounds that could go either way but currently lean towards one candidate.

For Biden, New Mexico and Virginia are lean states. New Mexico, with a significant Hispanic population, shows Biden leading by about eight points. Virginia, a state that Biden won by 10 points in 2020, now shows a tighter race, with a lead of 4.3 points.

Trump has several lean states that are essential to his path to victory. The second district of Nebraska, Arizona, North Carolina, and Georgia are all leaning towards Trump. Arizona, in particular, is notable as it was won by Biden in 2020 but now shows Trump leading by over five points. North Carolina and Georgia, which were close in 2020, also show Trump with solid leads, suggesting these states are moving back into the Republican column.

Tilt States: The Closest Contests

Tilt states are those where the margin of victory is expected to be less than one percentage point. These are the most competitive states and can easily swing the election.

For Biden, New Hampshire and Maine are tilt states. Both states have shown very close polling, with Biden holding a slight edge. However, Maine’s polling shows Trump with a lead, indicating that even these traditionally Democratic states are in play.

Trump is predicted to win Nevada and Minnesota as tilt states. Nevada, which went for Clinton in 2016, shows Trump with a lead of over six points. Minnesota, a state with the longest Democratic voting streak, is also in play, with Trump’s campaign targeting it heavily. If Trump maintains his momentum, he could flip Minnesota, adding to his electoral count.

The Rust Belt: Key to Victory

The Rust Belt states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan are pivotal in every presidential election. These states have shifted towards the right in recent years and are crucial for both campaigns.

Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are lean Republican states in this analysis. Trump has been leading in Wisconsin throughout most of the election cycle. Pennsylvania, Biden’s birth state, shows Trump with a two-point lead. Both states are essential for Trump’s strategy to secure enough electoral votes.

Michigan, traditionally more liberal than Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, is now also leaning towards Trump. With a slight lead in recent polls, Trump is poised to potentially flip this state as well.

Final Thoughts

Election Time’s latest analysis provides a comprehensive look at the current state of the 2024 presidential race. According to their predictions, Trump is on track to win both the Electoral College and the popular vote, achieving a landslide victory. The detailed state-by-state breakdown shows Trump leading in several key battleground states, with a total of 323 electoral votes compared to Biden’s 215.

This analysis is updated weekly with the latest polling data, providing a dynamic and evolving view of the race. will feature articles on each update, keeping our readers informed as we head towards November. We also suggest you subscribe to the channel, here’s the link:

Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we continue to follow this exciting and critical election.


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