Watch! Stunning Ignorance Exposed At An Anti Israel Fordham University Protest!

A few weeks ago a protest took place in New York City, where college students from Fordham University gathered to demonstrate against Israel and call for the divestment of their university’s funds from companies supporting Israel. However, what stood out most was the sheer ignorance and lack of understanding displayed by these students. This is a clear example of indoctrination and funding from powerful sources like George Soros.

Why Are They Protesting? They Don’t Even Know

Nick Shirley, a YouTuber who interviewed—or tried to interview—the students, found it incredibly difficult to get clear answers. Many refused to answer, directing Shirley to the organizers or simply stating “no comment.” One student finally admitted, “I’m just here to support the cause,” but couldn’t even explain what that cause was. This kind of blind following is a dangerous sign of how deep the indoctrination runs.

The Call for Divestment: A Misguided Effort

A few students did mention that they wanted Fordham University to divest from companies that support Israel. Yet, when pressed for details on which companies or how these investments affect the situation in the Middle East, they had no answers. One student said, “Our school hasn’t made a stand yet, and we as students are not for it.” This vague statement highlights the lack of concrete knowledge or understanding of what they are demanding.

The Police Are the Problem, But They’ll Call Them Anyway

One interviewee went on a tirade against the police, describing them as a repressive system that does more harm than good. They advocated for defunding the police and reallocating those funds to community resources. Ironically, the same student admitted they would still call the police if in trouble. This contradictory stance is a clear sign of the confusion and lack of coherent thought among these protesters.

Anti-Imperialism or Anti-Reality?

Another student expressed a broad anti-imperialist sentiment, calling for the liberation of not just Palestine, but also Congo, Sudan, Haiti, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. This scattergun approach shows a lack of focus and understanding of the complex issues in each of these regions. It seems more like a parroting of talking points than a well-thought-out position.

Fear of Repercussions: Masks and Anonymity

Many students wore masks to avoid identification, claiming that Fordham University might suspend them for participating in the protest. One student said, “There’s a police state basically in New York.” They feared being recognized and punished for speaking out. This paranoia, likely fueled by exaggerated rhetoric, shows how these young minds are being manipulated and scared into silence.

The Reality of Ignorance: Stunningly Clear

The most shocking revelation came when one person interviewed (not a protestor), who grew up in Israel, bluntly stated that the majority of these students know nothing about the situation they are protesting. This individual shared their personal experiences with missile attacks and the harsh realities faced by people in conflict zones. In contrast, the protesting students in New York City live in a country so safe that they have the luxury to protest issues they don’t fully understand.

Final Thoughts

The ignorance displayed by these college students is stunning. They are protesting a complex and deeply rooted issue without understanding the facts. This is a clear sign of indoctrination, likely fueled by powerful sources like George Soros and professionla protest consultants. The students’ vague answers, contradictory statements, and lack of knowledge highlight the dangers of blindly following a cause without understanding it. As we watch these young people demand change, it’s crucial to recognize the need for informed and educated activism, rather than the blind following of talking points.



  1. Avatar photoCrotte Reply

    When and if our school systems teach history it is usually an edited version that his little to no resemblance of actual history. In other words this is the history therefore there is no debate on it accept it!!!!!!!!! It is called what to think no research required.

  2. Avatar photoTim Kuehl Reply

    When students claim Israel is occupying Palestine proves Rush’s declaration that they are “minds full of mush.” There is not now nor was there ever been a nation of Palestine, only a region where people from other countries lived and called themselves Palestinians. As far as these lands belonging to them, God gave these lands to Israel. Then there is the claim of 17000 Palestinians killed with Israel’s counter attack on Gaza after HAMAS attacked Israel. The 17000 number is spouted by HAMAS and proven to be a lie. Even if true, war is hell and Israel didn’t start the war. Furthermore, the number of Gaza citizens killed would be much lower if HAMAS had used the billions of dollars in aid they’ve received from all over the world to build shelters and infrastructure for the citizens instead of tunnels for the HAMAS terrorists to move about freely underground. Regarding the Gaza citizens starving because Israel won’t allow aid, that is an out and out lie. The HAMAS terrorists steal the supplies for themselves denying the citizens it was meant for.
    But the former Israel citizen interviewed called it when he said none of the protesters would be willing to go to Gaza to actually fight for what they claim to believe in. I also find it telling the organizers of the protest don’t want the participants to say anything, just be good little mindless robots.

  3. Avatar photoJim Reply

    The Commies like them that way. ‘Useful idiots’ — Vladimir Lenin coined the term for people who stupidly supported the Bolsheviks. Then they shot them. That was the long-term goal of the Communist infiltration of the U.S. educational system — dumb them down to the point where they can no longer think for themselves. ‘We will do the thinking for them’ — Lenin. You watch it every night on TV.

  4. Avatar photoPat Sirbaugh Reply

    Stupidity trickles down from government to these moronic protesters. And our taxes are supporting these idiots.? They don’t deserve to live in this country

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