Obama, Clooney, and KJP: Who’s The Real Puppet Masters Behind Biden?

Bill O’Reilly’s recent appearance on Chris Cuomo’s show provided a bombshell insight into the Democratic Party’s internal struggle and the delusional world President Joe Biden seems to be living in. Biden’s belief that he has “overwhelming support” from the Democratic caucus is nothing short of fantasy, and his spokesperson, Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP), is complicit in perpetuating this myth. Let’s dive into the facts that reveal the reality behind Biden’s delusion and the cover-up orchestrated by KJP.

O’Reilly’s Prediction: A Make or Break Moment

Bill O’Reilly, a seasoned journalist, has been watching Biden’s campaign closely. He predicted that Biden would be out of the race by now, but as we all know, Biden is still clinging on. O’Reilly pointed out that tomorrow’s press conference could be a decisive moment. If Biden falters, it could spell the end of his campaign. O’Reilly emphasized that key Democratic figures like Barack Obama and Ron Klain, Biden’s former Chief of Staff, have already decided that Biden cannot defeat Trump in the upcoming election.

The Puppet Masters: Obama and Klain

Barack Obama, still a powerful figure in the Democratic Party, and Ron Klain, who wields significant influence, are the real decision-makers behind the scenes. According to O’Reilly, these two have already concluded that Biden is not the right candidate to face Trump. They believe there will be more incidents that will further weaken Biden’s position before the election.

Clooney’s Op-Ed: A Strategic Move

O’Reilly highlighted George Clooney’s op-ed in the New York Times as a calculated move by the Democratic leadership. Clooney didn’t write that article on a whim. He was contacted by the New York Times, which is in bed with the Democratic elite, to persuade him to write against Biden. Clooney’s first call after the request was likely to his close friend, Obama, for approval. This move shows the extent to which the party is working to push Biden out.

The Press Conference: Questions That Need Answers

O’Reilly prepared a series of critical questions that he believes the press should ask Biden during the upcoming press conference. These questions are not just pertinent; they are essential to uncovering the truth about Biden’s cognitive health and policy failures.

  1. Cognitive Test: Will Biden take a cognitive test by an independent physician to reassure the American public of his mental fitness?
  2. Immigration Policies: How can Biden justify the $500 billion cost of his immigration policies to the American taxpayer?
  3. Drug Deaths: Why have drug deaths risen by 36% under Biden’s watch?
  4. Gas Prices: Why has the average price of gasoline increased by 38% during Biden’s administration?
  5. Grocery Prices: Why have grocery prices gone up by 21%?
  6. Abortion Restrictions: Does Biden support any restrictions on abortion, considering Catholic doctrine?
  7. Wealth Tax: Does Biden support a wealth tax on unrealized investment gains?
  8. Kamala Harris’ Role: What has Vice President Harris reported back to Biden about the root causes of illegal immigration after two and a half years?

Media Complicity: Shielding Biden from Scrutiny

O’Reilly didn’t hold back when criticizing the media for their role in protecting Biden. He mentioned how the media has been hiding Biden’s infirmities and not covering his failures adequately. O’Reilly pointed out the recent shakeup at CBS News, where the president was ousted for allegedly protecting Biden by not pursuing the Hunter Biden laptop story.

KJP: Complicit in the Cover-Up

Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden’s spokesperson, has been complicit in this cover-up. By perpetuating the myth that Biden has overwhelming support from the Democratic caucus, KJP is misleading the American public. Her role in shielding Biden from tough questions and critical scrutiny is clear evidence of the coordinated effort to maintain the delusion of Biden’s viability as a candidate.

Final Thoughts

The evidence is mounting: Biden is delusional about his support within the Democratic Party, and key figures like Obama and Klain are already looking for alternatives. The media, including figures like KJP, are complicit in covering up Biden’s cognitive decline and policy failures. As the press conference approaches, the American public deserves answers to the critical questions outlined by O’Reilly. It’s time for the media to step up and hold Biden accountable.

What are your thoughts on Biden’s delusion and the media’s role in covering it up? Comment below and let us know!



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