Watch! KJP’s Feeble Attempt to Spin Joe’s Delusion That He Has “Overwhelming Support”!

In a stunning display of delusion, President Biden continues to cling to the notion that he has overwhelming support from voters, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. In a recent White House press briefing, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP) struggled to defend Biden’s outdated and out-of-touch perception of his popularity. As conservatives, it’s our duty to call out these blatant fabrications and demand accountability.

Biden’s Disconnect from Reality

During the briefing, KJP claimed that Biden has been talking to voters and hearing their overwhelming support for his re-election bid. This statement flies in the face of recent polling that shows 76% of Democrats believe Biden is too old to run again. Yet, Biden and his administration continue to spin a narrative that simply doesn’t align with reality.

KJP highlighted several recent events where Biden interacted with voters, including trips to Atlanta, North Carolina, New York, and New Jersey. She emphasized that Biden received positive feedback from people at these events. But let’s be real – these carefully curated and controlled events do not represent the broader sentiment of the American public. It’s nothing more than a façade, an attempt to shield Biden from the harsh truth that his support is waning.

The Puppet Show of Public Engagement

KJP’s defense of Biden’s public engagements is nothing short of a puppet show. She described how Biden met with “everyday people” and received chants of “Let’s go Joe” and “We love you Joe.” These orchestrated displays are designed to create a false sense of support and enthusiasm. It’s a classic tactic of smoke and mirrors, where the administration tries to distract us from the cold, hard facts.

The reality is that Biden’s approval ratings are plummeting. His handling of critical issues like the economy, border security, and foreign policy has left many Americans disillusioned and frustrated. Yet, KJP wants us to believe that a few staged interactions at campaign events somehow reflect the true sentiment of the nation. It’s insulting to our intelligence.

A Senior Official Speaks Out

In a damning report by the New York Times, a senior White House official who worked closely with Biden during his vice presidency and the 2020 campaign expressed doubts about Biden’s ability to run for re-election. This official believed that Biden was showing signs of his age and was not up to the task. This revelation should have sent shockwaves through the administration, but KJP dismissed it as the opinion of one person.

KJP’s response was disturbingly nonchalant. She claimed it was the first time she had heard such concerns and brushed it off as irrelevant. This blatant disregard for the opinions of those within their own ranks is alarming. It shows a complete lack of accountability and an unwillingness to address legitimate concerns about Biden’s fitness for office.

The White House Cover-Up

The Biden administration’s strategy is clear – deny, deflect, and deceive. KJP’s performance at the press briefing was a masterclass in evasion. She refused to acknowledge the polling data that clearly shows a significant portion of Democrats are concerned about Biden’s age and capability. Instead, she focused on anecdotes and isolated incidents to paint a rosy picture of Biden’s support.

This cover-up is a disservice to the American people. We deserve transparency and honesty from our leaders, not a carefully constructed narrative designed to protect a president who is clearly out of touch. KJP’s complicity in this cover-up is unacceptable. As the spokesperson for the administration, she has a responsibility to provide accurate information and address the concerns of the public. Instead, she has chosen to perpetuate a false narrative.

Final Thoughts

Biden’s delusion of overwhelming support is a ridiculous illusion. The American people are not fooled by the staged events and cherry-picked anecdotes. We see the reality of Biden’s declining approval ratings and the growing concerns about his fitness for office. KJP’s attempts to cover up these concerns only serve to further erode the credibility of this administration.

It’s time for the Biden administration to face the truth and address the legitimate concerns of the American people. We deserve a leader who is in touch with reality and capable of addressing the challenges our nation faces. Biden’s delusions and KJP’s complicity in covering them up are unacceptable. We must hold them accountable and demand the transparency and honesty we deserve.

What do you think about Biden’s delusions and KJP’s cover-up? Comment below and let your voice be heard!



  1. Avatar photoLadyveteran Reply

    You can tell when she is about to make something up or has no real answer…her eyes will flutter faster than a windmill! I have noticed this over and over. I wouldn’t want her job to save my soul right now. To have to come out and spin like a windmill would make me sick! I though Jenn was bad, she’s worse!

  2. Avatar photoKathryn Reply

    When an e-mail is sent out to the masses, PLEASE make sure, Steadfast and Loyal employees, that the headline words are spelled CORRECTLY. The word “dilusion” is properly spelled “delusion!” It’s just a pity that people who write articles can’t seem to spell such simple words. I’ve noticed that our system of language has really declined in the past several years. I would be happy to review any articles for your company so that glaring misspelled words will be caught and corrected before an article is released.

    1. Avatar photoJimmy Parker Post author Reply

      Thank You Kathryn. I appreciate the feedback. My formal training was in Engineering before I took to political commentary, I’m lucky I can spell my name correctly..LOL. Not sure why our spell checker missed that. Thanks again and thanks for following us and reading our articles! I did correct the headline also… Jimmy.

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