This is Rich: Monica Lewinsky Wants Judge Cannon Impeached Over Trump Case!

Author and activist Monica Lewinsky has something to say about Judge Aileen Cannon, and boy, is it rich! Lewinsky, who gained fame from her scandal with former President Bill Clinton, now thinks she has the authority to call for Judge Cannon’s impeachment. Talk about irony!

Lewinsky’s Rant on Social Media

Monica Lewinsky woke up angry about the Trump documents case and took to the social media platform X to vent her frustrations. She claimed, “it is INSANE that it hasn’t moved forward to trial, and i hope judge [Aileen Cannon] is impeached.” She further elaborated on how the documents weren’t declassified and all Trump had to do was copy them and return the originals.

Isn’t it fascinating how Lewinsky, of all people, has become an expert on classified documents and judicial conduct? It’s almost laughable.

Judge Cannon’s Delays

Judge Aileen Cannon has indefinitely postponed Trump’s classified documents case, which has fueled Lewinsky’s ire. Cannon hasn’t set a trial date yet, waiting to sort through pretrial motions first. This has made her a target for criticism from those who desperately want to see Trump behind bars before the November elections.

But let’s be honest, delaying the trial could actually mean ensuring a fair and thorough process. Imagine that—a judge actually taking her time to get things right! It’s almost as if some people are more interested in political theater than justice.

Lewinsky’s Expertise?

Lewinsky continued her tirade, saying, “IF it had been an honest (ahem) mistake to take them… just return them — LIKE EVERY OTHER PRESIDENT WHO WAS FOUND TO HAVE CLASSIFIED MATERIALS IN THEIR PRIVATE POSSESSION.” The audacity of comparing Trump’s situation to previous presidents is amusing.

Lewinsky’s outburst makes one wonder: since when did she become the authority on how presidents handle classified materials? It’s almost as if she’s trying to rewrite history to fit her narrative.

Cannon Under Fire

Judge Cannon has been under fire from Trump critics who believe she’s too lenient. Former RNC Chair Michael Steele even claimed she is “putting the prosecution on trial.” According to recent reports, two judges tried to get Cannon to hand off the case, citing her controversial decisions and lack of experience.

What’s really going on here? Could it be that Cannon is just doing her job and ensuring every legal avenue is explored? That’s a concept lost on those who want a speedy trial at any cost.

Lewinsky’s New Role

After her infamous scandal, Lewinsky has rebranded herself as an anti-bullying activist. She even partnered with for a campaign to encourage voting. It’s almost like she’s trying to make people forget her past by jumping on the latest liberal cause.

But here’s the kicker—Lewinsky, who was once at the center of a presidential scandal, now feels justified in calling for a judge’s impeachment. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black.

The Bigger Picture

The delay in Trump’s trial has led to wild speculations and accusations. Judge Cannon’s critics argue she’s favoring Trump, but could it be that she’s just following the law? The left’s desperation to see Trump convicted before the election is palpable. They want to use the courts to do what they fear they can’t achieve at the ballot box.

Final Thoughts

Monica Lewinsky’s sudden interest in the Trump documents case is a rich twist in the ongoing political saga. Her calls for Judge Cannon’s impeachment reek of irony and desperation. While the left clamors for quick justice, Judge Cannon’s careful approach is a reminder that the judicial process should not be rushed for political gain.

What do you think about Lewinsky’s comments? Is Judge Cannon handling the case correctly? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Let’s get the conversation going!



  1. Avatar photoMichael Valgos Reply

    Monica thinks that the Judges in New York have done their job There is nothing wrong with the Judge it is the bullshit that Jack Smith is trying to pull He has tampered with evidence He has lied There were other classified materials that were dropped off by the fbi The same files that sat on a dock for 3 days So Monica shut up Your mouth is what got you in trouble in the first place She needs to face the facts that she will be a blow job and that is her whole life So now she wants to start throwing barbs I don’t think a blow job will help you this time Monica

  2. Avatar photoLeftshot Reply

    “IF it had been an honest (ahem) mistake to take them… just return them — LIKE EVERY OTHER PRESIDENT WHO WAS FOUND TO HAVE CLASSIFIED MATERIALS IN THEIR PRIVATE POSSESSION.”

    She obviously hasn’t been paying attention.

    Special Counsel Hur found Joe Biden KNOWINGLY stole classified documents and kept them for NINE YEARS!

    Hillary Clinton kept tens of thousands of classified and top secret documents on unsecured private servers for years, even though she had been told multiple times it was against the law! Barrack Obama was complicit. He knew she was doing this and said nothing, did nothing. When this all came out, Hillary didn’t return the classified material or apologize. She defied a court order and destroyed all the evidence on multiple servers and other devices.

  3. Avatar photoBetty Rickmond Reply

    Monica, just “go away” and take
    Bill and Hillary with you! I could care
    less about what you think or do!

  4. Avatar photoLMB Reply

    Well, she took her dress to the cleaners to get the little Clintons out of it! Now she needs to take the contents of her brainpan to the cleaners to find out what it’s like to think clearly!!!

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