Hunter Biden’s Laptop: Evidence That Could Have Swayed the 2020 Election – Now Being Used in Federal Gun Trial!

Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, is at the center of a scandal involving his infamous laptop, now being used as evidence in his federal gun trial. This laptop, filled with controversial content, has been the subject of intense debate and investigation. In this article, we will explore what was found on the laptop, how it became notorious, and the lengths to which the intelligence community and mainstream media went to label it as Russian disinformation. With its authenticity now validated in court, we see the vindication for the right and the validation of claims made before the 2020 election.

What Was Found on Hunter Biden’s Laptop?

The laptop contained a trove of explicit and incriminating materials. Among the contents were emails, photos, and videos that shed light on Hunter Biden’s activities. Explicit photos showed him using drugs and engaging in intimate activities with other adults. There were also emails that suggested shady business dealings and potential conflicts of interest involving his father’s influence.

One particularly damning email appeared to show a Burisma adviser thanking Hunter for arranging a meeting with Joe Biden, then the Vice President. This email fueled allegations that Joe Biden intervened in Ukraine to help his son, who was on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

How the Laptop Became Infamous

Hunter Biden’s laptop first came to light in October 2020, just weeks before the highly contested presidential election. Rudy Giuliani, former President Donald Trump’s lawyer, turned the laptop over to police and the New York Post. The Post published a bombshell report detailing the contents of the laptop, sparking a media frenzy.

However, the story quickly faced resistance. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook restricted the sharing of the New York Post’s article, citing concerns about misinformation. Major news outlets either downplayed the story or dismissed it as a distraction. The narrative was set: Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation.

The Intelligence Community’s Cover-Up

In an unprecedented move, over 50 former intelligence officials signed a letter stating that the laptop had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.” This letter was used to discredit the laptop’s contents and protect Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. The mainstream media echoed these claims, further burying the story.

The narrative of Russian disinformation was convenient for those who wanted to shield Hunter Biden and his father from scrutiny. It provided a cover for the liberal elite and allowed them to dismiss the scandal as baseless. However, this narrative has since been debunked.

Vindication for the Right

The confirmation of the laptop’s authenticity, now being used as evidence in Hunter Biden’s federal gun trial, is a vindication for those on the right who insisted that the laptop was real and that its contents were significant. This trial centers on Hunter Biden’s alleged false statements about his drug use when purchasing a firearm, and the inclusion of laptop materials as evidence underscores its legitimacy.

The validation of the laptop’s contents validates everything that was said before the 2020 election. It shows that the intelligence community and mainstream media colluded to protect Joe Biden’s campaign by dismissing the laptop as Russian disinformation. This cover-up influenced the election by keeping crucial information from the public.

The Media’s Role in the Cover-Up

The mainstream media played a pivotal role in the cover-up of Hunter Biden’s laptop story. By labeling the laptop as Russian disinformation and suppressing the story, they misled the public and influenced the outcome of the 2020 election. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook also restricted the sharing of the New York Post’s article, further ensuring that the story did not gain the attention it deserved.

Now that the laptop’s authenticity has been confirmed and it is being used as evidence in a federal court, it is clear that the media and social media companies played a significant role in protecting Hunter Biden and, by extension, his father’s presidential campaign. This manipulation of information and censorship of the truth had a profound impact on the 2020 election.

Final Thoughts

The inclusion of Hunter Biden’s laptop as evidence in his federal gun trial validates its existence and underscores the deception carried out by the intelligence community and the media. This cover-up influenced the 2020 election, keeping vital information from the public and protecting Joe Biden’s campaign. The confirmation of the laptop’s authenticity is a vindication for those who fought to bring the truth to light.

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  1. Avatar photoTarheel Reply

    I might understand NOT reporting at all on the laptop, however reporting a complete lie to fool the public there should be some type of monetary penalty along with a poor rating of journalistic integrity captioned with every story they present for a minimum of 2 years. ( leaving the readers to question the integrity of every story presented) this would massively hurt the bottom line forcing journalists to cross every T and dot every I and just report the facts, not opinions. Opinions should be left to the Sean Hannit’s and Rachael Maddow’s who are not journalists.

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