Pelosi and Obama Move to Oust Biden – Must Read!

President Joe Biden’s reelection bid is facing intense pressure from within his own party. As Biden struggles, two of the Democratic Party’s most powerful figures, former President Barack Obama and former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are making strategic moves behind the scenes. Their goal? To quietly nudge Biden out of the race before it’s too late.

Obama’s Silent Agreement

Barack Obama, a key figure in the Democratic Party, recently had a conversation with Hollywood actor and major Democratic donor George Clooney. Clooney, known for his influence, wrote a scathing op-ed in the New York Times, urging Biden to step aside. The op-ed described Biden as a diminished leader and suggested he couldn’t win against Donald Trump.

While Obama didn’t explicitly tell Clooney to write the piece, he didn’t discourage him either. This silence speaks volumes. Obama had previously defended Biden after his disastrous debate performance, but now even his former aides are among Biden’s harshest critics.

Pelosi’s Calculated Moves

Nancy Pelosi, another Democratic powerhouse, isn’t sitting idly by. She carefully crafted her message on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” where she suggested Biden needs to quickly decide whether to step down. This comment wasn’t just a casual remark—it was a strategic signal to Democratic leaders, encouraging them to speak up about their desire for a new candidate.

Pelosi’s comments reignited the debate over Biden’s capability to win in November. Behind closed doors, she has been candid with lawmakers, warning them about the dire situation the party faces with Biden at the helm. Pelosi has even advised Democrats in swing districts to do whatever it takes to secure their own reelections, even if that means pushing Biden to step aside.

Private Conversations and Strategic Advice

Pelosi has told members in swing districts to wait until the NATO Summit ends before making any public statements about Biden. This is out of respect for Biden and national security. However, some members are already drafting statements, ready to release once the summit concludes.

For those not in swing districts, Pelosi has encouraged them to take their concerns directly to the White House. Despite their efforts, many haven’t been able to get through to Biden. Pelosi publicly supports whatever decision Biden makes, but her behind-the-scenes actions tell a different story.

The Growing Internal Crisis

The Democratic Party, once unified, is now facing a growing internal crisis. The idea of replacing Biden, once considered a fantasy, is now being seriously contemplated by party leaders. This shift indicates the party’s increasing desperation as Biden continues to falter.

Today, Biden faces a critical test. His team is heading to Capitol Hill for damage control with lawmakers who doubt his ability to run a strong campaign against Trump. Later, Biden will hold a high-stakes press conference, where every word will be scrutinized by journalists, Democratic officials, and party strategists.

Final Thoughts

The Democratic Party is in turmoil, with powerful figures like Obama and Pelosi making strategic moves to push Biden out. Biden’s cognitive issues and inability to lead a strong campaign are causing panic within the party. Will Biden step aside, or will he continue to hold onto his position despite the mounting pressure?

As this drama unfolds, we want to hear from you. What do you think about Obama and Pelosi’s actions? Do you believe Biden should step down? Comment below and let your voice be heard!



  1. Avatar photoJames G Christian Reply

    If they force him out with the 25th they will declare him not competent to stand trial for his crimes.

  2. Avatar photoCharlieSeattle Reply

    All 3 should have been executed for treason years ago. The Fk’in GOP blew it in 2017-2018 when they held all three branches of the US Government plus a favorable SCOTUS mix.

    Fk the cowardly GOP RINO LEADERSHIP in the House and Senate the last 20 years!

    How soon we forget!

    By J.B. Williams | January 16, 2016 | NewsWithViews

    At the opening of the January Republican National Committee meeting in Charleston South Carolina Wednesday, the RNC Resolutions Committee was forced to vote on a RNC Resolution known as the Agema Resolution, supporting the proper Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama for his many crimes of treason, tyranny and treachery against the United States and the people.

    The nine member Resolutions Committee chaired by Carolyn McLarty of Oklahoma, voted unanimously to kill the Agema Resolution in committee, preventing the full body of the RNC from ever having a vote or voice on the measure in the full meeting scheduled for Friday January 15.

    Not one member of the RNC Resolutions Committee supported the Agema Resolution to impeach what is admittedly the most impeachable administration in U.S. history. Not even known acts of treason and tyranny by the Obama Administration, not the Iran deal, or even Obama’s recent unilateral gun grab EO (Executive Order) just a week ago, was enough to cause the leadership of the Republican Party to support a resolution on impeachment.

  3. Avatar photoGary Green Reply

    I watched the entire news conference My concerns are greater now than before The President lost his train of thought constantly, misspoke names, raised and lowered his voice Many questions went unanswered

    At times he whispered answers, that had nothing to do with the question

    Lastly, it was scripted There were only softball questions that were scripted to address the concerns being voiced

    I am a senior and want to know what happened to the great plan to save social security I thought it was a good plan when he ran and I voted for him Since then nothing has happened

  4. Avatar photoSue R. Reply

    Biden is clearly out to lunch! But who would replace him? none of the possibilities would be good for the nation or the American people. If the democrat party maintains control or the White House and Congress, their plans and policies will not change. The mess we are in will not get better. In fact, they are likely to get much worse.

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