How Bad Does This Have To Get? Is Biden Fit for Office or Just a Puppet? Hollywood’s Role Revealed! [Video]

The recent Democratic fundraiser in Los Angeles, featuring Hollywood elites and former President Barack Obama, has sparked more discussion regarding Biden’s fitness for the office of anything, let alone the office of  POTUS. The event saw celebrities rallying behind President Joe Biden, raising an impressive $30 million for his campaign. Among the star-studded supporters was George Clooney, whose efforts contributed substantially to this sum. However, many are questioning if this financial backing truly addresses the pressing concerns about Biden’s cognitive health.

The Weekend at Bernie’s Scenario

Alex Stein, host of “Prime Time with Alex Stein” on Blaze TV, drew a controversial comparison, likening Biden’s situation to the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s.” Stein criticized the necessity for Obama to help Biden off the stage, suggesting that such actions indicate deeper issues. “When Barack Obama has to guide him off set,” Stein remarked, “it’s clear something is wrong.” This analogy paints a vivid picture of a president who might not be in full control of his faculties.

Defending the Indefensible?

Adding fuel to the fire, Stein pointed out that social media influencers, like Harry Sisson on TikTok, defend Biden’s cognitive state, claiming he is fully functional. But with Biden being 80 years old, Stein argues that such defenses are hard to believe. “He deserves to be on a golf course, not running for president of the United States,” Stein stated emphatically. This comment highlights a growing concern about Biden’s capability to handle the immense responsibilities of his office.

International Embarrassment

Further raising eyebrows, Biden’s performance at the G7 summit was embarrassing. Reports from The Daily Mail revealed that several world leaders noticed Biden’s lack of focus and energy. He missed multiple dinners, wandered off at times, and even snapped at the press. This behavior not only alarmed allies but also provided a concerning spectacle for the international community. One notable moment was Biden’s strange interaction with the Pope, which left Argentina’s Javier Milei and Italy’s Giorgia Meloni visibly perplexed.

Media’s Role in Shaping Perception

Despite these visible signs of decline, members of the media and TikTok influencers are eager to portray Biden’s behavior as perfectly normal. They attempt to dismiss any concerns as mere fabrications. Stein criticizes this narrative, emphasizing that Biden’s decline is not a recent development but something observed over decades. The media’s portrayal raises questions about their motives and the accuracy of their coverage.

Biden’s Controversial Catholicism

Biden’s religious stance also came under scrutiny. Stein pointed out the contradiction in Biden’s claim of being a devout Catholic while supporting pro-choice policies. “Joe Biden calls himself a Catholic but believes in abortion, which goes against Catholicism 100%,” Stein argued. This inconsistency highlights Biden’s complex relationship with his faith and his political positions.

A Hypocritical Stance?

Stein went on to label Biden as a hypocrite. While some 80-year-olds remain sharp and active, Biden appears to struggle significantly. Stein suggested that Biden might be relying on performance-enhancing drugs to maintain his schedule. “There’s no way this guy would have the fortitude to travel to all these places and do all this stuff if they weren’t juicing him up,” he asserted. This bold claim adds another layer of controversy to the discussion about Biden’s fitness for office.

Final Thoughts

The debate surrounding President Biden’s cognitive abilities and fitness for office continues to grow. With high-profile events like the Hollywood fundraiser and international incidents drawing attention, these concerns are not easily dismissed. Stein’s observations and criticisms reflect a broader unease about Biden’s capability to lead the nation effectively. The media’s portrayal and the support from social media influencers only add to the complexity of this issue.

What do you think? Is Biden fit to lead, or is he merely a puppet propped up by those around him? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Your voice matters in this crucial discussion.



  1. Avatar photodon Reply

    Biden is totally representative of the air heads in Hollywood. Why would they not support him? He is their intellectual equal.

    1. Avatar photoDiaz Reply

      He should visit the site of ancient Egypt , and the great river, that nourished the earliest civilization. He should SEE the NILE !

  2. Avatar photoHUNTER "CRACKS" A JOKE Reply

    “Barack Obama: “I used to say, if, if I could make an arrangement where I had a stand-in, a front man, a front woman and they had an earpiece in and I was in the basement in my sweats … I’d be fine with that.”-The Late Show

    And what has MulattObama’s third term brought us?????
    We have to use the correct pronouns, celebrate transgenders in women’s sports, tear down historic statues, rename schools and streets after serial thugs, vilify our founding fathers, support reparations, feminize the milifairy, allow in more illegal aliens, terrorists and Somalis and play the race card.

    Thanx, all you White Guilt liberals.

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