You Won’t Believe Who Biden Just Promoted in the White House!

In a recent and shocking revelation, the Biden administration’s choice of appointees continues to stir controversy, pointing towards a disturbing trend of embracing extreme leftist ideologies, no matter the cost. This isn’t just about diverse opinions; it’s about promoting individuals who have publicly supported radical and divisive policies.

Cherry Picking Extremists for the White House

The center of the latest firestorm is Tyler Cherry, freshly promoted to an associate communications director at the White House. His promotion wouldn’t be noteworthy if not for his troubling past on social media. Cherry’s digital footprints include calls for the elimination of Israel and an end to ICE, painting a picture of a radical activist rather than a suitable candidate for a significant governmental position.

StopAntisemitism, an antisemitism watchdog group, has called for Cherry’s immediate dismissal after his anti-Israel social media posts resurfaced. Their founder, Liora Rez, expressed horror at the possibility that the Biden administration either failed to vet Cherry properly or, worse, knew about his views and still placed him in a role where he could influence national policy. They hope this will be “the quickest hire and fire scenario” in Biden’s administration.

Ignoring the Tweets That Echo Through the Halls of Power

Despite the backlash, the administration stands firmly by Cherry. After deleting almost 2,500 posts in a panic over the weekend, Cherry stated that these old posts do not reflect his current views. However, this does little to reassure those concerned about the biases he might bring to his new role. It’s troubling to think that someone who cheered against our ally, Israel, and supported radical movements is crafting messages from the highest office of the United States.

The Pattern of Radical Hires

Cherry isn’t an isolated case. His appointment is part of a larger pattern where the Biden administration appears to be deliberately placing individuals with radical views into powerful positions. Another such appointee, Maher Bitar, serves as the special assistant to the senior director for intelligence programs at the National Security Council. Bitar has been accused of promoting the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestments, Sanctions (BDS) movement.

Why Such Choices?

You might wonder why President Biden, or those advising him, would make such controversial hires. It seems the administration is desperate to cling to its fringe left base, realizing it’s losing support across almost every other demographic. Reports suggest that the president might even be influenced by young, radical advisors—perhaps a 25-year-old with a trendy hair bun—pushing him to make these far-left decisions to maintain their shrinking voter base.

Are We Safe?

With the administration turning a blind eye to past radical statements and actions, one must question the security and future of our national policy. Appointing officials who have openly opposed our allies and supported divisive movements does not bode well for a united nation. It paints a picture of an administration more concerned with appeasing radical voices than steering America towards a prosperous and unified future.

Final Thoughts

The issue here isn’t just about a few controversial tweets; it’s about what those tweets represent. They are indicative of a broader acceptance of extremist views in the highest echelons of our government, under Biden’s watch. The administration’s choice to hire and support such individuals speaks volumes about its priorities and its disconnect from mainstream America.

As you reflect on these developments, consider the direction in which our country is headed under Biden’s leadership. Is this the kind of leadership we want for our nation? Are these the voices we want shaping our national discourse? Let’s discuss in the comments below. What do you think about these appointments? Are they mere oversights, or do they signify a more alarming shift in the administration’s strategy?



  1. Avatar photoMichael Smith Reply

    Looks like a fruit cake transgender, the ones Homosexual Muslim Obama and Communist Biden prefer representing America’s high positions.
    We’ve got one in charge of the Navy, several in the pentagon, many in the Communist FBI.

  2. Avatar photoTarheel Reply

    When Biden took office He must have told his closest advisers to hire The most disgusting anti-American left-wing jerks to fill all the positions within the White House. This would allow Americas enemies to know that we here in the White House hate America as much as you.

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