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Whoopi Goldberg’s Bold Claim on ‘The View’

In a recent episode of ABC’s The View, host Whoopi Goldberg made a daring proclamation. She asserted that the show does not condone the dissemination of falsehoods on their platform. This assertion, however, is highly controversial when considering the program’s track record of circulating misinformation.

The Segment’s Start: A Quote from Dan Rather

The segment kicked off with co-host Sunny quoting Dan Rather, an ex-CBS employee who was dismissed in 2006 for broadcasting inaccurate data. She emphasized to viewers that when one party persistently engages in intentional deceit, they no longer merit the benefit of the doubt.

Goldberg’s Stand on Journalism

Goldberg chimed in, contending that journalists’ primary responsibility is to ensure that facts are accurately presented to the audience. She recognized that there are some reservations about the credibility of news networks, but she professed not to harbor those doubts herself.

Projecting an Image of Unbiased Reporting

In an apparent attempt to portray an image of impartial reporting, Goldberg stated that The View has always been fair to both sides. However, this declaration carries little substance when considering the show’s consistent efforts to defend Democrats and criticize Republicans.

The View’s Stance on Presenting Both Sides

The host continued to assert that The View presents both sides of the story, but they cannot tolerate lies being propagated on their show. Yet, despite their supposed commitment to truth-telling, The View has a lengthy history of circulating fallacies and misleading information.

Democratic Guests: A Sign of Bias?

Goldberg’s argument for the show’s neutrality hinges on the fact that Democratic guests like Alyssa Farah Griffin and Ana Navarro frequently appear on the show. However, this only further solidifies the show’s bias, as it continues to exclude conservative voices and perpetuate a one-sided narrative.

The View’s Track Record

Furthermore, the assertion that The View takes a proactive stance against lies is comical. The show’s history speaks volumes, with an astonishing number of legal disclaimers issued in just the past year. This blatant disregard for facts and responsible reporting calls into question any claim to unbiased reporting.

Final Thoughts

Goldberg concluded the segment by encouraging viewers to fact-check the information they receive. While this is sound advice in theory, it is ironic coming from a show that has repeatedly been caught spreading misinformation.

The show’s consistent defense of Democrats and active efforts to discredit Republicans demonstrate a clear bias in their reporting. It’s high time for the show to admit their bias and acknowledge that they are not a reliable source for factual information. The public deserves honest and objective reporting, not propaganda and one-sided narratives.

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  1. Avatar photoDavid Reply

    The women on the view have discredited themselves by their own words!
    I’m shocked that the show is still on the air!
    Why don’t they air reruns of “Wild Kingdom”, it’s kind of the same thing!

  2. Avatar photoRoland Charlier Reply

    The problem is, the View is a haven for the communists ( they spell it like this “Democrat” but make no mistake they are communists). The one thing that they are united in is their all being pathological liars.

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