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I have a question about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Can she get any dumber? The answer is yes and she proves it on a daily basis. She made it perfectly clear last night that she represents illegal aliens and Americans, especially poor Black and Latino American citizens can go to hell. She brushed off the death of …

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One of Nancy Pelosi’s and Chuck Schumer’s constituents, an illegal alien, set off a chain reaction car crash that killed the 22 year old son of a Knoxville Fire Captain, who was not being defended by Pelosi and Schumer because he is an American and that’s not who the Democrats are as a party. The …

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A popular far left wing site on Twitter spent the holidays threatening and doxing ICE employees and Twitter says that’s fine by them. Many people reported the site but it didn’t faze Twitter. So, if you decide to report it, call the FBI and make sure you tell them it was reported to Twitter, who …

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Last year saw 48 assaults for every 10,000 apprehensions, the highest number this decade.

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