NO! Sonny Hostin – Caitlin Clarks Success Is NOT Due to “White” or “Pretty Privelege” [Video]

In the realm of sports, talent and hard work are what should shine, but recent comments from Sunny Hostin on ABC’s “The View” have sparked a significant debate. Hostin suggests that Caitlin Clark’s success is due not just to her undeniable skill but also to what she terms “pretty privilege” and even “white privilege”. This perspective not only diminishes Clark’s achievements but also injects an unnecessary racial component into the discussion of sports, where performance is the ultimate measure of success.

The Problem with Injecting Race into Sports Discussions

Sunny Hostin’s approach to discussing Caitlin Clark’s success in the WNBA is problematic. By focusing on race and appearance, Hostin overlooks the real reasons behind Clark’s popularity: her exceptional skills and groundbreaking achievements in women’s basketball. Caitlin Clark, known for her dynamic play, has been likened to the “woman’s Steph Curry,” known for pulling up from the logo to hit shots. Her ability to draw crowds and increase viewer interest in the WNBA by 21% since joining speaks volumes about her influence, driven by her talent, not her race or looks.

Hostin’s History of Racial Commentary

Sunny Hostin has repeatedly been noted for bringing race into conversations where it may not naturally belong. Her comments often charge the atmosphere with racial tension, which can detract from more substantive, uniting discussions that can be had, particularly in sports. This approach has turned “The View” into a platform where divisive opinions overshadow informed debate, making the show less about diverse viewpoints and more about promoting a singular, often racially focused narrative.

The Real Appeal of Sports: Anomalies and Excellence

Will Cain, co-host of “Fox & Friends Weekend,” offers a refreshing contrast to Hostin’s perspective. He points out that people are drawn to sports not because of the athletes’ race or how they look but because of their unique talents and the anomalies they bring to the game. Figures like Tiger Woods in golf and Danica Patrick in motorsports have garnered massive followings due to their exceptional skills and the ways in which they’ve revolutionized their respective sports. Caitlin Clark is no different; her record-setting performances in college and her impact in the WNBA are the true roots of her popularity.

Diminishing the Essence of Sportsmanship

The discussion by Hostin and her co-hosts on “The View” tends to reduce sports to mere matters of privilege, overlooking the hard work athletes put into their careers. This perspective is not only unfair but also harmful as it can influence young viewers to feel that external factors, rather than hard work and talent, are what matter most in sports and other fields. This diminishes the spirit of sportsmanship and the real joy and inspiration sports can offer.

The Decline of “The View”

The narrative pushed by “The View” under Hostin’s influence has been criticized as being low in intellectual rigor and high in emotional and racially charged rhetoric. The show, once a platform for diverse female voices discussing a range of topics, has increasingly been seen as a source of controversy and division. The continuous focus on race and privilege as primary lenses for viewing nearly every issue has not only staled its content but has also alienated viewers who seek meaningful and varied dialogue.

Final Thoughts

The success of athletes like Caitlin Clark should be celebrated as products of their hard work, dedication, and unique skills. Figures like Will Cain remind us that the essence of sports is about the anomalies and the exceptional, not the superficial aspects of an athlete’s identity. As discussions in media continue to evolve, it is crucial to focus on what truly enriches sports: the awe-inspiring achievements of athletes who push the boundaries of what is possible, inspiring all of us to appreciate the real beauty of sports.



  1. Avatar photodon Reply

    The view is a Coven of racist shrews with no other ability than to spew hate. They should be cancelled immediately – unless you want to also give the KKK a talk show.

  2. Avatar photoBret Reply

    Don’t you believe that most players in the NBA have a black privilege? Is Clark in the WNBA not cultural appropriation?? Maybe she should stay in her white lane!!! I can’t imagine why they allow this white woman to take the position that should be black only. Can’t wait for the DA responses!!

  3. Avatar photoRon Reply

    Thanks to affirmative action and DEI sunny has a job. Let’s play the race card. It’s racist if you want a whites only club or pageant or a tv network!! Yet they have these for black only!! Unlike sunny I think it’s great that these things exist, unlike her un athletic ass. She has no fing clue what these girls be it black or white go through to be the 1% who make it into the pros. Starting at an early age these girls give up vacations with there family’s! They give up holidays to play on tournament teams!! Sunny has no clue of the sacrifices these girls go through!!!! Another uninformed nitwit spewing racial hate!!! Everyone (blacks) hate Bird at first to but once they saw that white boy could play, well enough said!!! Keep you race baiting uninformed ass comments to yourself!!

  4. Avatar photoGary W Lee Reply

    Pretty privilege? I suppose it might be a “thing”, but I’m guessing there won’t be any wholesale transference of female MSM jobs to the “pretty deficients” of our society any time soon!

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