Hawley’s Epic Takedown: See How He Shreds Biden’s Judge Nominee’s Lies in Real-Time!

In a bold revelation of truth, Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) ruthlessly unmasked the deceit permeating President Joe Biden’s judicial nominee, Karla Marie Campbell, during a pivotal Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. This episode starkly illustrates the left’s unyielding quest to subvert our courts by planting ideologically driven activists instead of judges who uphold the Constitution and the rule of law.

Senator Hawley’s Relentless Grilling

With no time wasted, Senator Hawley dove straight into exposing Campbell’s insidious connections to a dangerously radical left-wing faction notorious for its calls to dismantle American police forces and obliterate Israel. Hawley’s interrogation was incisive and relentless. He demanded clear answers, relentlessly cornering Campbell as she attempted to dodge with ambiguous retorts.

“I’ve never seen a witness—never—in my five years on this committee, blatantly lie to our faces and shift her story from one person to the next,” Senator Hawley thundered, encapsulating his outrage and the gravity of Campbell’s duplicity.

Web of Lies

Campbell’s testimony unraveled into a morass of contradictions. Initially, she denied any representation of the radical group. Upon further pressure, she confessed to advising them, yet floundered over the specifics of her tenure. What started as a brief consultancy, suddenly morphed into a three-year saga, only to culminate in over a decade of legal advisement. How can we entrust our judicial system to a nominee who morphs her narrative with each probing question?

Exposing Radical Alliances

But Hawley’s inquisition went deeper. He spotlighted Campbell’s financial contributions to a radical leftist candidate who had the audacity to brand Republican Senators as satanists. That’s right—satanists! This candidate was the prime beneficiary of Campbell’s largest political donation, casting a long, disconcerting shadow over her judgment and moral compass.

“Either all of these individuals are lying, or you are… But based on your testimony today, it’s clear—you are the liar,” Hawley declared, slicing through the fabricated narratives to reveal the stark truth.

Judge or Ideologue?

Why is the left so desperate to pack our courts with activists? Judges should embody impartiality, adhering strictly to legal and constitutional principles. Instead, nominees like Campbell are evidently agenda-driven, more passionate about advancing radical ideologies than dispensing fair justice.

Campbell’s deep-seated ties to extremist factions and her financial backing of extremist candidates unequivocally disqualify her from any judicial consideration. We need judges who faithfully interpret the law as written, not those who distort it to serve their radical agendas.

Concluding Reflections

Senator Hawley’s formidable and decisive dismantling of Karla Marie Campbell stands as a triumph for truth, justice, and the American ethos. This hearing laid bare the left’s perilous strategy of endorsing judicial nominees who lack any commitment to impartial law enforcement.

Senator Hawley’s masterful expose of Campbell revealed her true nature—a deceitful ideologue with a dangerous vision. America needs more courageous leaders like Hawley, prepared to defend the truth, no matter the odds.

What are your thoughts on Senator Hawley’s critical confrontation with Karla Marie Campbell? Sound off in the comments below!

Stay vigilant—our collective awareness is crucial. Together, we can safeguard our judiciary against corruption and maintain its integrity. Keep following for more critical updates and insights from Steadfastandloyal.com!




  1. Avatar photoSHRW // Reply

    None of Biden’s nominees should be confirmed by the Senate! He does not nominate anyone for their qualifications or abilities. His primary motivation is to choose someone for their social and political agendas as well as other arbitrary criteria. It would be better to leave these positions vacant until next February. And the next administration needs to dissmiss all Biden appointees and Obama holdovers.

  2. Avatar photoBob Russell Reply

    Sadly, devildemocommiecrats and their minions are above the law, at least when they are in control. dementia, like every devildemocommiecrat, will only nominate idealogues because they want absolute power not any form of justice!!!!! She should be rejected unanimously but devildemocommiecrats will vote to accept the lying communist and establishment gop hacks will join in to curry favor with their satanic globalist allies!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Avatar photoKaren Reply

    I don’t think I have ever seen a congress member take down of any individual the way Hawley has exposed Campbell. Love this. Now what happens? Who puts her in jail for lying to congress?

  4. Avatar photoSherlock Reply

    Holy Krap just look at this horrific demon. She looks totally possessed! How do these heinous & satanic criminals look in the mirror. She is 100% corrupt. Will she be held accountable or will she skate like all the other scum that sold their souls to their Zionist handlers?

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